The ability to see your own aura isn’t so superhuman as you might think. And guess what, anyone can attain this amazing ability.

As I’ve mentioned in a few previous articles, I’m fortunate enough to be able to see energy, or auras, around people thanks to a significant amount of practice throughout my years.

One of these earlier articles described some methods for learning how to perceive energy in general, focusing on treelines and seeing things in front of a monocolored background.

One of the reasons that I focused on distant objects is because how much more easy it is to notice contrast at a distance. Think of a cloud, for instance; when you’re inside of a cloud, all you see is fog. A large cloud floating low can take up the entire sky.

The same principal applies to seeing auras, which, unfortunately, inhibits ease for you to see your own aura.  Some people will even say that they can’t see their own aura and even claim it’s impossible.

As I can see auras, I can easily attest that it is not only possible but fairly easy to see your own aura. That is to be said, of course, from a relative standpoint, in that once you can see energy it’s easy to learn to see your own; definitely, start with trying to see other objects auras before looking for your own.

The technique

The first step is to simply use a mirror, but make sure you have lighting conditions and a backdrop for yourself that has uniform coloring. Tan and pure white have worked well for me in the past. Make sure the lights are bright and place yourself at least five feet from the mirror.

Look at the area around your body, not looking at yourself or the backdrop, but specifically looking for a lighting contrast surrounding your body. Watch a few inches away from your skin for starters, and try to see something similar to light diffusion caused by gasses in the air.

It probably won’t appear shimmery when you’re first starting to learn and don’t expect to see color right off the bat. Also, don’t be surprised if you lose sight of it after a few seconds, simply refocus your eyes and breathe deeply, and you’ll find it again.

What to do next

After some practice at this, you’ll notice that you can see your own aura without trying very hard to look. Then, the next step comes now that you’ve trained your eye in what to see. Stand in a well-lit room, facing an open door leading into a dark room. Raise your hand up and put it in front of the doorway, looking through your fingers. As you had learned to do with the mirror, and with seeing all energy in general, look past your hand and try to see some contrast.

You’ll find that after using a mirror at a five-foot distance to practice seeing your own energy, now you can see your energy around your hand without much effort at all. Even though you’re standing in your own energy “cloud”, you can see the more dense portion, and you’ll notice that the rest of your energy observation in the world around you is a little easier to pick up on, too.

Make sure to use caution of you decide to analyze the meaning of the color and motion of your energy. Remember that you likely perceive colors differently from someone else who might be looking at the same energy, and interpretations vary between people.

As such, feel free to draw your own conclusions and take note of, if not even experiment with, how your energy reacts to different situations. Just take care to observe speculatively, and not to define your actions based on your analysis.

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  1. Stephen Pegg

    I am sort of new to this but also have known about this my hole life. As it goes for aura energy fields it is emotional base in a way. Its like when you are getting a body scan done and shows what areas are active each section of the body contains an organ that excretes hormones. This reading ability is emphatic as emotions govern our lives, Red is not rage its you are grounded you are more at peace you are confidant also is to do with your reproductive function. Yellow is power energy your gut. Green love for one’s self self worth ect. Blue is one whom talks to much and doesn’t want to let anyone else get their word in. Purple is when one has the pineal gland active while one is awake it is the most important one as it also lets you take control of your internal communication all cells within talk to each other 24-7 sending and receiving information with enough practice and patience one can tell the cells what to do. The trick to activating all this is eating and releasing stress. Now it is true what they say about positive and negative energy sort of Positive Energy is fast with nothing dragging it down negative energy is energy that is trying to keep up but not inline with the rest so it shakes and bumps around producing static friction. This is heat control took me a while to figure this one out, its to do with the thyroid gland that is also to do with your yellow field. Lets focus on eye’s we have two visible and one in the center of the brain that most of the scientist think its all made up and stuff. Its not really an eye not physically it has some characteristics of the eye but its no more bigger then a grain of sand and the function is still being researched still to this day as it is really the most important part of who we are. I am an IT guy I call it the CPU as without it you are dead it controls everything. As some say this is your soul, where your subconscious that is the creative mind and conscious mind meet to have a pow wow when the body is in REM. Some say and I do believe you can communicate with it while you are awake, Eidetic people use this all the time it does not talk with you in words just feelings and pictures also know as intuitive. This shows up as purple in energy and one’s that are drawn to that color attend to be this way, have you ever come across something you where never shown how to do but you do it right the first time this is subconscious memory. Now lets talk about the 7th energy a white glow this is something that allot seem to say they have it right but really its still weird as there is no real way to prove it. Better known as your transmitter the communication, we are all interconnected in a wireless network information is every ware we can send and receive information subconsciously with this and no its not a mind reader thing its a creative thing its how we think outside the box and its emotional based like everything. I know its allot of stuff directly related to what they call chakra’s, they are hormones, Now getting to energy fields and how to see them you have to tell the cells within to all run at the same speed at the same time and build up a charge, low light works the best just enough to dilate the eyes. Then place both hands side by side and keep them still, work on breathing from your nose only deep breaths in a relaxed setting you don’t have to do any yogi or any of that crap. Do not blink and look into the space between the hands after a short time you will see winds like effect flowing from the left to the right hand that is your static field. After time this becomes more and more visible what is happening to your eye’s they become washed out and the lens swells up a tiny bit. After time you don’t even need to do this and you will start to see things way more clear. Time after that you will start to feel static all around you as this is increasing your sensitivity, you will become stronger faster both mind and body as the body is inline with everything around you. Ohh yeah anyone tells you that you will see demons its because that person is one negativity is the demon that’s metaphysics 101. Their is a trillion things running in my head on stuff I know and sometimes I go off in a long winded comment, as I deal with a brain that moves faster then the body can keep up with.

    1. Deborah L Fry

      Thank you

  2. Kasim

    I kind of have a black-ish brown aura… What does this mean?

  3. David lopez

    I want to learn more about the spiritual ways for goodwill? For myself and others

  4. Jesse Ford

    I like how you mentioned that you could start to see your own aura without trying very hard to look after you have some practice. My sister is thinking of looking for a past life healing specialist because she noticed that she was feeling emotional pain unexpectedly from time to time after experiencing a traumatic event a couple of years ago. I think it’s a good idea for my sister to consider finding a reputable professional that can help her heal from the pain so she can start to feel better and more productive.

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