Are you feeling strange lately and cannot explain why? Maybe you have an electromagnetic sensitivity from all the electronic devices surrounding you. At least, this is what some people claim.

Yes, we are surrounded by technology. Smartphones, computers, and other wireless devices provide a window and a voice to the outside world. This is true. But for some of us, we are surrounded by living hell, as our sensitivities cause us to want to throw those devices out of a “literal” window. And why is this?

The controversy of an electromagnetic sensitivity

EHS, or electromagnetic sensitivity, is the ability to sense energy fields and the ability to be overwhelmed by them. When I say overwhelmed, I don’t necessarily mean stressed, oh no, I mean literally sick and physically ill by the energy that surrounds us.

Now, there are opposing opinions about this condition. Some say it’s fictional and the wide range of symptoms experienced are too random and mostly psychological instead of physiological. Opinions also state that these symptoms can simply be caused by something else entirely – it could be some disease or illness with similar symptoms.

George Johnson, column writer for the New York Times, said,

“From the perspective of science, the likelihood of the rays somehow causing harm is about as strong as the evidence for ESP.”

This allows us to examine another area of electromagnetic sensitivity, the paranormal side. After all, many of us do believe in the paranormal, ESP, visions, etc.

Ghosts, spirits and other sentient beings

Some people argue that Albert Einstein believed, in a way, in the existence of ghosts. At least, a statement he made hints at this belief.

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

It seems that energy never dies, and so some people choose to interpret this Einstein’s quote as a hint at the existence of ghosts. A popular belief is that spirits are made of energy and thus can manipulate their substance along with the earth’s electrical field and manmade electrical fields.

So, this leaves us with a really important question: Are we detecting the energy utilized by these spirits, or does the sensitivity of man-made electrical fields make us hallucinate, making us think we’ve seen ghosts and phantoms when everything is all in our heads?

However, there are those who testify to having experienced electromagnetic sensitivity, both due to ghost sighting and also just due to overexposure to technological devices and the radiation they exude. These individuals take extreme precautions to shield themselves from these rays, even lining the walls with aluminum foil.

The signs below show what the people who think they have an electromagnetic sensitivity claim to experience.

1. Muscle aches and pains

Some people claim that muscle aches could be signs of electromagnetic sensitivities. The way you will know is that these pains come and go, randomly. You could wake one morning and feel as if you ran five miles the day before, even when you never left the house.

You could wake to feel tired and then notice a horrid pain in your lower back or in your shoulder areas as well. These pains are not usually severe and that’s why they can be so hard to diagnose.

2. Depression

Depression is a symptom of mental illness, but according to some, it can also be caused by the absorption of a high level of magnetic energies. When you do experience this depressive mood, it will also come with foggy thinking, temporary memory loss, and confusion. Pay attention to what’s going on in your life and whether or not you have another reason to be suffering from this ailment.

3. Sleep disturbances

Suffering from insomnia could be due to this sensitivity as well. Many times, we blame other aspects of life for our sleepless nights and even take sleeping aids to get rest. Try leaving electronics in another room and see if that helps at all. As you know, many people sleep with their smartphones and the sheer amount of energy radiating from these devices is insane!

Also, psychics claim that if spirits are present in the home, the prime time for manifestation is around 3 a.m. which will definitely keep you awake at night with a huge increase in magnetic field energy.

4. Stress and anxiety

Electromagnetic sensitivity is also said to cause heightened anxiety and stress in otherwise calm personalities. You may feel anxious for no apparent reason at all, much like those who suffer from PTSD.

Personally, I have experienced anxieties which made no sense, but I cannot say whether it was from these energy fields or because of something else entirely. Make sure to pay attention to any sudden changes in stress levels. It could possibly be what’s happening to you.

5. Rashes and prickly sensations on the skin

Mysterious rashes or skin irritations could mean the presence of an abundance of man-made or paranormal energies, some people claim. If you have no known allergies and start to experience a rash, then monitor your surroundings.

Is there a large concentration of electronic devices around you? Are you in an area with a rumored high prevalence of paranormal activity? Either of these situations could be a cause, or it could simply be the detergent you use when washing your clothes! I know, I know…but there are many reasons for this irritation.

6. A headache and fatigue

Experiencing headaches and fatigue can mean many things, like stress, for instance. Having a headache every day is probably an indication of something worse, like an effect of high energy level absorption.

Electromagnetic sensitivity is also believed to cause extreme fatigue as well. Keep these things in mind when you are forced to take pain relievers and vitamins on a regular basis.

Symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity remain controversial

These symptoms listed above are only a small sample of what people seem to experience. Individuals also report infertility, various cancers, and symptoms of the eyes, nose, and throat. It’s important to become educated about this topic and visit your doctor regularly to rule out the possibility of other things.

Have you noticed that all the described symptoms are quite general and could be associated with a number of conditions? It could very well be that people who believe to suffer from electromagnetic sensitivity have a mental disorder or other health condition.

In any case, those who believe this is happening usually end up considering a more natural way of life, eliminating as many sources of electromagnetic energy as possible.

Can you give up your smartphone or the internet? Can you make the changes necessary to lower your levels of energy? What do you need to do in order to address this concern, and do you even believe this is a real condition?

There are many opinions and options, you must choose what’s best for you. Good luck!



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This Post Has 17 Comments

  1. Beth

    There was something CNN about this in a show with their resident physician; so, it seems very possible. There are some people in this show they profiled who had to move to a place, I think, in the western part of the United States where there was very little electric or electromagnetic energy wires and such. They also had to limit their on-line computer time. So, it seems entirely possible and may explain some peoples’ mysterious symptom that their doctors could find no alleged illness as a determiner of these symptoms. There is much to be learned about living with technology these days. Thank you.

    1. Sherrie

      Thank you for reading, Beth. I couldn’t imagine having to deal with this myself, considering a huge portion of my life revolves around electronic devices.

  2. Don

    There are scientists in the field who claim in different ways that we are electromagnetic beings. Since it is one of the four forces of nature, it is literally everywhere. No doubt that electronic devices have an effect, but you bring up the main problem which is who is going to lay them down and walk away? And doctors would be almost useless in determining gadget causing problems. As to your question, I do believe it could be a real condition with some people due to research, but diagnosing it would be a monster at present.

    1. Sherrie

      Well Don, as with most things in life, we have to choose individually. Even if a doctor had the gift of quick determination on which devices were dangerous, we would still doubt. It reminds me of those who have substance abuse problems or relationship problems, they have to want to change things in their own time to successfully make that difference needed. As with devices, you have to first, pay attention to any changes occurring in your body and mind, remove something, and then keep paying attention. It’s almost like troubleshooting problems with your car, your diet, or anything else, for that matter. It is a monster, and we all are so different, which turns me right back around to what I just said…

      Self-examination, trial, and discovery. It’s kind of like my food allergies….*get sick, what did I drink? Oh, let me try that again tomorrow. Get sick, oh okay, I guess it’s the milk! There we have it! Lactose intolerance!*

      I know, I know…but get my point?

    2. Susan Burke

      Hi, this is a real condition and a real and present danger to all life on earth, as levels are amped up and now 5G is being rolled out. I became sensitive to wireless after exposure to something called a “smart meter”, a device used to send readings to the utility company. The pulsed frequency interrupted my own bio energy fields, and made me so sick, I nearly died. It has taken 7 years to heal, but I am permanently sensitive to wireless, especially smart technology which is now everywhere. This has altered the course of my life, and at 53, when I was first made sick by this, I had three kids, one in college, two more behind him. This was so debilitating and made me so sick, it was a nightmare; suicidal thoughts plagued my brain, as I could not imagine how I would be able to navigate my world. As it turns out, and I have learned, millions around the globe suffer with this disorder: Electro sensitivity and no western doctor can help. This is a multi-pronged, approach to healing, but mostly eastern medicine and therapies and detoxing. The body is thrown out of balance by the forcing of these microwaves into our bodies and brains, and as such, we have a threshold which we will meet and go over. The increase in depression and suicide is linked to this as well as allergies and autism. I have studied this and speak out, now, for over 7 years. I am better, but will never be completely cured. It has taken me out of the job force for obvious reasons and I am basically leading the life of a shut in with random experiences outside the home. I stay mostly in nature, at the beach and in my “safe home” with NO wireless, routers, or other devices. I know, as a “canary” what we are up against and we will see an uptick in this disorder and a massive increase in cancers and suicides. It is what you all want, more devices, less health. I have never been comfortable with wireless, intuitively, I knew it was bad. I have never and will never own or use a cellphone. Only wired devices and landline. All should be aware of the coming nightmare that wireless is, as far as our health and wellness, mental acuity, clarity and responsiveness. This is a tragedy on all fronts, the sooner people wake up to the death tolls from radiation sickness, the better. It is kept off mainstream TV and must be researched. I wish this was not true. But I am afraid, mankind is being used in a giant experiment and not all will survive, which just might be the goal. Time to wake up! I did.

