When someone is disrespectful to you, this can mean many things. They can lie to you, belittle you, or even call you names. We should never tolerate this.

Disrespect comes in many forms. It varies and ranges from low-intensity behavior (uncivil) to high-intensity behavior (physical). So, when someone is disrespectful to you, it means they are doing something that sends the message that you’re unimportant.

No, what other people think isn’t always something you should worry about. But when it causes discomfort, it can also affect your mental health. Sometimes what others say or do does impact your life.

What can you do when someone is disrespectful to you?

Disrespectful behavior can also lead to violence. So, it’s important to understand how to deal with this issue. When someone mistreats you in this manner, it often escalates when unchecked. Here are a few ways you can approach people who refuse to show you respect.

1. Understand why

Let’s get this one out of the way, shall we? Sometimes the way a person acts has nothing to do with you. So, before jumping to conclusions about inappropriate behavior, check to see if something else has made this person angry or made them ignore you.

It’s possible that they were external things that had nothing to do with how they treated you. And no, it’s not okay to be mean to anybody for any reason. However, sometimes disrespectful behavior is accidental. So, let’s check this one off the list first.

2. Organize your response

Also, do not immediately lash out at the person who disrespected you. This doesn’t always go your way, and it can incite the violence I touched upon earlier. When someone is being disrespectful to you, it’s smart to think over what they said or what they did, and then form a fitting response.

Sometimes, no response is the best one, especially when dealing with narcissistic remarks. Just think it over before making a move. Ask yourself this question:

“Is responding even worth it?”

3. Kill them with kindness

Yeah, I bet you don’t like this one. But hey, I have stunned so many disrespectful people by just being nice in return. If you stay calm, smile, and then say something kind in return, it often throws them off guard. Their ability to continue being rude is sometimes thwarted.

You can even ask them this question:

“Are you feeling okay today? You seem to be dealing with something.”

But be careful, in rare circumstances, this attitude can make them feel like you’re mocking them. It’s important to discern the vibes of the disrespectful person.

4. Confrontation

Be extremely careful with this one. If you are sure that someone who disrespected you will not become violent, you can try confronting them about their behavior. However, do not attempt this in front of their friends because they may become defensive.

When you have a chance to talk to them privately, ask them why they disrespected you. Not everyone will talk with you about this, so it’s just something you can try. Unfortunately, there are those who just rather continue to be cruel instead of explaining why.

5. Draw those boundaries

Sometimes, disrespect comes in the form of lies and manipulation. This is especially true in relationships. When someone is disrespectful to you in this manner, you must reaffirm your boundaries. Let them know that there will be consequences if they continue their negative behavior.

And most importantly, stand firm on those consequences, or else they will continue to disrespect you in the future. Boundaries are healthy, and they are what help us retain good mental health.

6. Use “I” statements

Often, people don’t even know how their actions make you feel. In order to help them understand, use “I” statements like these:

“I feel insulted by your remarks” or “I feel like you’re taking me for granted when you speak to me that way.”

Sometimes these statements make the other person conduct introspection. They realize how they would feel pretty crappy if someone talked to them in the same manner.

7. Say, “Thank you”

When someone is disrespectful to you, they often give back-handed compliments. So, instead of getting offended, just say, “Thank you”. Most of the time, only two responses will come from them. Either they will assume you didn’t get the insult, or they will tell you that they were insulting you.

Either way, they will admit what they’re doing, or they will just stop talking and you both can move on with whatever you’re doing. If you have healthy self-esteem, saying “Thank you” will be easy to do.

8. Cut contact with them

If someone is disrespectful to you continuously, then you may have to cut contact with them. When it comes to those who have narcissistic personality disorder, their disrespect rarely stops. Here, cutting contact or reducing the time you spend with them is the best choice.

I always leave this option for last because I hate cutting ties with people, especially my loved ones. But sometimes, it’s necessary to stay sane.

Don’t just tolerate this behavior!

Disrespectful behavior is a sign of something deeper going on, at least most of the time. But unless you’re equipped to deal with these things, you should place the most importance on your own physical and mental health.

If this is you, and you’re being disrespectful, then just put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Would you like to be treated this way?

I hope this helps you with more of those difficult situations in your life. And I hope you deal appropriately when someone is disrespectful to you.

Have a glorious day.

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