Think you got special skills being all social and everything? Introverts have special skills too!

I find it comical when outgoing people think something is wrong with me. Now, I’m not really an introvert. I might be a little closer to an ambivert, but I have introverted ways and I am judged the same. Here’s something that might cheer up the introverted lot of us. We have special skills, and I bet most people don’t even notice. Let me break it down for you then.

Absolutely awesome introverted moves

Now, being introverted does have its down side, I grant you that, but boy is it too cool to walk among humanity in this uniqueness. Considering introverts are quite intelligent, they know how to utilize their odd ways and transform them into useful life skills. Mind you, these are skills you might not understand.

Stealth is on point

Introverts have the ability to move among crowds of people, almost unnoticed. Have you paid attention to just how many people ignore you on a daily basis? I mean, you could just walk right up and ….never mind, these skills could get you into trouble. Basically, introverts have the stealth, the moves, the covert tactics to go about life incognito. Isn’t that fascinating?

To know oneself….the introvert does

A true introvert has a healthy self-image. Many people struggle with their identities, lots of times blending into the characteristics of their many friends or losing themselves to a boyfriend. The introvert doesn’t do that. They have the capabilities of maintaining a healthy sense of self, despite the negative connotations of them as human beings.

Damn, they’re honest!

Want some brutal honesty? Well, the introvert will tell you straight up why they didn’t come to your birthday party, but they will apologize none-the-less. Thing is, they will tell you they just didn’t want to be there. Maybe it was the social pressure, people everywhere, loud talking… yeah, all that. Aren’t you glad you have such an honest acquaintance? 😊

Less talking-more genius

The introvert doesn’t talk as much, and there’s a reason. They’re listening, absorbing knowledge, taking in opinions and feeling the atmosphere. When they’re ready, they will open their mouth and spew straight knowledge. I promise, they don’t talk much, but when they do, it’s so worth it.

Easily entertains self

I’ve watched extroverts struggle to find something to do for the weekend. I have also watched introverts plan nothing and have much more fun spontaneously binge watching episodes, eating ice cream and listening to music. An introvert doesn’t need stimulus to be entertained, and neither do I. I totally understand how glorious it is to stay in all weekend and read a book or play games. It’s nice.

Graceful Exits

I have become so good at this. I have this ability to go ghost when the conversation is going on for too long. Man, some people can carry on conversations for hours about petty things, and that’s my cue to get out fast, and so I understand how introverts have special skills in this area.

When the conversation, the social engagement or the party has lasted too long for the introvert, they have no problem making a grand exit.

Who’s the coolest “cat” at the party?

I thought I was the only person who acted this way until I realized it was pretty much an introverted skill. If I ever get dragged to a party, then the first person I greet is the pet. Whether it’s a dog or cat, this is the awesome guy I want to hang out with. I will sit in the corner with my friend’s cat and talk to it all evening. I’m serious, they are much easier to understand, in my opinion.

Turning down invites right and left

Introverts love finding creative reasons why they can’t go out. I know everyone else thinks they’re rude or no fun, but you know, some things are just not interesting to introverts. I’m not that keen on going out several nights a week either. I have a lot of backup excuses, myself.

Secretly ecstatic when plans are canceled

Introverts will act sad when plans are canceled, but as soon as you leave the room, they will be smiling and breathing a sigh of relief. Most of the time, plans made by extroverts are not that interesting to the introvert and they dread the whole ordeal.

This is my take on the subject of socializing: I see the event as an obstacle that I must get the past, either by finding a way to cancel, hoping for a cancellation or gritting my teeth until it’s all done. I really get it, I totally understand.

I warned ya

Okay, so you, as extroverts, know all about introverted and ambivert people, correct? Well, maybe you don’t. Our preparation talks are our special skills when it comes to getting ready to be around extroverted people. We need to have self-control when being around “in your face” people.

Since you insist that introverts be around lots of people and go to parties, you have to hear our ground rules. We have a skill set of these rules, formulated to meet our demands and still keep you happy. 🙂

Want to know even more?

The introvert is highly skilled at observation, as I hinted at on one of the above points. This skill is underrated and should be noted for its quiet strategy. When extroverts are busy trying to fit in, bask in the spotlight or just enjoying their social prowess, the introvert is waiting patiently and thinking 5 moves ahead.

So, if you’re being criticized for being an introvert, no worries. They just have no idea who they’re dealing with. And to clean up a few misconceptions, I have nothing against extroverts, they are fun, caring and actually make up a few of my friends. I adore them.

The main point that I am trying to make is that introverts have special skills too, not to be overlooked in favor of those who keep us entertained.

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the introverts in our lives and enjoy what they bring to the table.

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    1. Sherrie

      Thank you for reading, Robin!

    1. Sherrie

      Always embrace you! I found many of these in myself as well!

  1. bob

    i have been classed as an ambivert with personality to match – i have no problem in public and do not fear confrontation – in fact i say what i want and people usually respond to my cheekiness – i have been accused of being cringe worthy by someone who has all manner of social difficulties – however i am me and that’s it – i also hate parties although i can and have been the life and soul of many – i find entertaining futile and for the pretentious pratt’s amongst us who just want to be noticed and engratiate their selves – or may be i am being a bit harsh as these individuals may need to feel wanted or something – but in any case i find the whole scene ludicrous – likewise i have never felt the need to travel or take a holiday – i mean all that preparation only to get somewhere and want to come back – and all the same preparation packing and everything in reverse over again just to get back — bugger ——-

    1. Sherrie


      I love being in my own space and I struggle with control issues, to be honest. I just noticed lately how it upsets me so if I don’t feel in control of myself, and when it comes to parties, concerts, etc. I can lose control. Then, afterward, there’s the regret thing. There’s also the awkwardness that seems to make things harder for me. I never make the best first impressions and it’s hard for me to be around obviously stuffy or shady people. I can sense it easily. My intuition is so strong that it also causes me to be critical and wrongfully judgemental.

      At the same time, I do love to have fun. Usually, it’s only with smaller groups of people or maybe just one other. Travel is okay, but only if I am not too pressured. I hate pressure when it comes to travel because I cannot really enjoy what I’m looking at. But yeah, ambivert is probably the closest you’re going to get for me, considering other disorders skew a clear view of that. When you have bipolar disorder, which includes depressive and manic episodes, it’s hard to tell whether introvert or extrovert is the right definition.

  2. Sherrie

    Hehe this thing looks freaky and cozy all at the same time, you guys! And….would take quite a while to knit.

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