How do you know when you’ve met your soulmate? Just type in ‘soulmate signs’ in any search engine and you’ll get millions of hits. But sometimes the universe throws us a curve-ball and sends out strange hints that we don’t recognize. If we’re not paying attention, we could miss out on meeting the most important person in our life. In this article, I’ll highlight the weird soulmate signs that show s/he is the one.

12 Weird Soulmate Signs

1. You keep seeing the same numbers when you’re together

Numbers are the universe’s favorite way of breaking through the communication barrier.

Numerologists suggest repeated numbers such as 111, 11.11, 222 and 444 are important. If you notice repeated numbers pop up around someone, it is a powerful signal to pay attention. This person may not be new. It could be an old friend or ex-partner.

2. They didn’t attract you physically at first

Often, we are not initially attracted to our soul mate because we have connected on a deeper level. We have known this person since time began and are comfortable around them; we can relax in their presence. There’s no need to be ‘on’ around them. We can embrace silence without feeling the need to fill it.

So, don’t expect your soulmate to attract you physically at first. That will come with time.

3. Random circumstances keep pushing you two together

Twin Flame Connection signs

One important weird soulmate sign is when the universe keeps pushing you two together. Perhaps you’ve tried dating other people and something has always prevented you from meeting them. Something always stops you from going on your arranged dates.

This isn’t a coincidence. It is the universe shouting at you to stop going after the wrong person.

4. Weird coincidences happen when you’re together

Speaking of coincidences, the universe can be mischievous and loves serendipity. It likes to play with patterns and creates fortuitous events. Notice unexpected connections, like finding answers to questions or witnessing unique things. Maybe you were talking about seeing a shooting star and Bam! One appears in the sky!

Whenever these weird soulmate signs occur, look out for number coincidences, too. This adds weight to the message. For instance, perhaps you haven’t spoken for days, then text at the same time.

5. You hear and see their name everywhere

Years ago, a friend asked me who my soulmate was. I told her about an ex I hadn’t seen for 3 decades. That same week, he sent me a friend request on Facebook.

It couldn’t be a coincidence. I hadn’t spoken or heard about him for 30 years. Then there he was, popping up on social media. After that initial conversation, his name appeared all the time.

It was one of those weird soulmate signs I’ll never forget.

6. You keep seeing them wherever you go

Unless someone is stalking you, this is a good, weird soulmate sign. It comes back to coincidences again. This is the universe messing with you. Take notice if you keep bumping into someone and the circumstances are accidental.

For example, if you miss your bus and end up seeing your ex. Or if you decide at the last minute to cancel a date and go out with friends instead and bump into this person? Take it as a sign the universe wants you two together.

7. You share the same significant numbers

Sharing a birthday with someone isn’t that uncommon. However, there are other dates or numbers that are special. Perhaps there’s a date that holds special significance for you. Or maybe a number is important? Do you share a particular special number with this person?

My best friend has an affinity for the number 11; it is her life path number. There are 11 years between her and her boyfriend, and she was born on 11th of November. She jokes that the number 11 crops up everywhere for her. She even keeps the receipts that have come to £11.11 as proof. More importantly, her boyfriend has the same experiences.

8. You have a unique way of communicating

unexplainable connection with someone

This is one of my favorite weird soulmate signs because I experienced it with my platonic soulmate.

We both love science fiction films and can recite the entire script from Alien, RoboCop, and the Terminator. One of us would only have to say, “I’ll be back!” and it would prompt hours of back-and-forth dialogue. It was like we had our own language.

9. You share unique passions

There aren’t many people who are interested in the wonders of quantum physics, but my dear friend Simon was.

We would marvel about entanglement and the double-slit experiment and quote Einstein’s ‘spooky happenings’. When we share a niche passion with someone, it deepens the strong connection you already have.

10. They connect to everyone you know

Have you realized that this person connects to every important person in your life? From your grandparents’ neighbors to your aunt’s best friend to your coworkers’ mother; everyone has a relationship with this person.

You might also have the same friends, been at the same parties over the years, worked in the same offices but never met until now.

11. You forgive this person easily

Souls cannot stay angry with each other; they know life is full of lessons and holding a grudge is not part of that lesson. If there’s someone in your life that no matter what they do, you always forgive them, there’s a good chance this is one of those weird soulmate signs.

You might even fall out with family members or other friends because they think you are being taken for a ride. You’ve known this person in many guises over time and your bond overcomes any disappointment.

12. Your pets love them

Have you noticed your pets are relaxed around this person? Animals are instinctual and can feel it when vibrations are in sync.

I had a cat called Vinnie who wouldn’t let anyone carry him apart from my platonic friend Simon. When Si would pop over, Vinnie would launch himself at him and would purr the house down. Vinnie didn’t even like me picking him up, but he made a beeline for my friend.

Final thoughts

It’s so hard to find someone that loves us for who we are. Understanding weird soulmate signs helps us to pick up on the subtle clues from the universe.



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