There are many points of view on the origin of the universe: from scientific theories and single hypotheses to philosophical and religious assumptions. One of the most common is the so-called Big Bang theory, according to which, the universe originated more than 13 billion years ago and is constantly expanding. But there also is a hypothesis that claims that our universe is a hologram, and it seems that it just received new evidence to back it up.

Japanese scientists presented evidence to suggest that the universe is, in fact, nothing but a projection.

A team of Japanese researchers performed a series of computer simulations and came to the conclusion that the universe is actually a giant hologram, writes Nature. They managed to do this by analyzing the hypothesis of the theoretical physicist Juan Maldacena.

Several years ago, the scientist suggested the way in which the holographic principle may be realized. Madlacena found the connection between string theory and gauge theory (supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory). According to the model proposed by Maldacena, gravity in the universe arises because of the finest vibrating strings.

This idea caused enthusiasm in the science circles because with its help a popular, but not yet proven string theory gets a solid foundation. In their articles, researchers at the University of Ibaraki (Japan) argue that the assumption of Maldacena is true.

Yoshifumi Hyakutake and his colleagues calculated the internal energy of the black hole, the position of its event horizon, which is a space-time boundary that separates it from the rest of the universe, and entropy. The corresponding calculations of the energy were made for open space. As a result, the calculations coincided.

So it could indeed be that our universe is a hologram, at least, it is a possibility. No matter how odd the holographic universe theory may sound, it seems that there is some pretty convincing evidence in favor of it.

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