“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

― Nikola Tesla

Using sound to heal the body and relax the mind is nothing new. In fact, it goes back to the beginning of time.

Some of the most interesting ways to achieve this are by using Solfeggio frequencies, isochronic and binaural tones. You may be well aware of sound therapy already, but if you are not, you HAVE to give it a try.

I recently added these “sound therapies” to my daily routine and I am amazed at the change I have experienced in my overall state of mind and well-being.

Even more amazing, is the fact that I “felt” a positive change in only a matter of minutes. I had to find out just how and why these sounds do what they do and share my findings with others.

The Law of Vibration

This law of nature states that everything moves, everything vibrates, and nothing rests. These vibrations may be lower (slower vibration) or higher (faster vibrations). These vibrational energy levels are known as “frequencies” and are measured in Hertz (Hz). A Hertz is equal to ONE vibrational cycle per second.

I won’t go too deep into a physics lessons here, but it’s interesting to note that Dr. Colin W.F. McClare (Bio-Physicist), discovered that frequencies of vibrating energy are roughly 100 times more efficient in relaying information within a biological system than physical signals, such as hormones, neurotransmitters and other growth factors (Lipton 2008).

That would explain how different frequencies can impact our moods and emotions and the moods and emotions of those around us. It is believed that feelings of sadness, anger, fear, and dread, for example, have a low frequency while feelings, of love, happiness, gratitude, etc. have a high frequency.

Solfeggio Frequencies

Everyone today can easily recognize the 7 note scale assigned to the syllables Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti, but the ancient version was a 6 note scale assigned to the ascending syllables Ut-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La.

This is the ancient Solfeggio Scale. This ancient 6 note scale was created by a Benedictine monk, Guido d’Arezzo (991 AD – 1050 AD).

The scale was used as a teaching tool to help others learn chants and songs easier. Each tone in the scale produces a specific frequency. These frequencies have been discovered to have very specific impacts on the body.

  • UT- 396 Hz = turning grief into joy, liberating guilt & fear: searches out hidden blockages, subconscious negative beliefs, and ideas that have led to your present situations.
  • RE- 417 Hz = undoing situations and facilitating change: puts you in touch with an inexhaustible source of energy that allows you to change your life.
  • MI- 528 Hz = transformation and miracles (DNA repair): increased amount of life energy, clarity of mind, awareness, awakened or activated creativity, ecstatic states like deep inner peace, dance, and celebration. Also, activates your imagination, intention, and intuition to operate for your highest and best purpose.
  • FA- 639 Hz = re-connecting and balancing, relationships: enhances communication, understanding, tolerance, and love.
  • Sol- 741 Hz = solving problems, expressions/solutions: leads to a healthier, simpler life, and also to changes in diet. Also, leads you into the power of self-expression, which results in a pure and stable life.
  • LA- 852 Hz = awakening intuition, returning to spiritual order: the ability to see through the illusions of your life, such as hidden agendas of people, places, and things. It opens a person up for communication with the all-embracing Spirit and raises awareness and lets you return to spiritual order.

In addition to the original 6 above, 3 other tones have been shown to have healing properties. Together the 9 make up the Solfeggio frequencies.

  • SI- 963 Hz = awakens any system to its original, perfect state: enables direct experience, the return to Oneness.
  • 174 Hz = natural anesthetic: reduce pain physically and energetically.
  • 285 Hz = helps return tissue into its original form: influences energy fields, sending them a message to restructure damaged organs. It also leaves your body rejuvenated and energized.

Isochronic & Binaural Tones

Referred to as “brainwave entrainment,” these tones and beats are distinctive sound pulses that are often combined with soothing sounds or music.

They have a direct impact on your brain activity changing the frequency of your brainwaves, so you can train your brain to enter various mental states and levels of consciousness.

These states are similar to what the brain experiences during meditation and can have similar benefits on the body. Isochronic and binaural beats/tones are said to target and work on various brainwave frequencies to achieve various impacts on the body.

  • Beta brain waves – 12 Hz to 30 Hz = help regulate and stabilize your normal waking awareness. Entrainment of your beta waves may also be used to increase your ability to concentrate and may even improve your IQ.
  • Alpha brain waves – 8 Hz to 12 Hz = states of relaxation, enhances creativity, mental clarity, and the brain is more receptive to information. Alpha is great for stress relief and relaxation.
  • Theta brain waves – 4 Hz to 7 Hz = state of deep meditation/relaxation: improved concentration, major reductions in stress, and improved memory retention. Blood pressure, breathing, and heart rate will all slow to a much more restful and healthy level that promotes natural healing.
  • Delta brain waves – 0.1 Hz to 4 Hz = deepest state of complete relaxation: dreamless, completely unconscious sleep state that allows your body and brain to rest and repair. This is the most effective way to encourage your mind to release itself from an overactive waking state and enter into a sleep state.

