If you are experiencing more than the normal amount of “bad luck,” then you could be the victim of a generational curse.

Generational curses or family curses have more than one origin definition. They have ties to genetic imperfections passed down from your parents, or they could be spiritual curses placed upon your ancestors for sins they committed in the past as well.

Yes, the last one is a religious belief based on Christian principles, and I’m not here to validate either one. What I’m striving to do is examine this topic and definitely have an open-mind to ponder the implications. Who knows, there could be some truth to these curses after all. We shall see…

The dreaded topic

Okay, let’s just get this one out of the way first. According to Christianity, generational curses are real and common. Followers wholeheartedly believe that the “sins of our fathers” will fall upon our own heads. The way religion sees it, no matter how devout, moral, and kind we are, the level of our great grandfather’s indiscretion will govern our fortune or misfortune.

This is quite a grave thought, wouldn’t you say? It doesn’t leave much hope for those who wish to travel a different road from their forefathers.

This idea alone has made others turn their backs on religion, and understandably so. I mean, who wants to spend their lifetime doing good deeds only to be cursed in the end? Not me!

Well, deep inside, the Christian doctrine lies some atonement for this, complicated as it may be, an atonement that can possibly free one of the curses, if done right, in the correct mindset and with humble heart….on the right day…particular month and hour….etc. Get my drift?

Ugh..so many conditions.

So, we shall veer away from that definition and delve into more interesting and possibly hopeful ideas about how to recognize these generational curses – if they exist, of course. Maybe symptoms are said to provide a way to remove the curse. After all, even witches provide a way to break a curse.

Let’s first look at a few ways to recognize if you’ve been affected by a generational curse. Here are a few things to look for if we take into consideration the spiritual perspective.

Psychological indicators

Generational curses ae believed to affect the mind first because it is within that battleground that all other parts of the body are controlled. As most of us know, the mind-body connection is strong, and so starting with the mind is a genius way for a curse to take over quickly. Since these curses are generational, they are said to affect individuals as early as childhood.

1. Mental illness

One sign believed to be a generational curse is mental illness, manifesting as depression or multiple personality disorder and etc. Now, mental illness is seen is so many ways.

By science, it’s seen as a malfunction in the brain, by Shamans it is seen as an awakening, and for religion, it is seen as a demonic possession. So, there’s no surprise that mental illness, as seen in other spiritual areas, can be seen as a curse as well.

2. Nightmares

As with mental illness, nightmares have many meanings observed by society. They can be side effects of some life event or bad diet, they can be over-activity in the brain or they can simply be a curse sent by your great grandmother to haunt you for a lifetime. Hmm, well, actually this only pertains to recurring strange dreams. You should watch out for those.

3. Other character flaws

This one is interesting and it kind of makes me pause to consider that it could be true. Many generational curses are said to take the form of character flaws which repeat through history.

For instance, if your father was a heavy drinker, abusive, and abandoned his family, and you find that you are following the exact same route, then maybe you could be under his curse. I have seen firsthand, how sons imitate the acts of their fathers and it’s rather uncomfortable to witness. Hey, it’s just something to think about.

Physical Indicators

Now, generational curses are also believed to leave marks on the body and influence the health. This can range from minor issues to severe health problems which cause a major set back in life.

4. Addictions

Although this could fall under character flaws, it can also be labeled as a physical ailment. Addictions can drastically change the physical body and can derive from strange cravings that have no known origin.

If you find yourself overindulging in something, it could be just as physical as mental. Pay attention to what you crave and compare it with any habits you know about your parents.

4. Diseases, illnesses, and injuries

Sickness and injury can surely be classified as a generational curse if you believe so. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes – well, of course, they can be generational because they can be GENETIC! Now, this doesn’t mean that you were cursed, it could simply mean you were unfortunate enough to get the gene, right?

To some, however, receiving sickness or acquiring a similar injury doesn’t just mean “oops.” To them, it means a curse has been passed down from an ancestor. So, however you believe, I suppose you should act accordingly to “break” this curse and move on.

6. Physical beauty

This is kind of comical in a way, but hold on…. ever felt like you were “cursed” with physical beauty? Well, guess what? Some people actually do feel this way because the entirety of their life has been filled with materialistic goals and harassment.

Some people who would otherwise be considered “blessed with beauty” have endured a life where their intellect was rarely taken seriously. All this because of how society perceived their physical attributes. Looking good? Maybe you were cursed…

Okay, all jokes aside… Is there any firm evidence of generational curses?

What about this… Epigenetics? Consider simple inheritance of genes. As you know, you inherit certain things from your parents, grandparents, and other ancestors.

