Does the early bird get the worm? Is the night life the better choice for you? Which one sounds like your cup of tea?

Researchers believe there is a direct correlation between genes, age and when to greet the day. In the journal, Frontiers of Neurology, a study was published to discover the validity of this claim.

Scientists used fruit flies, which have a similar genetic clock as humans, to conduct these studies. It is believed that the similarities could provide the same conclusions. After searching the genomes of these creatures, scientists found 80 genes that represented differences in early risers and night owls.

Dr. Eran Tauber said:

“Most people find their performance peaks during certain times of day. The impact of this preference is known, but the molecular basis remains a mystery.”

Researchers from the University of Leicester found the two differences in the flies’ chronotype. This was done by observing what time the flies emerged from the pupal case. Most of them emerged in the morning, but there were a few which preferred the afternoon.

The late risers were then bred and produced more late risers. This proves a huge influence of genetics in behavior.

Afterwards, scientists ran a DNA analysis on the flies who had yet to emerge. This study concluded that the DNA was not the same across the board. Early and late risers actually had differences in their DNA structure.

Looking at gene expression was only part of the research. Scientists wanted to know why late and early risers had differences in genetics. It all boiled down to differences in genetic sequences. No longer is it believed that the genetic clock is delayed in late risers- the structure is totally different.

In fact, the differences in molecular events contribute to the differences in journey length and route. So, let’s lay off the late risers a bit. As for the end point, it’s all the same.

We do this research for one basic reason. To most, it seems that late risers are out of sync with their natural rhythms. It could be, however, that we all march to the beat of a different drum.

In this case, we create our own ‘most productive time of day’. As long as we utilize our time to its full potential, we reap the full benefits of the day! Day in day out – it doesn’t matter!

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