Binaural tones play slightly different frequencies in each ear so headphones are a must for them to work!

With isochronic tones, the ears receive the same simple pulse of sound, so headphones aren’t required, but they can enhance the experience.

The brain needs about 7 full minutes for these tones to start to work, but to get and feel the benefits. At least 15-30 minutes are recommended.

With these tones, it is wise to note that you should only listen to them when you have time to relax or meditate. Do not listen while driving a car or operating machinery.

Certain people, those that are affected by seizures or other similar health conditions, shouldn’t listen to these tones.

These sound therapies can be an excellent tool for those who are beginning meditation practices or by anyone who wants to add to their daily well-being rituals. No matter what your goal is, the above are great ways to relax and improve your mood fast! Be well!


  1. The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, and Miracles. Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., Hay House, 2008
  2. https://www.mindbodygreen.com

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  1. Katherine L

    Thank you for this. I went to the solfeggio site and downloaded some. Also, Sharry Edwards heals with sounds too. Does amazing healing with the veterans but it’s for all. http://www.soundhealthinc.com/index.html

    1. Amie Moses

      Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  2. Eduardo

    Language of Soul

  3. Alex

    will they work if I listen to them while sleeping?

    1. ashley

      Definitely! I use binaural beats for deep sleep(free on Youtube)often and sleep very well…If I also wake up feeling refreshed and energetic. Try it!

    2. Amie Moses

      You sure can! Read Ashley’s comment below. They work great while sleeping!

  4. Doug

    I am so in agreement with this topic, diagnosed with MS in 2003 and told a wheelchair in 10 years, I spent 5 years studying this sound frequency therapy and it reversed my MS 10 fold. I never thought I would find someone that thinks like me – thanks!

    1. Amie Moses

      That is such a great personal story, Doug! Thanks for sharing! Glad to hear how well you are doing. Stay well! 🙂

  5. Rouge Frances

    Awesome post. As a student of physics, sound and music, this particular aspect of psychology has always been so fascinating! Thank you for this article.

    1. Amie Moses

      Thank you and thanks for sharing! 🙂

  6. ashley

    Great article! I have been using these modalities for awhile now and also find them to be extremely beneficial! I sometimes just add pure tones to the music I love for an added boost…

    1. Amie Moses

      Thanks, Ashley! I love them too!

  7. Pierre

    Sounds great, Is there any sample available ?
    Can I listen to this while jogging or do I have to focus ?

    1. Amie Moses

      I would recommend listening to them before a run to motivate you or after your run to relax you. You don’t need to focus per se, but some tones may relax you too much or give you an almost intoxicated feeling which can lead to a greater risk of injury. They also aren’t recommended while driving. As far as samples go, YouTube has lots of them for free. Also Amazon Music has tons of them for free for Amazon Prime members. You can also download them from app stores. Enjoy! 🙂

    1. Amie Moses

      That looks great! There isn’t any set rule for beginners, just find some that you enjoy!

  8. Milo

    what about psy-trance or even better. Hardstyle. what effect would they have?

    1. Amie Moses

      I don’t know much about psy-trance or hardstyle, but I would imagine that they would have a similar effect.

  9. Kevin Williams

    Amie, I have a terrible problem with tinnitus ( ringing in the ears) I’m at my wits end would lie to know how this can help?

  10. Dr LLoyd S. Gordon

    J & S Medical Centre, 9 1/4 Retirement Rd

    I am currently experimenting with the brainwave entrainment phenomenon and have received binaural beats to try, and to share.I am acquainted with the Solfeggio frequencies but was thrilled to have the history of their origin and development fleshed out somewhat. A medical doctor colleague and business associate has recently participated in a 40 minute session with me and has concluded that he definitely did get something out of it. We hope to push ahead with this work through the British Jamaican Association of Integrative Medicine(B.J.A.I.M.).

  11. keith wright

    Hi Amie iv,e just came across your twitter page..im very keen on what you have to offer,i do alot of meditation to help me with my anxiety.. thanks keith

    1. Amie Moses

      That’s great, Keith; thank you and thanks for sharing!

  12. Mun

    Hi,,i listened to a 528hz youtube video for conflict issues.However it has made my tinnitus much worse.Is this possible or common?Reading further in fact it mentions that music on such frequency helps with tinnitus.However my tinnitus has become worse.Any help or clarification would be appreciated.Thanks.

  13. Osaru

    Please how about one almost deaf in the right ear?

  14. Maria

    Hello.This article was extremely fascinating,
    particularly because I was searching for thoughts on this matter last Sunday.

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