  3. Shweta

    Hi Sherrie,

    Very good article and I would want to know what can be done to avoid such things permanently e;g, waking up all night and sleep around 4:00 am . Please advise.


    1. Sherrie


      As I told Don, let’s try self-examination and troubleshooting. Stay away from a certain device for a while and see if you feel any better. We first have to figure out what’s hurting us before we can battle that thing, or run from that thing. Find out what’s making you sick and then get rid of it, find another solution for your needs for that device. Yes, I am sure it will be more than difficult, but it’s a start toward the right direction.

    2. junemoonchild

      Waking up at the same hour or thereabouts on a regular basis is just your body’s clock, something of a habit, totally natural.

  4. junemoonchild

    What about a runny nose that will not stop, even with the strongest of antihistamines, and seems to occur mostly in my residence?

    1. Sherrie

      This could be a symptom, but it could also be a symptom of so many other things as well, like allergies. You have to do a process of elimination first and then you can tell if your sinus issues may be coming from this sensitivity.

  5. Rose

    I feel as if I am dying from this, nobody can diagnose me as the illness “doesn’t exist” I literaly feel as if I am slowly dying no one belives me and doctors family etc think I am crazy, gone mad. I can’t get away from it! We are living in hell on earth

    1. Susan Burke

      This is a diabolical agenda. The Russians studied radiation sickness a long time ago. It seems this is being used deliberately to cull the population, many are sick and dying. I am on a day to day therapeutic regimen, trying to stay in balance is no easy task as we bathe, daily, in EMF’s. The FCC is being sued for the insane rollout of 5G, we shall see where that goes. Protocols for healing are vast, it starts with detoxing the body from heavy metals, again, an arduous task. Using energy work, like Reiki helps to remove the loaded up trauma and stress, which is necessary for anyone suffering long term chronic illness, as most of our debilitating symptoms come from emotional stress. Then add all the EMF’s and we are setting ourselves up for disaster. NO western doctor, or very few can help or will admit this is a problem. They are all “gagged”, as are our politicians. We are in the fight of our lives now and all must join groups and activists in their communities to fight against this at the local level. Voices must be heart, and scare tactics, such as “liability” should be used when confronting our leaders. Hold them accountable and p ersonally liable, they don’t like that. For me, cranial sacral therapy worked wonders, but I bought a “stillpoint inducer” for twenty bucks from Amazon, to use at home, cheaper and more convenient. Salt and baking soda baths help alkalyze the emfs in the body, and iodine is needed to combat radiation. I take it daily. Use of organic essential oils to raise the vibration in our own bodies and supplementation with C good C is crucial. I take organic CBD daily, this really helps me. But first ALL wireless must go. You must turn off cell phones, get rid of CFL bulbs and stop charging phones, in the home, especially at night. GEt a hardwired landline and hard wired computers. I invested in a neuroplasticity program last year and found amazing benefits, it helped me to get out of the “Loop” our limbic system get stuck in, and rewiring to get OUT of this loop is incredibly helpful. I have coping skills and mechanisms to retrain and refocus. When we get sick with this diabolical radiation sickness, we tend to focus all of our energy on it, which reinforces the cycle and keeps us stuck. This is an all out battle, we are facing dire times and 5G is a dead end. We must all fight this now.

      1. Rose

        Thank you so much for this great reply!
        I have been in the detoxing process for 5 years, I need to remove my algam fillings, I use essential oils and some emf protection stones are in the post. I dont have a bath but will try and get one. I will look into sacral therapy and other things you suggested. I feel better already knowing people are suffering but managing this disease. Thanks again 🙂

