We have been hearing a lot about Indigo children recently as they are becoming increasingly common, but what about Indigo adults?

Indigos are not a recent phenomenon, and many people seem to believe in them. They are said to have been arriving for decades, so there seem to be plenty of Indigo adults around, too.

Read through the following signs that they are said to have.

1. They always need to know why

Indigo adults rarely accept things ‘just because’; they have a strong need to understand ‘why’ things happen, New Age practitioners claim. Indigos are said to question things incessantly, seeking to understand the meaning behind why things are the way they are. Indigos may in particular question inequality, suffering, hate, and war as they cannot understand what fuels man’s inhumanity to man.

2. They dislike unnecessarily authoritarian regimes

One of the things Indigos are often said to question is authority. This is because they do not believe the accepted wisdom is always correct. Indigos may have had a hard time at school because they argued with the accepted ways of doing things.

They can often be seen as argumentative and troublemakers, however, they do not necessarily mean to cause trouble, they simply cannot keep quiet when they see unfairness and inequality.

For this reason, Indigos often become apathetic towards conventional political and social systems, according to New Age spirituality beliefs. Instead of focusing on these old systems, they attempt to make changes in new ways such as sharing their views via new media forms, becoming active in environmental projects, or working in the healing professions.

3. They cannot bear to see others suffering

Indigo adults are believed to find it very difficult to bear the suffering of others because of their deeply empathetic nature. For this reason, Indigos may avoid watching too much news – not because they don’t care what is happening in the world, but because they care so much.

For an Indigo, watching innocent people suffer through famine, war or natural disasters is traumatic and the feelings are worsened when the cause of the pain is avoidable such as in cases of war or the misuse of resources by large corporations. Indigos often avoid violent media in general because their empathy levels are so high that watching distressing scenes causes them emotional pain.

4. They have a close affinity with animals

Indigo adults are often said to have a close affinity with animals. If they are able to, they may rescue animals or support animal charities. According to New Age beliefs, indigos love spending time in nature and enjoy looking after gardens and houseplants, too.

They also love to watch documentaries about animal behavior and the beauty of the planet we share with them. Indigos do not believe that animals are less important than humans in this world because they understand that everything is connected and we are all equal and interdependent.

5. They have feelings of existential despair

It is claimed that many Indigo adults have felt depression, helplessness, and despair in their lives. These feelings may have started in the teenage years and cycled ever since. These feelings are often caused by the fact that Indigos simply cannot understand the harm that humans do to one another, the disregard for Mother Nature, or the emphasis on power and profit.

Indigos can often feel that they don’t fit in to a society that sometimes seems cold and uncaring. They can find building relationships tricky as they find it difficult to relate to others and are scared that people will think they are ‘weird’.

They don’t like to judge others or gossip and are often not interested in material things or popular culture. Once Indigos find a cause they can work towards to make a positive difference in the world, the feelings of despair often lift.

6. They may have had some unusual spiritual experiences

It seems that Indigo adults often develop an interest in psychic or spiritual phenomena from an early age, much to the surprise of their family and friends. It is not uncommon for Indigo children to share a desire to visit religious buildings or to pray, despite being brought up in non-religious families. This interest continues to develop as Indigos reach adulthood.

Indigo adults are believed to be open-minded about spirituality and religion, seeing only the love and light behind them rather than accepting religious dogma. Indigos may have had experiences with seeing beings from other realms such as spirits, ghosts, or angels. They may have also had many ‘bliss’ experiences and felt an awareness of other dimensions and parallel realities.

Indigos might also experience problems in the material world such as being unable to wear watches as they always stop working, having problems with computers and other technologies behaving strangely when they are around, or finding the lights around them frequently flicker or blow out.

Indigos are said to often have a special affinity with the time 11:11 and notice it often when they happen to glance at a clock.

7. They feel a strong need to find their life purpose

Indigo adults often feel a burning desire to find and achieve their life purpose, New Age practitioners claim. They may feel a very strong need to make a difference in the world and leave it a better place.

However, it is not always easy for them to find this sense of purpose within the society in which we live. In a society that values hard work, financial and social success, political power, and consumerism, Indigos can often feel like failures. This can lead to frustration within the Indigo person who feels this deep need to achieve their potential but cannot find the structures to support them in this desire.

