Each of us is a unique individual with the power to make a difference.

However, many of us can relate to certain specific personality types that have huge potential for influence in the world.

The following list outlines these personality types that were born to make a difference and change the world. You may recognize yourself in more than one type, as we are all a unique mixture of personality types.

1. The Protector

The protector type has a close affinity with the earth. If you are this type, you will care about the environment and all living things. You probably enjoy spending time in nature and your hobbies might include growing your own food or taking care of wild places. Your ideal holiday would be a beautiful place in nature.

Protectors also like to provide for their friends and families. They work hard to provide financially but also enjoy providing food and comfort to their loved ones. Home is very important to protector types and they love to make their homes warm and welcoming.

2. The Creator

The creator has the power to bring into being things that previously only existed in the imagination. We are all creators to some extent. Every time we bring something into being, from a new outfit, a home-cooked meal, or a business plan we are bringing forth creation. However, creator personality types have the ability to conjure things that others cannot even imagine.

If you are a creator type, you are inspired and intuitive. You may feel driven to manifest your creations and can become depressed if your creativity does not have an outlet. Once you have found a channel for your creativity, you have tireless enthusiasm, passion, and energy.

Creators love to surround themselves with the tools of their craft and often have eclectic and interesting homes. If you are a creator, you rarely follow fashion, preferring to blend styles together to create something new and innovative. Creators often choose self-employment or entrepreneurship rather than traditional 9-5 jobs.

Those with this personality type sometimes have trouble staying focused as they have so many ideas that they want to bring to life. It is important for creators to complete things in order to fuel their further creativity; otherwise, they may begin to feel doubts and anxiety.

3. The Go-between

The go-between is also called the diplomat or the peacekeeper because they intercede between others to ensure everyone gets heard and feels valued. It is true that people with this personality type can negotiate for peace between family members, communities, and even nations.

However, I prefer the term ‘go-between’ because this explains the energy in a more comprehensive way. Go-betweens can facilitate creators to create and they can encourage healers to heal. They bring people together and provide the environment and resources for great things to get done. The go-between enables the energies of others to make a difference in the world.

If you are a go-between, you have the imagination to understand what others are trying to achieve while also having the practical skills to bring things into being. You probably choose work or hobbies that involve having faith in others such as coaching or venture capitalism.

4. The Nurturer

The nurturer type is also sometimes called the healer. The nurturer is often associated with women, especially mothers; however, men are just as likely to be nurturers. Nurturers often choose professions where they can use their healing abilities. Many become doctors, nurses, alternative therapists, counselors, and psychologists.

This personality type often works in the health sector, but most workplaces have a nurturer on the premises. They are the one who makes sure there are tea bags and biscuits in the staff kitchen! As well as physical healing, nurturers are often aware of others’ emotional and spiritual needs.

If you are a nurturer you may get drained by the constant need to support others and should take particular care to support yourself with good self-care routines.

You are probably highly sensitive, compassionate and empathetic, which, in a world where there is so much suffering can cause you a great deal of pain. You can help yourself to stay balanced by limiting your exposure to sensational news sources and taking the time to focus on all that is good in the world.

5. The Teacher

The teacher personality often has many characteristics of other personality types. The difference is that they have an overpowering need to share their insights and to teach others how to improve their lives and the world.

Teachers may work in schools and colleges, but many writers, filmmakers, artists, musicians, museum, and gallery curators have a strong element of the teacher personality type.

If you are a teacher personality you are probably very articulate in your words and ideas. You may have a particular form you like to use in your teaching, such as public speaking or art, but may also combine talents to produce new and innovative ways to share your knowledge with the world.

The teacher personality always has a strong aspect of being a student. Teachers must learn new things before they can share them. For this reason, teachers are lifelong learners, full of curiosity about the world and ideas. They also have the focus to thoroughly study subjects close to their hearts until they become experts in their field.

As a teacher type, you are good with people and instinctively understand what others need to learn and the way they will learn it best. You are not necessarily an extrovert, though. In fact, you may need to spend considerable time alone to study.

6. The Seeker

The Seeker personality type is always exploring the boundaries of the possible. The seeker is not limited by current ways of doing things or by old patterns of belief. They are neither stuck in the past or worrying about the future. They live in the only moment they know they can change – now.

If you are a seeker, you are constantly curious about all the possibilities in the world. You are probably very interested in spiritual ideas but you are practical, too, searching for solutions to humanity’s real-world problems. You love to communicate because you are interested in how others perceive the world.

7. The Sage

The sage personality type always sees many sides to the same story. Sage personalities refuse to be put in a box and will rarely describe themselves in terms the world would understand. For example, they would not describe themselves as capitalists, or socialists, neither would they label themselves a follower of a particular religious creed.

As a sage, you understand that there are many things in the world that we do not yet understand, so you remain open to all possibilities. Your guiding principles are love, peace, and unity and you work to break down barriers between people and promote mutual understanding.

You have let go of the egoic need to be right and you do not worry what others think of them. If you are a sage, you probably have little desire for material possessions, status, or authority over others.

The ideas of the sage may be described as crazy, woo woo, or new age. However, sages don’t care how others perceive them as they allow an inner sense of oneness and love to be their guide. The sage never judges others, as they understand that all experiences and ways of being are valid.

All of these personality types are all equally important as they work in unison to bring forth new ideas and ways of living to the world. None of us can change the world alone; we need a combination of our unique personality traits to make a difference and move the world forward.

Do you find yourself in these personality types? What do you think should be done in order to make a difference in the world? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Margaret

    I have found that I have six out of the seven personality types that seem to fit me. I know I am a hybrid between a beta and an alpha (more bets than alpha) and I do understand why. Anyway back to subject at hand, the 6 personalities that share pieces of themselves to create a whole are:The Create, The Go-between, The Nurturer, The Teacher, The Seeker & The Sage.
    Create:I write short stories, paint , sew by hand & draw. My imagination is practically a 24/7 machine. If I have no let, I have to find something else to do and that when The Teacher & The Seeker come in. The Teacher: wants to know more about the the 12 universal laws (for an example). I read any book I can get my hands on (The Secret is NOT one of them) and listen to options of others for more incite. The Seeker: helps guide me to the information I’m looking for (now you see how Teacher & Creator fits in). The Sage: is the one who applies the knowledge that Seeker has found and can see how it fits in the ‘now’ section of Teacher’s understanding there for allowing The Nurturer: who can then take the knowledge and apply it to the everyday life and that’s where The Go-between can use this knowledge to help others understand other people’s point of view which brings us back to The Creator: who uses all this information to communicate to the world in a beautiful & creative manner to where everyone sees the message and understands it in their own way.
    I hope this elongated explanation to my comment doesn’t bore you for I felt the need to explain what I meant.

    1. Jacob

      Im exactly the same .. do you get the feeling that theres a lot more of us out there and they’re growing in numbers .. almost in preparation for something big? Because i do sometimes

  2. Kirstie

    Hi Margaret, thank you for your insightful comment. It’s great the way you have explained how the personality types fit together to make you the unique and inspiring person you are 🙂 I think we can all use these personality types as guides to help us achieve our purpose in the world. Some of us identify very closely with one or two types while others have a broader mixture. Either way, we can use our unique abilities to make a difference in the world.

  3. Ryan

    Hehe, nice post. After reading all the types, I can safely say that im the teacher type 🙂

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