One traumatic or memorable mark on their lives can affect you and mold the way you see things, your culinary tastes, and even your phobias. A clear picture of being cursed by an ancestor could simply mean a deep mark upon your gene code.

Studies by neurobiologist, Michael Meaney

So, inside the cell’s nucleus, there are spools of DNA which govern which genes to record. Elements, called the methyl group, are the important organic compounds which act as a recipe for the human gene sequence. This is what decides certain traits for each descendant – how they are different and how they will be duplicated.

At first, it was believed that any genetic scars or changes would occur only at birth, but this is untrue. Some changes occur even in adulthood. This is why you see people suddenly develop new characteristics seemingly out of the blue.

While researching the maternal instincts of animals, neurobiologist Michael Meaney stated,

“I have always been interested in what makes people different from each other – the way we act, the way we behave – some people are optimistic, some are pessimistic. What produces that variation?”

Well, in a nutshell, either we are all cursed or we just simply cannot avoid the genetic makeup of our past.

I find the topic of generational curses to be quite interesting. But at this point, and especially with such compelling and opposing scientific evidence, I will leave it at just a musing. While it’s an interesting topic, I won’t go pay for a cleansing or deliverance anytime soon.

Be well! Enjoy what your mama gave you and utilize it for its strengths!


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This Post Has 11 Comments

  1. Kestrel

    Christians that believe this, and that the sins of the fathers are passed down really needs to read Ezekiel 18 the whole chapter. Interestingly enough it is tiled “The Soul That Sins Shall Die”, and it specifically states That each person is accountable for their own sins. Another interesting point is that Ezekiel 18 sounds a whole lot like a plan of salvation. I mean do bad you die, do good you live, sounds a lot like what John the Baptist was saying.

    I do agree with things being passed down genetically, This post is mainly in dispute of the idea that the sins of the father are passed down, if that is truth then Ezekiel would be a liar as he said they are not and each is responsible for their own sins.
    Namaste’ and Blessed Be

    1. Sherrie


      I have a real problem with accepting the faults of my ancestors. I strive to love myself and know who I am, without any hindrances from the ones before me. However, any genetic markers will be much harder to dissolve. I think when Christians believe they inherit the fortune of their ancestors, they are limiting themselves greatly. After all, their God is a merciful God. They must remember that.

  2. Don

    I side with the direct inheritance of a genetic makeup rather than the word curse. The curse (although I wouldn’t use it) fits more into the term epigenetics which I would call inherited tendencies. The word curse I see as a word of expression, I agree interesting, but only exists through belief. It’s a word like luck or coincidence, some believe in them, others do not. I believe in coincidence, luck to a degree. Since you mentioned ‘bad luck’, I’d be interested to know if you believe luck, or the tendency of luck to be inherited. Many do. Others believe you make your own. Another interesting article.

    1. Sherrie

      Don, I am torn between many of these ideas. I did seem to inherit a gene of anxiety and bipolar disorder if that’s a thing, which I think it is. I was told that this gene or predisposition was triggered after trauma and abuse. This is interesting to me and makes me love to study myself. As I write these posts, I learn so much about myself too and find many things that keep me questioning the role of my parents in my genetic makeup. Thank you for reading. I hope to provide more interesting topics for discussion. 🙂 I find enjoyment in learning while I write!

  3. Divine Spirit

    not being in denial and working toward OUR own deliverence and growth is what free will is all about. some meet the challenge others take the pill and mope…You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay and The Child Bearing Years, The Menopausal Years by Susun Weed helped me since 1988 along my journey toward a greater understanding of what was dumped on me and my ultimate choices at personal, spiritual and physical health. Have pity on your parents regardless, WE chose them to learn by their mistakes and to grow by OURS, for this life time has taken me much to my frustration and confusion on a totally different path and for that I am very much appreciative…thank the Gods. Namaste’ to all the seekers in life. You won’t be disappointed OUR lives are worth the effort to develop. 🙂 peace

  4. Dean

    My grandfather on my mothers side committed suicide. His grandfather committed suicide. And his grandfather committed suicide as well. For a total of 3 suicides on my moms side, and there was 1 suicide on my dads side; I believe it was his cousin. My mom has had parkinsons disease forv15 years with a wide variety of neuriological/mental problems. I took care of her for 4 years and have PTSD from dealing with her symptoms. My dad suffered from anxiety and depression leading to a death inducing heart attack at the relatively young aage of 67.
    I am in the epic battle of my live right now to not purposely end my life. My daughter gave me 2 grandsons and I dont want to continue the legacy/curse of another suicide.
    Be that as it may I have been suffering from a multitude of chronic physical, emotional and mental problems as well. Notva day goes by that I wish I would just die and get rid of this body that has caused me so much shame, pain and disappointment.
    Without a doubt I feel under a generational curse and I want out.
    To make matters even worse I am an empath, an HSP and an earth angel as well among other thigs.
    Whoever reads this, please send love and blessings my way. I’ve gotten myself into another hot mess again trying to fit in. I am 56, homeless and have no reason to hope for anything better in the future. Please pray I have the strength to not end my lfe.

