We’ve all heard of soul mates. You might know the meaning of twin flames, but have you ever come across a soul tie? A soul tie is a strong connection between two people. This connection can be physical, emotional, or spiritual.

Soul ties occur when you share a powerful experience that bonds you to that person. Sex can produce a soul tie, as can meeting someone who shares your beliefs or passions. So far, so good. But unlike soul mates and twin flames, soul ties can become toxic.

In this article, I’ll explain the difference between soul ties, soul mates and twin flames, the signs and dangers of soul ties, and how to break them.

What Is a Soul Tie?

A soul tie is a deep and meaningful connection between two people. Soul ties form through shared actions, experiences, or emotions. Sex often creates a soul tie due to its emotional and physical intensity.

Sharing the same passion or bond can also forge soul ties. They form with anyone, including romantic partners, friends, family members, and work colleagues. Soul ties can affect your thoughts and behavior.

What Are the Types of Soul Ties?

1. Physical

This is the most common type of soul tie and occurs after sex. Sex is a highly intimate act. We are vulnerable during and after sex. We open ourselves physically and emotionally to our sexual or romantic partner.

2. Emotional

Emotional soul ties form when you establish a level of trust. Best friends can have emotional soul ties. These types of soul ties occur when you find someone you can open up and share your deepest secrets with someone. You can tell them everything without judgment.

3. Spiritual

Spiritual soul ties are often religious. Perhaps you share the same religious beliefs? They are also associated with your spiritual journey. Spiritual soul ties form with a mentor or older person who helps guide you on your spiritual path.

Soul Tie vs. Soul Mate

Soul mates are people that travel across many lifetimes and reappear in our lives. Linking through many lifetimes, soul mates are two separate souls. They can appear as partners, friends, parent and child and many other combinations. When soul mates meet, there is an instant connection or sense of déjà vu.

On the other hand, soul ties only occur in our present lifetime and grow gradually.

Soul Tie vs. Twin Flame

Twin flames are two halves of the same soul. The soul splits into two bodies. Some say that twin flames spend their lives searching for someone to complete them. Others believe twin flames split intentionally to allow the other to grow and learn without them.

Twin flames come back to share their knowledge after they have learned life’s lessons. Soul ties are not separate entities; they are bonds with another person.

Before I talk about the dangers of soul ties, let’s see whether you have one.

Signs You Have a Soul Tie:

unexplainable connection with someone


  • You can’t stop thinking about them

Does this person occupy your mind? Are they all you talk about? You can’t stop thinking about them, no matter how hard you try.

  • You feel they ‘complete’ you

This person fills a void for you. They are the missing piece you’ve been searching for. You may share many interests, but they also complement you.

  • They are in your dreams

Thinking about a person 24/7, it follows they are going to pop up in your dreams. So, they are present even while you’re sleeping.

  • You feel a deep connection with them

When you’re with this person, it’s like all the stars and planets have aligned. Something just feels right when you’re together.

  • Your relationship is one-of-a-kind

You have a unique relationship when you form a soul tie. You cannot replicate this feeling with just anyone.

  • You get a sense of déjà vu when you’re with them

It’s as if you have known them before. This person shares so many beliefs, interests, morals and a sense of humor like you. You guys just click.

  • They heighten your reactions when you are with them

Eliciting powerful reactions, good and bad, for example, you might feel instantly at ease in their company, or giddy with excitement.

  • When they hurt, you hurt

When you form a soul tie, you become entrenched in that person’s world. So, you share empathically whatever hurt, grief, anger, or joy they experience.

  • They turned up at an important point in your life

Sometimes soul ties form when we are going through a difficult period in our life and this person comes along just at the right time.

Looking at the above signs, it’s hard to see the dangers of soul ties. However, there are healthy and unhealthy types. Healthy soul ties encourage and empower you to be your best self. Unhealthy soul ties can be manipulative, lower your self-esteem, or cause you heartache.

9 Dangers of Soul Ties

dangers of soul ties

1. You become too attached

Soul ties feel intense and are deeply satisfying relationships. So, it’s easy to see how some people can become hooked on a person.

If you feel they complete you, there’s a danger you get overly attached to them. Your identity is wrapped up in your relationship with this person. You find it hard to make decisions without their input. You don’t know who you are without them.

2. You feel trapped in the relationship

Once we have formed a soul tie, we find them difficult to break. This is fine in a healthy relationship, but not if the other person brings out the worst in you.

Perhaps they are not supportive of your goals, or they are parasitic and drain you emotionally or financially. Either way, the soul tie traps you to this person.

