The ability to see your own aura isn’t so superhuman as you might think. And guess what, anyone can attain this amazing ability.

As I’ve mentioned in a few previous articles, I’m fortunate enough to be able to see energy, or auras, around people thanks to a significant amount of practice throughout my years.

One of these earlier articles described some methods for learning how to perceive energy in general, focusing on treelines and seeing things in front of a monocolored background.

One of the reasons that I focused on distant objects is because how much more easy it is to notice contrast at a distance. Think of a cloud, for instance; when you’re inside of a cloud, all you see is fog. A large cloud floating low can take up the entire sky.

The same principal applies to seeing auras, which, unfortunately, inhibits ease for you to see your own aura.  Some people will even say that they can’t see their own aura and even claim it’s impossible.

As I can see auras, I can easily attest that it is not only possible but fairly easy to see your own aura. That is to be said, of course, from a relative standpoint, in that once you can see energy it’s easy to learn to see your own; definitely, start with trying to see other objects auras before looking for your own.

The technique

The first step is to simply use a mirror, but make sure you have lighting conditions and a backdrop for yourself that has uniform coloring. Tan and pure white have worked well for me in the past. Make sure the lights are bright and place yourself at least five feet from the mirror.

Look at the area around your body, not looking at yourself or the backdrop, but specifically looking for a lighting contrast surrounding your body. Watch a few inches away from your skin for starters, and try to see something similar to light diffusion caused by gasses in the air.

It probably won’t appear shimmery when you’re first starting to learn and don’t expect to see color right off the bat. Also, don’t be surprised if you lose sight of it after a few seconds, simply refocus your eyes and breathe deeply, and you’ll find it again.

What to do next

After some practice at this, you’ll notice that you can see your own aura without trying very hard to look. Then, the next step comes now that you’ve trained your eye in what to see. Stand in a well-lit room, facing an open door leading into a dark room. Raise your hand up and put it in front of the doorway, looking through your fingers. As you had learned to do with the mirror, and with seeing all energy in general, look past your hand and try to see some contrast.

You’ll find that after using a mirror at a five-foot distance to practice seeing your own energy, now you can see your energy around your hand without much effort at all. Even though you’re standing in your own energy “cloud”, you can see the more dense portion, and you’ll notice that the rest of your energy observation in the world around you is a little easier to pick up on, too.

Make sure to use caution of you decide to analyze the meaning of the color and motion of your energy. Remember that you likely perceive colors differently from someone else who might be looking at the same energy, and interpretations vary between people.

As such, feel free to draw your own conclusions and take note of, if not even experiment with, how your energy reacts to different situations. Just take care to observe speculatively, and not to define your actions based on your analysis.


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