In the waking world, ghosts are typically seen as frightening creatures sent to scare us. So does this mean that a dream about ghosts is a kind of warning from our subconscious? Not necessarily. It all depends on your situation and what is going on in your real life.

To fully understand dreams about ghosts, you need to examine the context of the dream. Literal and hidden symbols within the ghost dream will provide clues to the meaning. Another important factor to recognise is how you felt when you dreamt about the ghost. Were you happy or terrified?

And don’t forget, there are significant differences between ghost dreams and dreams about a dead person.

Before I discuss specific examples of dreams about ghosts, here are some general meanings.

Dreams about Ghosts and Their Meanings

1. You are grieving the loss of a loved one

Dreams about the ghost of a recently departed loved one signify your inability to accept the loss. Our minds are wonderful instruments that protect us from trauma but also assist in the healing process.

This is your subconscious gently nudging you towards acceptance. Perhaps you didn’t have a chance to say goodbye or you regretted your last words to your loved one. This is your chance to rectify that and find closure.

2. You are being visited by a spirit

Some people believe that vivid and lucid ghost dreams indicate an actual visit from a spirit. These are ‘visitation’ dreams. If your dream involved the ghost of someone you knew, they could be visiting you to offer support, guidance, or even a warning.

However, if you didn’t know the ghost, there may be a spirit in your home. If the ghost frightened you and you don’t want them to visit you again, then simply say that they are not welcome and ask them politely to leave.

3. You have regrets about the past

Ghosts represent people that have passed onto the next spiritual plane. They are no longer with us in the physical realm but are still present. Symbolically, this denotes a regret for something in the past that has happened.

Is there something in your life you wished you could have done differently? Have you fallen out with someone and the issue remained unresolved? Dreaming about ghosts in this way is telling you that you need to move on and accept what has been done. Don’t get stuck in the past.

4. You are afraid of death

Sometimes dreams are our literal waking feelings transported into a visual story. Ghosts are the epitome of death and they are often depicted as frightening creatures. In this case, your ghost dream is a manifestation of your fear of dying.

Perhaps someone close to you is sick and likely to pass away? Or maybe you have been given a diagnosis that has made you question your mortality? The meaning behind this ghost dream is your death anxiety.

5. You have unfinished business

Dreaming about ghosts could mean you have unfinished business that you are worried about. This is one of those literal meanings. You are ‘haunted’ by your unresolved issues in the past.

You should look at your life and see if any loose ends need tying up. Otherwise, you’ll keep dreaming about ghosts until it is resolved.

Specific Examples of Dreams about Ghosts

1. A ghost was in your house

This dream about ghosts signifies internal conflict. You do not feel happy in yourself. Our homes are where we are supposed to feel safe and secure. So to dream about a ghost in our private space is unsettling. Something is out of whack.

This dream is asking you to go deep into your psyche and work out what is troubling you. This indicates low self-esteem and a lack of confidence in your abilities.

2. A ghost spoke to you

Ghosts represent the past and regret. They are symbolic of unresolved issues. If the ghost spoke to you in your dream, it means you have regrets about someone in your past. It indicates sorrow for a failed relationship, or a longing to reconnect with an old friend.

Many dreams have literal meanings. For example, if the ghost was someone you knew that recently passed, then this ghost dream signifies a person you miss talking to.

Was there something you wanted to say to this person but never got the chance? Were your last words said to them in anger and do you want to take them back? If you have this dream again, don’t be afraid of talking to this ghost. It is your mind trying to resolve your past regrets.

3. A ghost was haunting you

dreams about ghosts

This is another one of those dreams about ghosts that represent issues with the past. You are trapped in the past and it is impacting your present and future. This ghost is telling you that you must resolve your past issues.

You cannot escape it by blocking it out or refusing to deal with it. It will haunt your present until you confront your past issues or fully let them go.

4. A ghost chased you

Ghosts chasing you in a dream are an indication of how overwhelmed you feel for a recent bereavement. Your emotions are literally flooding over you and you feel helpless.

5. A ghost tried to kill you

This is a good sign from your subconscious mind. It indicates a willingness to confront past issues and move past them. You feel confident now and ready to leave the past behind.

6. You tried to kill a ghost

You would think that this is another good sign, but it signifies conflict with close family members or friends. Again, these conflicts will arise from some unresolved past issues.

7. You befriended a ghost

Dreaming of becoming friends with a ghost could signify wealth from a past relative. It indicates an inheritance that is linked to the past in some way. Maybe an elderly family member has died and left you something substantial in their will?

8. You were a ghost

If you dreamt that you were in the ghost in your dream, then this indicates a regret or guilt for something that happened in your past. Your subconscious is warning you to be careful and not let old bad habits return.

9. Your mother or father were ghosts in the dream

Being visited by your dead parents symbolises an urge to rectify something that happened with your parents. Now they have passed, there’s no way you can make up for what you did or whatever happened.

Final Thoughts

Dreams about ghosts don’t necessarily have to frighten us. As with all dreams, they are simply our subconscious minds breaking through our psyche and trying to help us in the waking world. By objectively analysing our ghost dreams, we can move on from the past and begin to live in the present again.



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