Let’s talk about a few simple ways to get rid of negative energy anywhere, anytime.

Energy is everywhere. You can call it vibes, you can call it moods, and you can also call it feelings or emotions. You will be right no matter which word you pick.

You may not believe in energies at all, but let me tell you something. Remember those days when you get home exhausted and irritated after a difficult day at work? Maybe you had an argument with a co-worker or failed an important project. You’d do anything to release those negative emotions and feel good again, but you can’t.

This is negative energy in action. In essence, we can translate any emotional experience into energy.

Where Does Negative Energy Come from?

We know that energy can be positive or negative. It can come from different sources, including ourselves and other people. Here are a few examples of things that cause negative energy:

  • Negative thoughts and ruminations
  • Negative emotions, such as anger, despair, or sadness
  • Stress and tension
  • Conflict
  • Dealing with toxic people such as envious personalities, ill-wishers, and emotional vampires

The last two examples make sense without further explanation. It’s obvious that having a fight with your mother-in-law or spending time with a person who secretly envies you is going to drain the energy out of you.

As for the first three, I’d like to clarify that these sources of negative energy can reside both in other people and yourself.

For example, if you are worried about an impending project at work and your mind is getting filled with terrifying images of failure, you are creating negative energy in you. But at the same time, dealing with a person who is feeling broken is going to affect you negatively too.

We often get negative vibes from people who don’t mean to cause harm and are just having a bad time. We may also get them from the surrounding environment. For example, a busy city center full of stressed, tired people can be a powerful source of negative energy.

How to Get Rid of Negative Energy Anywhere, Anytime

Fortunately, there are a few simple visualization techniques you can use no matter where you are. You can use them at work or on public transport.

I’ve practiced them for years, and they’ve been a great solution when I needed to get rid of negative energy quickly.

1. The Glowing Sphere

psychic protectin

This visualization technique is perfect for protecting yourself from outside influences. But you can use it for getting rid of your own negative thoughts too.

The Glowing Sphere for Removing Someone Else’s Bad Energy Attached to You

Say that you are talking to a friend who won’t stop complaining about her boyfriend. Maybe she is an emotional vampire or is just having a hard time in her relationship. In any case, the conversation is becoming exhausting, and you are starting to feel drained and lifeless. This is the result of your friend’s negative energy attached to you.

Now, visualize a glowing sphere surrounding your body. It should look like a huge bubble of bright light. Maybe it will be an intense white light, but it could also be yellow or blue. It depends on your imagination.

Focus on the idea that the sphere protects you from your friend’s negative energy. You can visualize the flow of black-colored vibrations coming towards you and getting deflected by your glowing sphere. Concentrate on this mental image for as long as you can.

If you are an empath or highly sensitive introvert, you can also practice this technique in energy-draining environments. For example, I use it when I visit crowded places or face a tense situation.

The Glowing Sphere for Removing the Energy of Your Own Negative Thoughts

This energy cleansing technique also works effectively when you find yourself stuck in your own ruminations.

For example, you are so worried about tomorrow’s exam that you are starting to create scary scenarios in your head of what will happen in case if you don’t pass it. You visualize getting expelled from college and finding a job as a low-wage service worker. All your dreams are gone, and you end up living a mediocre life.

Now, close your eyes and create a mental image of a glowing sphere around your body. This sphere is filled with the positive energy of success. It also protects you from your own insecurity, fear, and lack of self-belief.

Focus on the image of yourself being surrounded by the glowing shell. Visualize how you successfully pass the exam and how satisfied and relieved you are. Try to feel these positive emotions as if the success already took place.

By practicing this simple visualization exercise, not only do you get rid of your own negative energy, but you also boost your optimism and self-confidence. You can enhance the technique by adding a relevant positive affirmation to the equation.

2. The Healing Breathing

gratitude meditation

If you want to know how to get rid of negative energy in your body, here is another helpful technique. It works both for your own emotions and thoughts and bad energy from outside influences attached to you. It’s so simple that you can use it while taking the bus to work.

Take a few deep breaths and focus on the process of inhaling and exhaling. You don’t need to use any particular techniques here – just stay mindful of your breathing.

Now, visualize how the glowing flow of white-colored energy is filling your body every time you breathe in. It’s getting in through your nose and is spreading throughout your whole body. It’s filling you up like a vessel. It’s the positive energy of calm, happiness, and vitality.

Every time you breathe out, visualize how the flow of black-colored energy is leaving your body. It’s moving up, reaching your head, and going out through your nostrils with every exhalation. It’s the negative energy you are removing from your body.

You can tailor this visualization technique to your situation. For example, if you are feeling unwell, you can visualize the vibes of illness leaving your body and the energy of vigor filling it up. If you are overwhelmed with anger, focus on the negative energy of rage and the positive energy of calm.

It’s a truly universal energy cleansing technique that is very easy to practice. I use it for all kinds of situations from releasing flight anxiety to neutralizing the emotional impact of a nightmare.

3. The Power of Water

does water have memory consciousness

For this visualization exercise, you will need a source of running water. I guess you can’t find one in the car or bus, but it’s quite easy to find it at work or at the airport. Just use the bathroom.

This technique is particularly effective for conflict and tense situations when you feel overwhelmed with stress or worry. Water has truly magical properties when it comes to emotional cleansing and getting rid of negative energy.

Go to the bathroom and turn on the water. It would be perfect if you could stay undisturbed for a few minutes, even though it’s not an easy task if you are in a public place. Wash your hands and keep them under the running water.

Focus on your tactile senses. Is the water cold or hot? Pay attention to how gently it touches your skin. Concentrating on your physical senses will help you forget about your troubles for a second and be mindful of the present moment.

Now, think about the situation that upsets you or turn to the negative feelings that have been torturing you. Look at your hands and visualize how these toxic emotions or thoughts are leaving your body through your skin.

Create a mental image of the flows of black-colored energy leaking away through your fingers and vanishing into the drain hole. It would look as if your hands were dirty with ink or mud.

Maintain this image in your head for as long as it’s possible and visualize how the water is getting more and more clear as you get rid of negative energy in your body.

You can also practice this simple visualization exercise during your evening shower after a tense working day to wash away all the stress and problems associated with your job.

Don’t Let Negative Energy Ruin Your Life

Whether you created bad energy with your thoughts and emotions or got negative vibes from someone else, it’s necessary to get rid of it. Dwelling on negative energy for too long can be poisonous.

I hope that you find the energy cleansing techniques described above helpful and easy to use.

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    I’m unfortunately in a moment where meaningless things are going through my mind, I try to look for answers as to why or the origin, but I can’t understand the reasons for being this way. This is horrible. Thanks Anna for the tips, I’ll start practicing.

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