In uncertain times, life can make you feel helpless, powerless, and completely out of control. But even in the turmoil, there are things you must remember.

It’s easier than you think to feel empowered when the world is falling apart. But it’s deeper than that. The power to reach your goals and live your dreams comes from within, not from the world around you.

So even though you may feel powerless to the pull and tug of everyone and everything else, remembering certain things about yourself is important.

Here’s what you should keep in mind when you feel powerless

You may not be able to change everything in your life, but you can practice mindset adjustments. To do this, you must remember why life is important, and why you are important. This helps you regain personal power that can move mountains. So, remember these things:

1. Be proud of your accomplishments

Be thankful and remember that you have so many things and you’ve accomplished goals already in life. Focusing on what you do have will help you see the things you don’t have as just, well, extra.

Keep in mind that every little positive aspect you have in life is much bigger and means so much in the larger scheme of things. As you remember to be thankful, you won’t feel so powerless. You will understand that if you accomplished things before, no matter what’s happening, you can succeed again.

2. Slow down a bit

When you know you must get so many things done, don’t try to do a hundred things at one time. You must keep in mind that when you multitask too much, or you go too fast, many of your projects or responsibilities aren’t finished properly.

Yes, fast sometimes means doing a shoddy job. If you can make a habit of pacing yourself, even when life gets hectic, each project or job will be done thoroughly, with few mistakes, and even creatively. And doing a good job will always make you feel like a more powerful version of yourself.

3. Fortify those boundaries

One reason you may be feeling powerless is that you aren’t taking care of your own needs. This may be due to your boundaries being stomped on by others, or it could be that your boundaries are weak.

You must remember that whatever boundaries you set for yourself should be strong. You must let others know these boundaries so you can concentrate on taking care of your physical and mental well-being.

For instance, if you work at home, do not let others who call or text push you to run errands for them. Your remote job is just as real as their on-location job. You must set a boundary here and let them know. If you must, turn off your phone during your set work hours.

You know, a person can feel so powerless when others disturb their work constantly because they assume you have “all the time in the world”. So, remember, set those limits, stand strong, and reinforce those boundaries.

4. Life’s challenges mean growth

Remember, if life is hard right now, it’s simply the hard part of growth. Everything that grows and changes goes through rough cycles.

Imagine a flower trying to push through the dry ground. The earth is hard, packed down by feet and the lack of rain. Although it seems impossible, the flower bursts through the earth and springs upward… and it is beautiful. This is you, in life, with problems, you see.

Always see challenges as an opportunity to become a better person, to help others more, and to learn! This is so powerful. So, if you’re feeling powerless, maybe it’s because you’ve let the challenges overwhelm you. It’s okay. But what’s not okay is if you let the challenges completely take over your life. Remember that challenges=growth.

5. Laughter can heal

Do not forget about laughter and its power to lift your spirits. If you’re feeling downtrodden, sometimes a good laugh can amazingly make you feel much better. Yes, your problems will be there until you deal with them, but for a few moments, think about lighter things.

Remember how to enjoy moments of comedy and fun. Because, honestly, laughter can also heal. Over time, some of the deepest wounds can become better with mirth. And healing your own wounds most definitely makes you a more powerful being.

6. You are free

Maybe the world has rules and authorities, but ultimately your soul is free. Remember that no matter how devastating the world gets, you have the choice and the right to feel any way you want to. If you’re angry, that’s okay. Show it and go outside and scream. Just don’t take your anger out on others.

If you’re sad, then cry. Let the emotions come and feel them without restraint. Keep in mind that as you feel in truth, you are free. Although the world may keep your physical form captive in ways, it cannot touch your soul unless you give it permission.

7. You have hope

Remember, when you have nothing else left to make you feel powerful, you still have hope. Hope will be with you when nothing else is left because hope is what powers the ability to move on and move forward. Your heart cannot dream without the life-giving power of hope.

If you’re feeling powerless, then maybe you’re losing hope. Hurry, grasp that tiny thread and pull hope back close to you. Keeping hoping for the best even when you’re going through the worst. It’s a truly powerful tool.

Don’t forget how to be strong

I’m not going to pretend that life is just about being positive and having a positive mindset, because life is a bit more complicated than that. The mindset thing, yeah, you must practice that positive mindset every day of your life. That’s because life is hard, and you can feel powerless sometimes.

Now, that doesn’t mean you lie down in the mud for good and refuse to get up. Nope! You keep going. Even when the darkness has a darker thing within, you still push. You push and you crawl because that’s what a truly powerful person is – it’s someone who is not willing to give up.

And I know you can do it.

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