Learning to listen to their intuition may be the first step an Indigo adult needs to take to move towards their life purpose. Their intuition will then lead them towards people with similar values and sources of information that will support them on their path.

When an Indigo adult can learn to question the social norms of their culture and society and seek a deeper sense of meaning, they can begin to strive towards their sense of purpose and begin to flourish.

According to New Age beliefs, Indigo adults can make a real difference in the world because of their special gifts. If you think you are an Indigo, spiritual practitioners suggest it is well worth exploring this dimension of your spirituality further to enable you to bring your unique gifts of light and love to the world.

What do you think? Are Indigo adults real or is it just a beautiful metaphor for highly sensitive introverts prone to daydreaming and imaginative thinking?

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  1. aziz


  2. Abirame

    I am an indigo! I never knew that people with all these characteristics are called an indigo. Thank you for this article because now I can relate with something and the article is well written too. Thanks Kirstie!


    what about the year 1983?I ‘ve read that year was sth to do with indigo children

    1. Nikki

      I was born in that year. I am positive I am an idigo adult. I have not heard of this before though, and why 1983?

  4. LuvBuG


  5. Nancy Roos

    I feel that after reading this well written article that i and also my mother are indigos. Thank you for this great insight!!!!

  6. Janis Orband

    Wow!!! I am 67 years old and am definitely an indigo. Thank you so much for this post. I finally feel understood. Along with everything else listed I have been seeing 1111 daily since I was a little girl.

  7. Susan

    Thankyou Kirstie, it feels nice to know. 💖

  8. Aditi

    What do you do, when and if you think you’re an indigo child/adult. In reality who will listen to you, how do you bring it up? Do you clear all the misconceptionslots you’ve had with yourself and other people, or do you just let it all pass?
    4 out of the choices (I meant ) apply to me, or I’m going crazy!

    1. Bethany

      I will listen. Indigos, or empaths are real. There are many of us. You are not alone. Seek groups that have your gifts.

  9. JB

    wow… thats me!!! 🙂

  10. Hana

    Oh, wow. I am obsessed with my life purpose and 80% of other text is also truth about me. What is your purpose in life, indigo guys?

  11. Dr. Richard W.

    Interesting article….. not surprising to me…… that I appear to fit in this ‘new’ category. Be wary, however, because the American Psychological Association will try to pathologize ‘indigos’ because the APA (s) psychology and psychiatry are basically organizations of social control established in society. , richard, retired forensic neuropsychologist

    1. Jeannine

      Thanks for mentioning this, Richard! 100% Fact!!
      I do my best to enlighten others when they get falsely labeled as having a personality disorder or get prescribed neurotoxins by Big Pharma.

  12. Jigisha

    I am an Indigo

  13. Sean

    Lights flickering or blowing out, computers behaving weirdly (I work in i.t so know theyre not meant to behave like that) watches never working.. am definitely an Indigo

  14. Doris Witymann

    I am a Magenta, NOT an Indigo. I do hsve an Indigo daughter. Nancy Ann Tappe first wrote about indigos in her book on life colours. I am a spiritual, conscious person and all of these traits also apply to me.
    It’s nice to understand yourself and associate with a group but be aware that you are also unique and don’t be limited by names and labels..

  15. Jane

    I am Indigo



  17. Jeffery Barber

    You can’t just decide to be an indigo.

    You may have noticed that miss Pursey has a degree in creative writing, and not physiology or psychology, and does not say whether she studies such facets of being human. She seems to want to create something bigger than what it really is. She fails to mention what the origins of “indigos” are, or who they are.

    Indigo refers to the color of their aura.

    There are three castes of humanity, mortal, immortal, and divine. Mortals and immortals radiate at a single vibrational frequency, that can be a single color of the spectrum, from red, and up to indigo.

    The color “violet” is reserved solely the Sanat Kumara, who is the true son of God, and is the only one that can possess the violet.

    A divine individual has a greater consciousness and they radiate across the entire visible spectrum. That radiation across the entire spectrum , as any third grader can tell you create a white aura. This white aura is tantamount to a true halo, and all divine individuals possess a white aura.

    The thing is that indigo is as far up the scale of vibrational frequency as a mortal can attain, without being the Son of God.

    Indigos have not been arriving more recently or more than before. There are the same percentage of indigo as there ever has been. There has always been indigos, and in the same ratio as always. In fact, if anything, with the timeline of history being at the end of the line, I’d be inclined to tell you we’ve been dumbed down, of late.

