Do you feel like you may have bad karma?

Karma (a concept taken from Indian spirituality) is the repetition of certain events with the purpose to heal and change you spiritually. The effect of past actions is unavoidable and sometimes a situation can repeat itself over and over again until you finally understand what you need to heal or change about yourself.

You will continue to attract the same negative energy through people or environment until you discover the weak area of your personality, of your spirit or of your actions.

For example, you have recently changed your job. It is a different office, different people, but the tense atmosphere and connection with your co-workers are similar to the previous job. The same struggle and lack of improvement can appear in your personal relationships: you have constant arguments with your partner, your issues with the family members seem to appear now and again – sometimes, for the same reason that occurred in the past.

So all these familiar and repetitive vibrational situations that seem to never break through, try to show you that a change is necessary in order for you to heal from the past and move forward to where you want to be.

Here are a few steps which should give you an insight into how to heal your bad karma:

1. Recognize the Karma

Wherever you will go or whoever you will meet, you will face the same situation under different circumstances. For example, you tend to argue when somebody has a different opinion than you which usually leads to heated arguments and you do not think there is anything wrong with being strongly opinionated.

This type of situations you create keeps people away from you or they might find it difficult to be themselves around you. You feel isolated in a way and you wonder why you cannot create a stable friendship.

This is one of the karmic obstacles that can prevent you from evolving spiritually, but a karmic obstacle can be anything repetitive that happens or you do in your life.

2. Be awake

In order to recognize your bad karma, you need to be awake, in touch with your spiritual needs and realize who or what your obstacles are. Sometimes we allow people to hurt us, we allow certain situations to repeat or we are simply not fully aware of our strengths.

Why? Because we are not spiritually awake; we let things happen without being in charge of our karma.

3. Make a change

Once you realize the reason why bad karma keeps repeating in your life, the next step is to make a change. If you have unhealthy relationships and there is no longer a way to save them, give up on people who hurt you.

If you understood where the mistake in your personality or action is, make a change, be kinder, be forgiving, be calm or be more confident, be tougher. Put into practice what you wish to happen, define what you expect from yourself and from your life or simply apply the suggestions that life makes you through repetitive sounds, words or situations.

4. Control your attitude…..

Your attitude about life, people or situation is sent out in the world and it will come back at you. Be relaxed, be positive, because what you give is what you get. Any negative thought you have about yourself or the world should be changed in positive thinking.

 5. …and your reaction

The way we think or feel about something is reflected in our behavior. Certain situations repeat in our lives in order to help us change the way we deal with people around us, with objects or with the environment.

A classic example of bad karma, suggested by New Ager David Isaacson, is the family connection: the man yells at his wife, who yells at her son, who kicks the dog who bites the father. If you control your thinking, you control your reaction and therefore, you control your karma.

Karma is not a punishment but a teacher

Be responsible and awake, try to recognize your obstacle and remove it. As long as there are unresolved or unchanged energies in your life, you will not break the circle.

If you feel that you deal with bad karma or you have managed to change it, please share or debate with us!


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