3. You become obsessed with them

I’ve already talked about the signs of soul ties, and one of them is thinking about a person all the time. This leads to obsession and even jealousy. Because this person is so important to your sense of identity, you can’t control your thoughts about them.

4. You can’t leave an abusive relationship

One of the biggest dangers of soul ties is when you are in an abusive relationship. It takes a lot of courage to leave an abusive partner, but it’s virtually impossible once you’ve formed a soul tie.

Once your self-esteem is damaged, it’s difficult to make rational decisions. Especially if your partner has been gaslighting you.

5. You are possessive about them

Obsession leads to possessive behavior. You don’t want them socializing with others. When you’re away from them, you become anxious. You are worried they might cheat if you’re not there to oversee them, or maybe they’ll find a better friend than you.

6. You change your behavior around them

Just as you can become obsessed and possessive, so can your partner.

Are they checking up on you all the time? Do they want to know where you are 24/7? Have they made comments about your appearance, or told you what to wear? Do they not trust you but blame your behavior for their distrust? Are you always walking on eggshells around them?

7. You make excuses for them

Soul ties connect us emotionally and mentally. We feel what they feel, and so we understand their actions, good or bad. As such, it’s easy to empathize with this person because we know what they’re going through, so we make excuses or excuse their behavior.

8. You feel empty when you are not with them

Soul ties remain, even after a relationship has ended. This is another one of the dangers of soul ties. You feel empty and grief-stricken when the relationship ends because you still have a soul tied to this person.

9. They bring out the worst in you

Healthy soul ties are supportive, encouraging, and bring out the best in us. Unhealthy soul ties do the opposite.

The danger of a soul tie is when an unhealthy soul tie persists for long enough, it can change your behavior for the worse. We move our boundaries and shift our values to fit in with theirs. We stop challenging their unacceptable behavior and either let it go or mimic it.

How to Break Unhealthy Soul Ties?

you attract what you are

Now that you know the dangers of soul ties, how do you break them?

  • Acknowledge you have a soul tie

Sometimes we are not aware we have formed a soul tie with someone. Did you recognize any of the soul tie signs? Can you relate to the dangers of soul ties? Breaking unhealthy soul ties is difficult, but you first must confirm you have one.

  • Be objective about the relationship

You must be convinced you want to break this soul tie, otherwise the guidance below won’t help. If you are in any doubt, list the pros and cons of this person. Ask yourself,

Are they really my soulmate? Do they make me a better or worse person? Am I happy or sad with them?

When you’re ready, you can move onto the next steps.

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  • Physically remove all evidence of the person

Soul ties might be invisible bonds binding us to a person, but we can remove all physical signs of them in our lives. Remove their phone number, delete all photographs, and block them on social media.

  • Mentally remove yourself from them

Visualizing yourself separating from this person helps remove them from your thoughts. Imagine being tied together with a ribbon, then take a pair of scissors and cut the ribbon, allowing them to float off into the distance.

  • Perform a separation ritual

Much like the rituals in funerals gives us a sense of an ending, there are ritual-based practices that can help break soul ties. Write a letter ending the relationship and tear it up, burn a photograph of the person, light a candle and ask the universe to help you break the soul tie. Try whatever works for you.

Final Thoughts

Healthy soul ties are to be nurtured and celebrated. However, unhealthy ones are detrimental to our well-being and keep us in toxic relationships. Learning the dangers of soul ties and how to break them lets us focus on the right people in our lives.


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    Thank you Janey. Helpful.

    1. Janey Davies, B.A. (Hons)

      Thank you Julie, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Eddie

    Thanks for a wonderful post Janey!
    I have experienced this phenomena myself and appreciate the solutions you listed.
    This subject of souls enters the boundries of Kabbalah and I should really keep hands off!
    But I will share what I know anyways.
    The whole world is and always will be in the process of bringing the souls to completion. This process will go on for as long as needed and through as many life spans, as necessary till the accounts are balanced and cleared. The idea when thought out and calculated in our minds – seems mind boggling! Even more when realizing that there are different parts to each soul and all souls are interconnected and bounded and therefore will have to share each others burdens!
    But don’t worry; who ever put this whole creation together will also make sure all accounts “payables” and “receivables” all balance out at the end!
    We all have “Freedom of Choice” and all we should and can do is making choices that we believe are good and right as much as we are able to. At the same time we have to realize that things are being directed and are getting balanced out and we still can choose how we FEEL about what happens; no matter if we think it is bad or good in our eyes.
    Peace of mind should be our goal and easier to accomplish when realizing these.

    1. Janey Davies, B.A. (Hons)

      That’s interesting Eddie. I wonder what will happen when all the souls are reunited and complete?

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