    1. Sherrie


      My heart goes out to you and I would be more than happy to send love your way. I won’t tell you all the silly little positive things that you should look forward to because I figure you know about all those things. Maybe I will tell you to look again because every life is worth saving. You are beautiful and I bind that horrible spirit of generational curses. I want to tell it to take its hands off you and your family so that you can have a bright future with a legacy for your descendants. I sent positive energy, love, abundance and hope for you and with all my strength I speak life into you, life like you have never experienced before. You are loved, even when you don’t hear it, see it, or feel it…you are loved and the world needs you. 🙂 Hey, guess I failed and said all those silly little positive things.

      Be blessed and don’t give up

      1. Barbara

        Sherrie I don’t know you but listening to your testimony got my attention .I gave a young lady a ride to night home.She was about to be caught in a rain storm and my husband told her to get in the car with me and we would give her a ride home. I ask her did she live at home with her mother she told me no that she was in a transitioning home for foster care . my mind went to working why is she in this situation at such a young age she did look to be know more than 17 yrs old. my heart goes out to her. I invited her to go to church with me. I’m praying she accept the invitation. so I can work and help her in her walk of life. maybe some guidance so she don’t have to make wrong choices because of lack of guidance. I guess you say what this has to do with my life. well if I hadn’t gave this young lady a ride the thought of generation curse wouldn’t have cross my mind God is awesome so I told my husband I was going to study about Generational Curses that what came to mind about the young lady situation. and came up on your post. I know it’s not by mistake a year and 4 months that I’m just seeing this post, where ever you are or where you are in your life . God love you and your not a curse you do not have to be in the situation that your in. He is a Forgiving God. All you have to do is Repent turn from those evil way of our mothers or father and ask him to help and he will send help when life tries to give us lemons we turn it into lemon aid. It’s all in the plan for our life so we can help someone else make it through life journey. our trials come to make us strong build character and to give us a testimony.

  5. Denis Dougherty

    Great article and comments. No one wants to see others struggle or suffer. I hope you all and anyone reading this finds peace and happiness!

  6. China

    My family history from my mother’s side had me thinking,i mean my grandmother was an alcoholic and she slept around a lot and had different children from different men so is my mother so now I’m quite intrigued by the fact that in our generation it still seem to be the same,alcohol abuse and a lot of sleeping around without stability in life. A series of bad luck as well. I need this to end as I can’t deal with it anymore.

  7. Sam

    I’m a bit late to this article but to Dean, I hope you are okay. Your story is the most heartbreaking one I’ve read. I’m sending soo much positivity to you. I hope you are alive and well! Please keep on fighting. That last line is for anybody that needs it. Right now I’m in my early twenties and I don’t know where I stand with faith. I’ve been to catholic school my whole life and I feel a lot of what I was taught there (religion wise) is based on lies and corruption. My father is trying to get me into the Bible. He doesn’t want me to be a Christian or catholic he just wants me to understand the Bible. It’s hard for me because I associate that bible with catholic school and I didn’t like being there at all. I mean it was safe and I got a better education than the kids in public school but the way the teachers treated me was not right and they always lied in religion classes. Anyways I’ve been struggling so hard. I think I have mental health issues but I’m not sure. I’ve noticed since 14 I haven’t been loving my self, for about 7 years now I haven’t loved myself. I wrote terrible things about myself in a diary and I haven’t been able to find good stable friends (been back stabbed and hurt constantly). I’m at the age where every one is drinking, partying, having sex and have many friends and I’m not doing any of those thinggs. I’ve been having anxiety attacks and cry often because I “hate my life” I never knew my grandmother on my dads side but I heard she had mental illness (she had a very traumatic childhood) I knew my grandmother on my mom’s side and I watched her suffer from depression until she died. My other siblings seems fine and have tons of friends. Then there is me. I think this is my “curse” the depression and anxiety. It must’ve skipped my older sibling and my younger sibling but it got me. I just want to be happy. It’s still not confirmed if I have those issues or not as I’m scared to speak to a doctor about mental hearth and my mom is discouraging me from doing so. Anyways, everyone please be well.

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