    The attributes that the author mentions about “indigos” are actually referring to divine individuals.

    You cannot just be an indigo because you want to. You need to find a divine seer, preferably one with a solid track record and credentials (attestations) that can perceive and see such things.

  18. Jane I Taylor

    i am an Indigo, always challenged the world. I can see when things are not right, Psychology when they have got it wrong, miss diagnosing people with psychological conditions. I am a Psychotherapist and Counsellor. Got the qualifications so I could challenge the so called experts. My role in life is to right wrongs and help people, animals, nature. Computers fail when I go into banks or shops, electrical appliances fail to work etc, happened since I was a child. I think my son is also an adult Indigo.

  19. Cheeta

    I have all 7 traits. This has enlighten me on my journey and I will seek more on being an Indigo

  20. Rich Tea-Biscuit

    I don’t label myself and nor should any of you.
    The fundamental paradox of existence is that we are both here and not here;
    We have so many roles in life that we cannot be described yet quantum physics states that everything can be/and is quantifiable.
    We are both matter and energy at the same time as quantum physics states that at the lowest level matter and energy are interchangeable.
    We are all linked on a fundamental level so I guess some people feel that link better than others.
    There is a bridge between us all yet I can’t truly explain it.
    And to be perfectly honest I wouldn’t want to know.
    Would you?

  21. Regine Espina

    Am i INDIGO? by believing in all kind of GODS and what television shows us is REAL, like mermaids,dinosaurs,giants,trolls and every extraterristial things.
    and also i like to do DEVATES about POLITICS and RELIGIONS. and most of all, different kind of ALIENS. aliens are not just ET, but there’s alot more like MANTIS, ANIMALS ALIENS and PLEIADIANS.

    1. Kasun

      Yeah Dinosaurs are real. Unless you’re a dingbat that believes their fossils are fake.

  22. Curvi

    Not me

  23. Kim

    When I’m listening to the radio during a commercial and I get a song stuck in my head that same song almost every time playes next.

  24. MEGA22


  25. Kelvin castillo

    Im no sure if im a indogo adult but everything here day realy go with my personality ,wish i faund out to help peolpe that is my goal in life ,please help me to faund out what is going on in my life ,im a transgender women and very sencitive person i have a wonderful conection with animal also i able to comunicate with them
    I get hurt so easy my heart get pain also . Im 41 years old and now i feel that my life is chanching for good help me

  26. Jonette Kilby

    hello, I think I am an Indigo adult…I need to find out if I am one for sure…..I would like to gain as much information as possible to help me gain a better quality of life…I feel very enlightened and also very alone…I would really like to join a support group & meet other people just like me…can you please help m3e?

    1. Divine D3

      Dearest INDIGO Jonette Kilby,
      If you think you are: then you are.💙 We all share INDIGOs energies together: we have set forth to help shift the minds of the planet. The bridge from the heart to the voice. Speak love and be love. 💕We will achieve this by holding are love for ourselves first; then as a riple effect, Love will enlighten all of humanaity. Which is one of the strongest engeries within our reality.One by one. Stop watching news and violence in this world as it steers us away from our mission. Consequencely, could but us in a dark place. Reminder to all of us- are emotions are our navigation system through life. What you feel innately is a sign of the
      course ahead. If it feels bad avoid it. Good- follow it. Im here for you In spirit. The time has never been so crucial for us to rise. With much love! 💜

      1. Kim

        Thank you

  27. Qing Kaye

    You are intellectually angled to be an Indigo adult when your pure calm of mind shows, Strength over mind .. & (mind over matter). Physically it means to be or only to show rightious and strong, Pleasant/polite in Nature.

  28. Teresa Lee-Hockett

    Also we usually have ADD or ADHD. I came alive as a young teenager in the early 70s when I first saw David Bowie and Marc Bolan. They changed my life. I was always introvert and being tall for my age I stood out. I was always different but now I know for sure I am an Indigo I just think all the others are complete robots. I like being an Indigo. I cant take any pharmaceuticals and am Naturopathic. I am a therapist and have saved my son who is a brilliant minded Asperger, from their drugs. All of our grandchildren have special qualities, either Star children or Rainbows. We will succeed in changing this world eventually passing our knowledge down and trying to keep as natural as possible.

