Life is full of challenges, expectations, fears, interests, and a plethora of emotions which drive us to move forward. Wait, is it really these things which drive us, or is it us who drive these things?

I, personally, have always maintained that life is a matter of perspective; our mindset is what governs our reality, and in more ways than just “thought”.  Through attentiveness, being mindful of who you really are, and persistence, we can all create our own reality in any form we want.


First, take into consideration the concept of a “thoughtform”, a western belief based on the Tibetan Buddhist concept “Tulpa”: If enough people focus on a singular thought or presence, be it music or otherwise, a metaphysical manifestation will be created from the energy put forth.

This concept was put into use with various fables, specifically the tooth fairy, which is thought to only exist as long as you believe it does. Some from the southern hemisphere near Mexico believe that a mythical beast known as a chupacabra was actually “willed” into existence through fear of it.

Now, disregard any notion of physical manifestation being willed into existence but consider the concept. It is a scientific fact that attentive focus on a singular subject drives subconscious thought.

Project managers in various fields have adopted a practice of looking into something they don’t know how to do for fifteen minutes before they leave for the day, and allowing their subconscious to work on solving the issue.

This is commonly referenced by the phrase, “let me sleep on it”.  To FULLY acknowledge what you want, and to give it daily conscious thought, feeding energy toward what your goal is, will have you consciously and unconsciously striving to attain that goal.


We are what we believe we are. Many people follow the workplace ethic to “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” – it’s so popular that it has even become a viral internet meme.

This originated from psychologists finding that people who believe they will get where they want to be, simply by having the confidence, often get to where they want. Some people speculate that this is because we portray our confidence in our motions, we give off the ‘air’ of authority, which gets us to where we believe we should be. But, it’s more than that.

If you are happy inside, if you know you are where you want to be, if you know what you want out of life, and remain confident that you will attain it, you will. If you believe, and I mean truly believe, that you will succeed in your goals, you ultimately will.

Any challenges you face, you will have the strength to overcome them. Any fears that you face, you will have the confidence to face them. Any amount of disillusion, which will come up, you will know that your reality is just a reflection of how you feel – be happy, and your reality will become happy.


Don’t give up. Period. Once you are focused on what you want, giving attention consciously and subconsciously toward it, you’re part of the way to attaining your goals in reality.

When you are able to be confident that you deserve what you are striving for, and you are happy with your circumstances whether you’re fighting through a block on your path or everything is going smoothly, you’re almost to that goal of creating your own reality.

You will hit walls. We all have cumbersome problems on any adventure, and sometimes the path gets so dark you can’t even imagine taking another step without getting lost. Do.

Eventually, this darkness will fade, and you will find yourself standing in a positive reality, reflected from your positive mindset and attentiveness. You will find yourself exactly where you’ve wanted to be, and will be able to turn your attention, self-reflection, and persistence to further bettering your life – by bettering yourself.

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    Excellent post. As a student I found this particularly compelling. Thank you 🙂

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