Could there be a fake person in your life? We’ve all met someone before who seems really kind at first… keywords: at first.

Quickly this nice facade they have constructed fades away and you see them for what they really are, a fake person. Fake people often manipulate everyone around them, from family and friends to strangers, so that they can get what they want in life. Once they no longer need you, their seemingly genuine personality will disappear into thin air.

If you suspect someone in your life is a big fat fake, it’s best to distance yourself from them before they use or take advantage of you.

Here are five signs that you are dealing with a fake person:

1. They ask you a question but leave before you even answer

Have you ever bumped into someone at a party who seemed excited to see you for about thirty seconds, until their attention-span dissolved before your eyes? If someone says, “Hi! How are you?”, and then turns to speak to someone else before you even have time to open your mouth, this person isn’t someone whom you need to bother being friends with.

2. Everything is more convenient for them

When someone makes sure that everything is convenient for themselves first before considering others, it’s clear they are just not worth your time. They may come across as nice and even bubbly and cheerful, yet you notice everything always pans out in their favor, even when it means other people in the group have to suffer.

These kinds of people are fake because they are only nice as long as it’s convenient for them and not a moment longer. As soon as they are not happy, they are not nice.

3. They leave your side as soon as they recognize someone else

Much of the time, fake people will use others to comfort themselves. If they are in a social setting and don’t know anyone, they will act like they are friends with you so that they feel and look like they are popular.

As soon as they see someone whom they like better, or who has a higher social status, they will leave your side to go join the “more important” person.
This fake person has basically just used you as a ladder to crawl up the social scene. They were only nice to you when they needed the support of your company.

4. They seem overly excited to see you when it doesn’t feel fitting

When you see an old friend for the first time in a while, you might exclaim and hug each other. But when an acquaintance whom you make small talk with at work does this, you have to wonder if they are being fake.

Are they in a situation where they want to look like they have more friends, or do they need something from you later? Pay close attention to their behavior and see if they ask you for any favors soon after.

5. They constantly repeat themselves

Have you ever met anyone that just likes to hear themselves speak? If someone asks you questions just so that they can give you their answer, it’s a pretty big sign they are fake.

A lot of the time, fake people will seem really interested in what you have to say, nodding with enthusiasm. However, you notice later they never seem to remember things you’ve told them multiple times.

Do any of the above sound like someone you know? If they do, chances are you are dealing with a fake person and the best decision would be to distance yourself from them.



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