    1. Aurora Heshiki ( from Japan, though born and raízes in Argentina 😊)

      I feel RELATED to you

  29. Jen

    I am an indigo and I am searching for a way to regain all of my birth right abilities that were suppressed as a child since I was weird and did not fit in. I have begun the Theta Healing courses but I am finding that it is more difficult to access my psychic abilities with that modality. My gut feeling or intuition is the one sense that I seemed to keep and have been able to sharpen. Telepathy with animals has been retained as well. The issue is that I find people continuously challenging me until my temper flares (and that is not pretty) because I can manifest from there but I would rather manifest from love. any suggestions? I believe I am in the alpha indigo wave and I have large hazel green eyes

    1. Sean

      @Jen: It’s maybe a bit late, but who knows. I believe that connecting to anything through an energy of anger will get you only this far. The way you are writing, it sounds to me that you are starting with deep rooted anger or frustration in the first place, with the mindset that you have to regain your birthright abilities. This might hinder you, in combination with your logical brain taking up lots of space, so there might not be enough space for love to flow.

      Of course I do not claim to know if this is true for you and I don’t intend to offend you in any way. But if you feel like entertaining the thought for a minute, be my guest and read my suggestion.

      An experiment: Try starting your process with love. To do that, you’ll have to Reset your body and how it connects. You could try to sit in a quiet open space in nature that feels right to you (forest, the sea, a mountain). Listen to your surroundings. Feel. Observe, and just be for a minute.

      Then, try to connect yourself to the energy of the earth to root yourself. Draw this energy upwards through your body, into your heart. Let it flow upwards to your head and above.

      You’re halfway there. The next step would be to guide the energy around you and feed it back into the ground. (pretty much like a magnetic field with one pole a few feet above your head and the other pole a few feet under your – well – feet in the ground). If you manage this, activate your heart-energy go intensify and sustain the flow of energy. From this point on, your heart directs the flow, not your head and should change your energy to love.

      By the way, this cannot be forced through willpower. Your mind would be too strong and take control of the energy flow and you are back where you started. Your intention to direct the energy should be very light, like a normal thought, but you probably already know this.

      Ok, done? If yes, this should be your starting point. From here, do your thing. This might unlock some buried potentials. It probably won’t work though if you want to regain those abilities for your own sake. You might have to find a more pure purpose (love energy again) – I don’t know you at all of course, so I’m just guessing here what might hold you back.

      If it works, great. Knock yourself out 🙂 If not, you’ll still feel amazingly centered and well-rounded, so you’ll have all the energy you need to explore further.

      Hope this helped to give a maybe different perspective.

      Cheers, Sean

  30. Danielle schiazza

    I was born July 4th 1980, I have all of these characteristics!! I’m an extreme empath like I literally take people’s pain and suffering and make it my own, I never got great grades in school but was highly intelligent, I’ve had spiritual encounters over and over, I have had kind of dejavu experiences and psychic experiences, I hate politics, corruption, anything negative or inhumane. I love animals and nature more then I do humans sometimes. I feel negative energy from people and places and will not go near them, I draw towards positive people and energy. I have bipolar depression and anxiety though so I don’t know where that quite fits in but i definitely feel as if i do not fit in or even belong here sometimes!! I have light brown/ hazel eyes. So I wonder if I’m an indigo, crystal or rainbow? I read about all of them and don’t think I am rainbow though.

  31. Danielle schiazza

    Also if I am around a negative person or in a negative place the negative energy will literally drain me!! Why is this? It scares me.

  32. Lukas Hynes

    Just by chance, i started reading about indigo children about 3 hours ago. I feel like i have been reading about myself, a truly amazing sensation, like a massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Now i’m an indigo adult that understands who he is, & what is expected of me. It’s abit, ” full on “, but i’m up for it. Thank you all for reminding me.

