People with Asperger’s aren’t inflicted with all negative traits. Some Asperger’s traits can seem amazing.

In case you’re not familiar with Asperger’s syndrome, it’s considered a high-functioning form of autism. And when people, who aren’t well-educated on these syndromes, learn that Asperger’s is a form of autism, it doesn’t bring to mind advanced intelligence or creativity.

Thank goodness there are many of us who are familiar with autism, and with this familiarity, we can teach others.

What you think you know about people with Asperger’s

People see spectrums of autism as negative traits. They notice the tics, the awkward social issues, or the strange outspoken qualities as hindrances. Some people say the autistic lack empathy, and cannot make eye contact during conversation.

There are quite a few negative traits, according to society, but there’s much more to it than that. Not understanding the whole story can be seen as ignorance, and can definitely be insulting. So why don’t we look a bit deeper?

What you should know about people with Asperger’s

If you speak to someone who exhibits Asperger’s traits, you will notice many things. They are much like the rest of us, but they’re completely different at the same time. To be honest, their strengths greatly overshadow their weaknesses and even resemble types of superpowers.

People who are labeled with Asperger’s can simply amaze those we consider normal.

A few Asperger’s traits that look like superpowers:

1. Incredible memories

One Asperger trait is having the ability to use the skills of intelligence. This means some people who have Asperger’s can look at a landscape, turn away and paint the entire landscape from memory. No, they don’t have to turn back to see things they may have missed because they really don’t miss anything, even the finest details.

These people are considered “savants”. But not all Asperger’s have this ability. Some have a heightened memory, while others embody other “superpowers”.

2. Super perceptive

Everyone notices things, especially obvious or large things. It’s the small things that many people do not notice, but as for people with Asperger’s, they notice them. What’s more, those who have Asperger’s, are so perceptive that they notice almost everything.

This includes subtle facial expressions, body language, and even things that people want to say but do not. That’s true, it’s almost as if they can read minds, having the ability to know exactly what someone’s going to say.

This also includes noticing patterns in the actions of others. I don’t know about you, but to me, it surely seems like an above-average trait.

3. Above-average intelligence

High IQs are common among autistic people, especially those with Asperger’s. Although not all of them are savants, those who have those supernatural memory abilities and etc., they still have the ability to excel above others in their classes during school and in the workplace.

Of course, people with Asperger’s sometimes have a hard time getting work due to awkwardness. If they are hired, they generally offer intelligence that greatly improves the workplace and sales within the workplace. All this is due to intelligence, great intelligence.

4. Unstoppable

Asperger’s sometimes makes people unstoppable when it comes to completing tasks or solving problems. Giving up on issues or situations just isn’t an option. It’s called high perseverance and determination. Even if they happen to fail at something, even twice, or three times, they will go right back at it again.

Imagine a superhero getting pounded over and over into the ground by the villain, well that doesn’t matter. Eventually, this Asperger trait will show the hero standing up again and continuing to pursue their goals. Now if that isn’t superhuman, I don’t know what is.

5. Inhuman calmness

Most of the time during a crisis, the average person will get upset. Even the calmest of people can sometimes become shaken by traumas. As for people with Asperger’s, a crisis, or a negative situation doesn’t phase them. One trait of Asperger’s is the incredible ability to remain calm during the worse situations or storms.

Could it be due to strict routines or intelligence? It could be a combination of both. Either way, when the poop hits the fan, those with Asperger’s worry not. They simply take a moment to start looking for the most intelligent solution.

And don’t forget, they are unstoppable, so you know the problem will be eliminated, one way or the other.

Focusing on Aspergian superpowers

As I mentioned in the beginning, those with Asperger’s have problems dealing with awkward and difficult moments, and even have a fairly high rate of suicide, if coping with the downside of the syndrome becomes too much to handle.

However, when recognized correctly, and appreciated, Aspergians can really make the most of their superpower abilities and live a great and productive life. Many of them can achieve things that others of us could only dream.

So, before you judge autistic people or those with Asperger’s, remember these amazing qualities listed above.  You never know when one of these super amazing individuals will cross your path and come to your rescue.

Just like other syndromes, illnesses, or unique cases, let’s end all stigma and see people as the beautiful creatures that they are.



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  1. John Distler

    Hi, While I appreciate the article I think it’s important to clarify some of what you wrote above under “2. Super perceptive”.
    I general, Aspies tend to have a very difficult time reading body language, voice intonation and intentions of others. I anything, lack of those abilities is the defining disability of all Autism spectrum disorders.
    It is sometimes referred to as “mind blindness” or the inability to see things from someone else’s perspective. I speak from the experience having one diagnosed son.

