We’d like to think that people tell the truth about how they feel. But unfortunately, this is not always true. Jealous people commonly say things they do not mean.

There are noticeable envious traits in the people around us, including family, friends, and partners. And all of us have been jealous about something in our lives and acted in ways we now regret.

Feeling jealous and being a jealous person are two different things. Jealous people use phrases with hidden meanings. This is much harder to decipher. And we must keep in mind that human emotions are complex, and jealousy is usually present long before we even notice.

Phrases jealous people commonly use

Jealousy is definitely a green-eyed monster, no offense to those with green eyes. It can destroy friendships, drive wedges between family members, and badly damage relationships.

And worst of all, the hidden meanings beneath the phrases used by jealous people can be deceptive, making us questions ourselves. Wearing a façade is never healthy. To help identify and confirm our suspicions, here are several phrases used by jealous people.

1. “You’re so lucky”

To some, I guess this sounds like a nice thing to say. But, you see, envious people use this phrase often when you’ve accomplished something substantial in your life.

You are proud of your work and dedication, but they’re not… not really. What the jealous person is really saying, when using this phrase, is that luck is the only way you attain these positive achievements. They’re not giving you any credit for your success.

2. “Oh, that’s too bad. I’m sorry you lost”

They are not sorry, so don’t be deceived. If you’ve lost something, whether it’s in a game or something much more valuable, they are secretly glad that you did.

When you lose, they do not feel so lonely in their failures; you see. Misery really does love company, and jealous people are usually quite miserable most of the time. If you watch closely, you might even catch them smiling about what they just said.

3. “That is such a nice shirt”

Do you believe they think your shirt is all that great? Well, some people actually mean what they say, and they’re just telling you the truth. Other people, those who wish they had one or more of your attributes, say things they do not mean.

They are jealous people who use phrases to cover their negative feelings about your gifts or possessions. This could be your physical beauty, your clothing, or your hair. It’s more noticeable when someone constantly compliments you.

This overkill means they’re trying hard not to be angry at you for simply having nice things.

4. “You know that new watch you bought last week? I just got one today!”

It was kind of difficult to phrase this in the right way, but let me clear it up for you. Jealous people will always try to compete with you. If you buy a new computer, soon afterward, they will purchase one too. The kicker is that they will make sure to buy a more expensive one.

It’s all about “one-upping” the person that intimidates them the most. I’m sure you’ve noticed this with a few people in your life.

5. “That’s a great idea! But what if it doesn’t work?”

Before you can even try something new, a jealous person is already planting seeds of doubt in your mind. They downplay your goals and use passive-aggressive terminology. They make you second-guess things you were previously sure about.

These statements are very convincing, so it looks like they’re concerned about your plans. In reality, they want you to forget about what you’re planning because they know it will probably be a success.

6. “I’m not sure about that color. It makes you look tired.”

Jealous people are overly critical, but they won’t make it obvious. They will talk to you about what you’re wearing or your weight while pretending to be a supportive friend. They will use reasoning as to why you haven’t made the right choices about yourself or your lifestyle.

Genuine people will be kind when offering constructive criticism, and they will also provide solutions. Real criticism and fake criticism are, unfortunately, sometimes hard to differentiate. You have to trust your gut on this one.

7. “I’m so proud you got that job, but remember, I told you about it”

You can never take full credit for your achievements when it comes to a jealous person. If you get a new job, or if you get married, either way, an envious person will insist they played a part in these good things.

Somehow, they introduced you to an important person, told you about a special event, or were the one to place you in a position of success. When you accomplish a goal or realize a dream, to the jealous person, it will be due to them. They are always responsible for the good things that happen to you… or so they want you to believe.

How to deal with jealous people

ill-wishers signs

Some people will always be jealous, and some will go through phases, as many of us do. It’s worth understanding these differences. Living an insecure life is toxic, but going through a season of insecurity is a sign of struggle. And the way you deal with these two will be quite different.

If you think an individual is toxic, you guard yourself, draw boundaries, and fight to retain your self-worth. Sometimes, cutting ties is necessary, as with other chronic relationships.

If an individual is going through something that makes them act jealous, and you know it’s not in their character to behave this way, then patience is key.

But the bottom line is that you must make the final decision about how to deal with jealous people by using your discernment. Nobody knows what you ultimately must do but you.

Hope this helps and I wish you well.

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