  33. mia p

    i also relate to all of yor comments, I love animals,plants everything thats alive, also people but not the ones that do bad in the world, but still i feel that they did that because their mind is sick as any other organ in our body thats sick. Im also diagnose with Bipolar depression anxiety disorder like Danielle schiazza.im extremely sensitive and make other peoples pain as my own. I live in Puerto Rico and after huracane maria I’ve been very sensitive and wonder everyday what has happen with birds and animals in general. how are they living with almost no trees and a place to nest. im always thinking how children ,women and other people are been suffering around the world of abuse, prostitution, raped, killed and trafficking them its something I think everyday and cry for their well being. my suferring Its unbearable, that sometimes its hard for me to handle. I have also have had spirit encounters and about a year ago sleep paralisys its the scariest thing. i think i have a purpose in this life,but still have not found myself and Im 44 yrs old. plese someone let me know if im indigo or something else. i think I;ve wrongly diagnose because of my low energy and bad fits because of the people that don’t follow the las or respect others and i can go on. thanks 🙂 ………. ;

    1. Lukas Hynes

      You are a indigo adult, you are not bipolar, & you do not need medication. You need to relax, stay strong minded, minimise taking on other peoples pain & stop over thinking everything. Take most of the weight off your shoulders, because it is impossible to deal with all by yourself. Yes there is lots & lots of pain & suffering throughout the world, but this will change. You do have a job to do, but you will be no good to anyone, more importantly yourself if you continue worrying about every detail concerning negative elements that bombard us every day. Start with something simple, that is positive, & make yourself smile, & keep smiling. Feel good about who you are & give yourself a break. No more suffering, make some changes, only positive ones, & ignore negative things like bad news. I know you feel surrounded by low energy, but you are not alone. Keep reminding yourself to smile, & that you have good , positive energy. things will get better, but you must stay positive.

  34. Dr scott Kanner

    Recently retired Naturopathic Dr…Born 1956…An early scout…Feel close to all comments here..we all have felt similar feelings. Use to talk with friends in grade school about spirituality…all from intuition…no formal training…half the time would later ask myself..What the hell did you tell them?I just knew I was right. When watching tv I could never watch any show that had any violence or cruelty..actually questioned God on how he could justify any of it???I knew better and would look forward to the time I could sit with God and lecture him on his faults…I could go on and on My advice to you all…Love yourself first then start helping others understand what you know as fact in order to make this life best for all….

    1. Pyra Gorgon

      You possess a reprobate mind (and narcissistic) devoid of any understanding or wisdom if you think you can “lecture God” on anything. If you do not repent of such blasphemous thoughts, the sin of it will certainly destroy you in the end.

  35. Rachel

    I hadn’t heard of indigo’s before until someone pointed out that my aura was indigo, then a different person asked me if I was an indigo. I do match a lot of these characteristics listed above, I’m very curious that two different people approached me. Not sure if this is a thing, but animals always come to me and children stare at me all the time

  36. Christopher LoBianco

    Wow i’m floored right now, this described me perfectly ..

  37. Budi

    Yes iam indigo from child till now, haha

  38. Dean

    I am Indigo prophet..and I can say it is all true, except the world you see. Pull away the Vail and look deep into the people you love, he people you know, and the people they know… The faces change, their names different, their country or state are near and far…But look seen into their eyes and see a reflection of their true self…famous actress, politicians, business associates to nurses..the list goes on as does the lie of are world..are world has had a hiccup..the people are fake, repeated..a hydra..I can see their change and see past the deception..you all are a herd of sheep, I am a lone wolf..just look within the carefully crafted social personas..one your mind, and never doubt yourself..today, I will start serving the cold dish..

    1. Dean

      And auto spelling sucks😎

  39. Dug Sitowski

    Hmmm. Well… When I was a kid I never wanted to be anything other than an artist which I’ve been my entire life. I live with 8 cats and two skunks who I prefer over most people I know.No hidden agendas or ulterior motives with them. They are honest and up front about their intentions and give love truly unconditionally I gave away my TV 30 years ago and haven’t had one since and I don’t miss it in the least. Life is too short and important to waste it vegetating in front of one…there are more important things to do with my limited time here. I had a tough time in grade school because I wanted to read Last of the Mohicans instead of See Dick And Jane And See Spot Run and I’m still amazed I scraped through College. I’ve had a 4 month series of so-called Near Death encounters years ago when I was no where near dying and they changed my outlook on life and reality completely. Shakespeare hit the nail on the head when he said all the world’s a stage and we are merely actors. I’ve always felt I don’t belong in this play called Life and, when the final curtain comes down I’ll be (or not) in my true environment. Anyhoo… if that’s an indigo (or name your color) person, so be it.