  2. Jay

    In regards to #2, people with aspergers have a difficult time noticing body language and facial expressions. We might tend to just avoid it overall. This is not a super strength of ours, it’s a weakness.

    -an aspie

  3. A. M.

    Inhuman calmness translates to ” not giving a shit because they do not feel empathy”. It’s not a superpower. It’s tragic and hurtful and there is no positive to this, unless the autist has no family, spouse, children, or any living soul who will be crushed by the knowledge that he/she will never feel anything.

  4. S.D.

    A.M., I have Asperger’s, and I am very empathetic. I just tend to panic internally and be level-headed otherwise. It was very helpful when my beloved niece busted her head open and needed staples. My sister was freaking out but knew what to do, and I was calm enough to preform where she could not. It may have been the very thing to save my niece that day. My ability to calmly execute tasks in a stressful situation.

    1. Me

      Excellent article, thank you.

  5. Daniela

    I agree with #2 with small correstions: most aspies do notice the subtlest facial expressions and body language. Identifying/knowing what that specific facial expression means is a totally different matter if not impossible if they did not memorized what each facial expression could mean. While aspies have a hard time reading body language, intonation of voices, etc., aspies notice many things, if not everything. super-perceptive, yes.
    In response to A.M.’s reply: most aspies have a human calmness and can be exceptionally caring about others. They give many shits not just one. They can be very caring and empathic even more so than a neurotypical, just not the same way a neurotypical would express it. Environment can play a significant role into everyone’s upbringing, for example nurtur or lack of makes a difference, so if you met aspies that were uncaring, I have met neurotypical that were uncaring, but that don’t make all neurotypical uncaring/inhumans.

  6. senor patel

    A.M. Perhaps some autists who remain calmer than most in adversity are “not giving a shit”, but I believe many are less controlled by their emotions and more likely to observe and to analyze. Depending on the character of the autistic, this can be channeled into good response or a purely apathetic response. I suffer with PTSD and I have seen this trait in many trauma survivors. And again some do not give a shit while others will be the person that will may save your life,

  7. Jeff

    As in undiagnosed aspie I lived a horrible life. I have a much older brother and his wife that is a RN trying to destroy me. I have much higher IQ than they do and it drives them nuts so all they can do is to try and destroy me. My ex who was a child psychology specialist joined them in their game. I know I will end up talking my life but when I have fought them for 30+ years and getting tired. I have such care and compassion for people but have been chiton by many

    1. asd

      Don’t give up bro,
      As a person suffering the same condition – I can only suggest you to seek for the One Who is the Way the Truth and the Life.

    2. Rana O

      You and every other human, regardless of any diagnosis, were NOT made to walk this earth Alone.
      Call in the name of Jesus. Don’t give in to those who are your adversary. Let God take all that ( that’s why Jesus went to the cross) as He says “Cast your Cares on me, for I CARETH for You.”
      God also says we don’t war between flesh and blood but principalities and powers of darkness.
      Be Strong and if Courage and how tragic it would be that you take your own life. Jesus Loves You and will Be There through every valley…. Promise. Call out His Name. Please don’t entertain thoughts of taking your BEAUTIFUL GIFT——your Life.
      I have a very precious child with Asperger’s. It’s definitely not an easy road. But y’all have such amazing qualities that set you apart. You have such amazing brains and sensitivity. God will use you Greatly.
      Ignore the family jealousy and focus on the Good.
      Find some good Positive Influences. Learn how Good God is by reading His Love Letter to you. His Word.
      Sending Love and Encouragement. 🥰😎🙏🏼

      1. Gina

        Thank you for sharing.

  8. asd

    This is not true, emotions are there but sometimes its just difficult to express them in a way that others can understand …

  9. Kim Lynn

    Aspergers can also mean just not being the sharpest crayon in the box.

  10. M

    @ Jeff: I feel your pain, it’s intensely annoying and frustrating when people do stuff like that, not to mention belittling and dismissive.

    I’ll spare you the usual cliches that people like to spout re taking one’s own life, but I will say that finding peace with oneself has to place highly on one’s list of priorities, and there’s no point in beating your head against something that doesn’t care to even try and understand ie; [most] people and/or systems.

    I wish you luck in your quest for equality.

  11. sharon green

    iv’e booked an appointment for my 25 year old son to see our G.P because i think he’s got Aspergers or autism
    iv’e checked all the symptoms and he has many of them.

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