When someone talks about being anxious, we often dismiss it with jitters or overthinking a situation. There are those of us who are held back, and crippled because of our anxiety.

While many people will just say “stop worrying about it” we know that we cannot just stop worrying, it is a part of who we are. Even with this being hardwired into our system, there are a few ways to overcome and even embrace this unique trait.

Anxiety does not need to stop you from living your life, instead, let it empower you to go above and beyond the experiences of others.

1. Realize That Anxiety Won’t Just Go Away

I start with this statement because it needs to be said. If we never feared a situation, if we never had doubts, our species would have been extinct a long time ago. In today’s time, it is not as life-saving, but just as important.

You can rein your anxiety in, and control it given time. Some of us will use medications and therapy, yet for others, a journal or a close friend will be beneficial to embracing your anxiety.

2. Find The Root Cause

Considering what is causing you anxiety, often causes more anxiety because we are so overwhelmed with the choices. However, we need to remember to differentiate between stress and anxiety.

Stress causes anxiety. Therefore, if you can identify what your primary stressors are, you can tame your anxiety.

3. Stick With What Works

It may seem like a routine is nothing, but when it comes to calming you down and preparing for your next step in the day, it can really make a difference!

Have a schedule that you can follow, but keep it flexible too. Allowing for a little wiggle room is important in case a task takes a hair longer than anticipated.

4. Reflect On Your Day

One of the most important aspects I have learned when controlling my anxiety, whether it is from work, school or just life, in general, is that you always need to reflect on the day’s activities.

If today went a little awry, be sure to look back and see what could have caused it, and how you can prepare for it should it happen again. On the other hand, if you had a fantastic day, be sure to appreciate everything that fell into place to make it so spectacular!

5. Be Positive

Taming your anxiety is a long process, and no one expects you to be able to rein it in overnight. Be your own cheerleader and celebrate accomplishments no matter how small they may be!

Overcoming your anxiety is all about making baby steps towards a bigger goal, go slow and make sure each step you make is with confidence, you deserve it.

Anxiety is something many people suffer from, yet hardly anyone talks about it. This is something that needs to change!

You do not need to feel ashamed for having an issue with your anxiety, we all have some vice we are grappling with. Instead, you can take control of it, and tame it on your own time! Take control of your life, and live it to its fullest!

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