  40. deedee

    Let us all rise up and grasp our true purpose fighting against all hindrances with all of our truth, knowledge and power. Seek the hidden truths. Pray to the Great Creator of Humanity, the Aloah, Yahuah, the Almighty Omnipotent One for true guidance in order to begin conquering your destiny. Pray for every Indigo everywhere in this manner of truth as I’ve researched for over 40 years with deep guidance that I now understand today such as never before. It’s time for the world to meet us with the Truths we’ve been given. Humanity has been severely hijacked!

  41. TommyPicklock

    As an Indigo, I eventually found my life purpose. I want to set up a “model community” in Africa which is self sufficient. Does anybody have an idea where to get funds for this goal?

  42. Kristin Cooper

    I think being Indigo is a blessing and a curse.

  43. Pyra Gorgon

    That list could apply to anyone who values freedom, life experience as God intends it, and desire to avoid BS. Why is this list somehow special to “Indigoes”?
    This is like so many parlor tricks and sorcerous games: capture the narcissistic ego through word-stroking and ear pleasing.

  44. David

    Just a re-labeling of a personality type that is found throughout the world and history.

    1. Pascal

      Very interesting remark, but….
      Is it a personality type or deeper than that? Individuals who exist throughout ages led by God, with little if any emotional interference.
      Therefore it would make immortals out of them., and Sons of God.
      In the beginning there was the word and the word was God…
      I wonder if you can grasp the concept, the ex pluribus unum, Saint Augustine used it in his Confessions c. 397-398 (Book IV.)

      1. Jeannine

        It’s not a personality type. We’re born with knowing God and a direct connection to God since infancy.

    2. Jeannine

      Wrong. Try again!

  45. Sheila Bell

    I wrote this poem in February never having heard of Indigo children or adults. Your article popped up when I was searching my computer to find the poem to share with a friend on facebook.
    It kind of blew me away that I wanted all my life to be ‘Indigo’ and it seems that I was that all this time.

    Here it is ‘I wanted to be Indigo’ written by Sheila Bell February 2020

    1. Sheila Bell

      I wanted to be Indigo

      And now we’ll learn the rainbow
      Its colours bright and bold
      My memory of school
      When I was five years old

      The teacher chose 7 of us
      And stood us in a row
      Each one of you will be called
      A colour of the bright rainbow

      I knew which colour I wanted to be
      When she told us the colours names
      But, just as in life, I wished in vain
      How unjust, these childhood games

      I didn’t want the colours
      Whose names I already knew
      I wanted that colour near the end
      The one of deepest blue

      And of course she gave me yellow
      But surely she should know
      For a child like me, so different
      She should have chosen indigo

      I wanted to be indigo
      A reflection of who I am
      Instead I’ve lived as yellow
      Shining outward appearance a sham

      But in poems I get to be indigo
      Happy no one tries to brighten my blue
      I can blend with the colours of others
      My raindrops the sun’s rays filter through

      (subject to copyright)

  46. jacqueline

    You all laugh because I am different

    I laugh because you are all the same

  47. Iceis Phoenixxxxooo

    do not want to boast but this is all meeeeeeeeeeeeee somethimes its hard but at times I do feel advanced

  48. White Hawk

    Being Indigo isn’t a “Cool” or advantageous gift as such, more of an impost of uncontrollable decency relative to humanity’s propensity for immorality and self annihilation. That being said, I much prefer the calm that eventuates from clarity to the near chaos of a base human reactive existence.
    But we are not here for a good time, we are here for a long time.. We keep this species from slipping into darkness which would end them quickly. A true indigo today is a dormant ancient warrior cast. Now is not the time for us to swing a sword, now is the time of drawing a clean line in the sand for humanity to choose their side.
    11:11 re-synchronizes us regionally as required. The sum of the parts, so to speak..

    1. Jeannine

      Hi! You stated “humanity’s propensity for immorality and self annihilation”. You’re incorrect. Humans are loving and giving. It’s human imposters you describe. They’re the psychopaths/sociopaths/narcissists that PREY on our children, animals, and earth resources. They appear to be human, but they’re not. Humans have remorse, empathy and a conscience. Psychopaths/sociopats/narcissists don’t yet they can feign these human attributes like professional actors/actresses. Have a Great Day!

  49. Dunya

    This is a great clarification and useful to me as an Alpha Indigo. I’m in the stage of stepping into my power as an Indigo where everything needs to come together for your purpose and I can feel it but am also looking for guidance through this phase. I also know my 17 year old son is an Indigo and am trying to give him small doses of insight about this.

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