Rest is crucial in our busy lives – yet, so many people still seem to feel so tired even after they try resting properly. Are you one of those people?

This isn’t simply unpleasant – this can be frankly disturbing. If you don’t rest enough, this can result in your concentration dropping, your stress levels rising, and you over exhausting yourself as the result.

In order to avoid this and get better rest, it’s important to understand what causes that tiredness. So if you feel so tired even after a seemingly good rest, here’s what it might mean.

1. You don’t sleep enough.

Getting enough sleep is crucial for every person who wants to stay productive and well-focused during the day. The amount of sleep needed for that is different for every person, however.

That’s why instead of trying to sleep for 8 hours straight or thinking that a 4-hour sleep during a busy week won’t harm you, try to find out how many hours you need to rest and stick to that number.

The time when you wake up matters a lot too. Try using any smart alarm app, a fitness tracker or a smartwatch that tracks your sleep cycle and wakes you up when it’s easier for you to wake up.

2. You don’t exercise.

While the exercises might exhaust you, especially at first, they also help to boost your energy levels. This happens because the exercises increase the production of biochemicals in your body. The chemicals released during the exercise process decrease fatigue, help you stay more focused and feel better.

3. You drink too much coffee.

Drinking too much coffee leads to addiction. The addiction often leads to you drinking coffee not long before going to sleep. The problem is that the caffeine can stay in your body longer than you expect it to, disrupting your sleep cycles and leaving you feeling more tired than before.

In order to avoid it, make sure to consume coffee wisely and avoid drinking it late in the evening if you’re planning on going to bed soon.

4. You have some extra weight.

There’s only a certain number of pounds a person can gain before having them affect their body. Having extra weight not only means that you appear bigger – this also means that your body sometimes carries more than it’s comfortable for it to carry. That’s why you start feeling so tired and can even develop a sleep apnea – a disease that can lead to pauses in your breathing for short periods of time during the night.

Such a disease can lead to various health problems and can also affect your sleep, making it harder to rest properly.

5. You might be depressed.

Always feeling so tired is one of the most common signs of depression along with other symptoms – for example, anxiety, lack of appetite, and so on. If you experience one or a few of these symptoms along with apathy, sadness, and bad mood, you might have depression. Go to your doctor to find out for sure.

6. You don’t have breakfast (or it’s not good enough).

Most of the nutritionists consider breakfast to be one of the most important meals of the day. This happens for a reason: a proper breakfast has to give you enough energy to last through the day and to complete your daily tasks effectively.

If you skip breakfast or eat a light one, you might not receive enough important nutrients, which results in feeling so tired during the day. Make a habit out of eating breakfast and make sure you consume enough proteins or slow carbs.

7. You need more vitamins.

Some people take changes of the seasons well enough. Some, however, aren’t that lucky.

This happens especially often when the cold season arrives. When the sunny days are replaced by cloudy and rainy ones, some people might experience quite a big vitamin D deficit. Avitaminosis is generally common during that time, so these two things combined can result in fatigue.

In this case, consider adding more fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. You can consider taking vitamins as well.

8. You might experience side effects of starting a new medication.

Feeling so tired and sleepy even after rest is one of the most common side effects of various medications, from antidepressants to anti-allergenic medicine. So if you’ve started experiencing them soon after you began taking a new medication, maybe it’s better to wait for a while and see what happens.

If these things are really the side symptoms, they’ll vanish as soon as your body adjusts to them. However, it’s still important not to overdo here. Remember that if the symptoms continue for a couple of weeks, it’s better to see your doctor.

9. You might have diabetes.

Sadly, diabetes is too widespread in both the US and Canada, and the number of people suffering from this condition is growing every day. Feeling so tired all the time, along with the constant lack of energy, is one of the most common symptoms of diabetes.

That’s why if you suffer from those symptoms, check your blood sugar levels. Either way, it won’t harm.

10. You don’t rest properly.

Many people define rest as something that requires minimum activity and engagement in the process. For them, rest could mean watching Netflix, lying in their bed scrolling social media, and so on. This is understandable – however, this is one of the biggest misconceptions.

When we rest like that, without fully engaging in an activity, our brain doesn’t work – but it doesn’t relax at the same time. Actually, in order to rest, our brain simply needs to focus on something.

One of the best ways to actually rest better is to change the activity drastically. If you’ve been sitting in front of your computer the whole day, try going for a walk, working out, or doing anything else that involves moving.

If you’ve been stuck with a dull monotonous work, switch to something more creative. If you’d spend your day working with people, try spending some quality

If you’d spend your day working with people, try spending some quality time alone, writing a journal, cooking, and so on. This way you’ll rest much quicker and better.

Quality rest is crucial for everyone. It allows us to function properly, to withstand stress, to cope with our work tasks more effectively, to enjoy our social and personal life more, to notice all the little things that make our lives amazing, and so on.

That’s why if you feel so tired like you don’t rest enough, try analyzing the reasons for it and fixing them for your well-being.

If you feel so tired all the time, hopefully, this article will help you to understand what lies behind your lack of energy and overcome it successfully.

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