How do you know that you are on the right track in life?

Sometimes, life gives us lessons which we have to learn to move on further. These changes may seem too hard to accept. But once you do, you will get a feeling that you are on the right track in life.

So if you are currently going through major life changes and don’t know whether you can survive them, here are eight feelings that indicate you are about to learn the lesson.

1. It is ok to feel isolated

When things spin out of control, it is ok to be at a loss. Life changes require time to adapt to them and make the right decision. And it is absolutely normal to have a feeling that no one understands you. This is because it is your story and you are to live it and draw conclusions.

However, being isolated doesn’t mean you are alone. Even if there is no one by your side, there are always close relatives, family or friends who will back you up. Take your time to stay alone with yourself and sort the thoughts from the feelings.

2. Feeling bad but not that bad

How can this feeling tell you are on the right track in life? Well, when you are depressed, your negative thoughts are often unreasonable: you cannot actually explain why you’re feeling this way. It is like you fail to explain why you hate all people around.

If you start feeling bad about the current political affairs, cruel treatment of animals, or anything else that you can explain objectively, you are getting better. In fact, feeling bad can make you smarter. You just don’t have to focus on negative moments. After all, it’s not just your problem. Sometimes it’s just how things are.

3. You realize that it is all in your hands

When you realize that you are the one who can change everything for the better, you will start acting in the right way. Don’t expect anyone to do it for you. Even your friends may be too busy to listen to your problems. Remember, you are an architect of your fortune. If you understand it, it is a good sign. Besides, no one knows you better than you do.

Cultivate a new image and lifestyle. It can be anything: from stylish clothing to a new mobile device. You are responsible for your future, so you need to take care of it by working, studying, and enjoying the world around you. We can call it emotional anatomy, although it creates a heavy burden that weighs on your shoulders, getting acquainted with this feeling is an alarming sign that you have all chances to survive changes for good.

4. You experience irrational feelings randomly

On the one hand, this is a sign of angst and instability. However, we’re talking about another case. When we say ‘irrational feelings,’ we mean sudden harsh emotions that appear to be very strong: anger, terror, shock, confusion, happiness, etc. There are many things that may be hiding behind your anger or rage. Such splashes do not mean that you are a psycho.

In other words, it is a good step to start expressing strong emotions. It is okay to notice small problems and irritating factors. It means you’re alive: you identify issues and work through them.

5. You suppress a desire to stay alone

We have already figured it out that you might feel isolated. It is ok. But still better when you start suppressing this feeling.

You no longer want to stay alone. You start going out and communicating with people. It means that you are ready to join the stage of self-reflection. When you address your own troubles and prepare yourself to face these challenges – that is a good sign. If you don’t know where to start, develop a plan to fight your problems. It would be your first step.

6. You feel lost and aimless

Don’t panic – it’s okay to feel lost and need help sometimes. It’s not the same as feeling helpless. Just like laziness, this feeling has its strong advantage: it determines that you are ready to act. You have to see new opportunities and choices. Just stay calm and don’t give vent to your emotions.

7. Don’t be afraid to build plans

Sudden life changes may discourage you from building plans for the future. However, this feeling is temporary and it will pass once you will figure out how to deal with the changes.

If you are not scared even of the most realistic dreams anymore, you’re on the right track in life. It’s a good sign if you can focus and change a nightmare into a pleasant dream to relax. Recalling some parts of your dreams in detail is an extra improvement. A dream is a manifestation of your subconscious thoughts, so pay attention to what you see and how you treat the scenario.

8. You can stand for your ideas

When you do what you think to be right, it’s an excellent sign. Of course, you may take others᾽ advice but you aren’t obliged to act the way everyone does. Stop nodding and keeping around. Those who are not afraid to share their thoughts or even fight for their ideas are able to face and survive the hardest life challenges.

Well, do you believe that you are on the right track in life? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Abirame

    Amazing! The author has done a great job. This article is well written and filled me with a lot of positivity. It has provided encouragement and I feel much clearer now. Now i am very sure I am on the right track in life! Thanks Valerie!

  2. Otto Bhan

    Very good presentation and reframe for thinkers, feelers and insight appealers. Thank you Learning Mind for sharing wisdom.

  3. Saurabh

    Thank u for this piece of writing…. it is proved true about current scenario of my life…

  4. Lina

    Thank you! I don’t feel like I want to leave this planet! I see how things can come together and people can survive in the thickest of emotion

  5. PrincessL

    Im a first year veterinary student, the reason why i came here is because i feel like im out of track but then after reading this it gave me a hope and a boost to finish the race. I guess im really at the right track. Thank you so much 🙂

  6. JulieA

    This is helpful information Valerie. Thank you.

  7. Randy

    The realist that commissiond the content that was carefully preconceived, had put much preparation into commissioning this concept which leads to actual facts that people deal with everyday.

    With that being said, this has helped me with understanding the position I am in now and gives me a clear perspective and humbles me knowing that there is understanding for why I am experiencing all of this in my life.

    thank you

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