  6. K.

    Facts your body is made up of energy. Facts your brain uses electrical impulses to communicate with your body. Facts just like the earth your body resonates and vibrates at a particular hz low like 7 or 14 something around there. Facts electromagnetic waves and radio waves are toxic and not only that the disrupt the natural vibrations of the earth and your body. How? Science says when everything resonates and has vibration at a certain hz. And if it were to come into contact say a radio wave, sound wave of the same hz it would become destructive on is self. Facts scientists have been mapping the human body and brain down to which hz affect what, say moods, feelings, manipulations. Ex:, low frequency at 40hz will begin to disrupt your bowls, at a high enough db and amplitude you bowls will turn to mush instantly from the vibration of its own frequency. Facts they can now control the human brain. Facts some people can hear radio waves and signals 1. Because of the shape of their head and how the bones in your ears and the shape off your mellon process it. Also facts the Who has also recognized electromagnetic radiation as toxic to the body and has set guidelines for exposure at parts per meter. Also facts that these people know its toxic and their money making is more important then you living. I been plagued for the last 9 months with a blasting signal repeating the same pattern of tones, very specific tones that go up the sound scale then back down and repeat over and over and over and over all day with perfect timing at the exact sometimes of the day it amplifies. It gets so bad thats all you can here. It makes me so sick and pains so bad in my abdomen it feels like getting sliced open with a hot knife. Only when the noise is bad. But it never goes away. Doc says im healthy and hear just fine. My home has been inspected and signed off on. Im also no dummy and know a thing or two and have 9 months of spectrum analysis data , frequency meter data, audio data and then some that clearly beyond a doubt shows hi db low frequency especially peaks at 59/60 hz and every 60/120 after at 50db at a peak. That ridiculous. O have complained to the fcc 5 times, wrote letters to congress and they ignore it. Funny how my mom hears the something when shes over. And my dog gets sick when i do. Im getting ready to sue the fcc and the state because the data dont lie. And i got 9 months of it backed by ieee engenders. Electromagnetic waves do are toxic to everything. You need to do some research on the Shauman resonance and the shauman scale. I feel that my help you on your journey.

  7. Marie

    Neighbors have video recorders on me 24/7. Causing physical problems.

  8. Sherrie Hurd, A.A.

    Okay guys, here is all I’ve done so far: I take vitamin C as much as possible. I am not sure how to hardwire computers, but getting another landline phone is pretty simple. As I work online daily, It’s difficult to get away from the computer. So, as much as possible, I paint. It seems like you guys are so far ahead of me with so many things, and yes, I feel fatigued every day. There’s one thing that K. said that caught my attention.

    I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), and when it started, it was just out of nowhere. My bowels just started to act differently after being normal for half my life. Yes, it’s probably from my diet over the years and pills, but this point you made also caught my attention. Another strange thing I’ve noticed is hearing high-pitched sounds. I used to make jokes about dog whistles, and I told people that I must be a dog because I’m hearing high-pitched sounds. What do you make of these things?

  9. Nunya

    It doesnt really matter what the sceptics have to say now does it. I have a friend who has complained about being sensitive to powerlines and bluetooth/wifi tech for years. I love her like family… but I thought she was a little dramatic. Now Ive begun my own search. Having spent most of my working life outdoors, Ive not been exposed to the emf density that now exist in most modern offices and homes. Since the oligarchical lockdown and the elimination of that position, my work has shifted indoors where Ive spent 18 months in the catacombs of wifi/bluetooth tech in addition to being surrounded by outlet adapter strips of all sizes. My new position’s efficiency is wholly dependent on the mobility and freedom a headset provides. 6 months ago, after finishing up with a client I had an ever-so-slight wave of dizziness and nausea. Not having ever experience this I walk away from my desk. This happened several times over the next few days. Each time the dizziness would last until I took off my headset and walked into the lounge section of my office where it would stop. For all those scientists who dont remember… this is called Scientific Method…repeating a series of observable steps until you have a predictable outcome. Im quite the A type personality with no time for the foolishness that gets in the way of progress. Its not all in your head. I have no need of adopting make-believe phobias or engaging in the societal, fade-like victimhood which is rapidly overtaking our population. So when ‘I’ set out to investigate electromagnetic sensitivity, it didnt matter what anyone else’s opinion against it was. Opinions, medical or layman, dont negate the evidence of what im experiencing and what continues to happen with increasing strength and frequency. I welcome any information towards remedying exposure, because that’s the only thing it can be. I now believe we are indeed susceptible to the manmade energy and technological power supplies and that it bombards us causing much unseen damage and harm. I will add this… outside of removing myself from the exposure, I have found ‘Grounding, (standing, sitting, laying on the Earth) to have measurable benefits. Since Im in Arizona where grass in made in a factory, Ive modified a 3ft square patch of yard. I built a simple frame, filled it with a mixture of clean native clay earth and potting mix and distributed alfalfa and dutch clover, which are more heat tolerant and require less water once grown than grass. The key to keeping it healthy in the heat is DONT cut it until it begins to die back. My grounding patch is full of 9 inch alfalfa with underlying clover. (sow the alfalfa seeds 3 weeks after clover has come up. Alfalfa takes a while to get started but will outgrow the clover. It provides me with tremendous benefit when I spend 5 mins both evening and morning standing barefoot on it. Its the only thing Ive found that works.

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