Introvert this, extrovert that… Not a day goes by that I don’t see an article that talks about the problems that these personality types face.

Things only introvert or extroverts will understand!” Well, what about the ambiverts? Wait?! What?!

I have been an extrovert for the better part of my life, or at least I thought I was. Come to think of it, maybe I’ve been an introvert all of my life? On the one hand, I thrive within the company of others. It energizes me, but THEN, it drains me. On the other hand, I also enjoy my quiet time alone to reflect, but THEN, I’m lonely and my thoughts are all over the place.

I never really “fit” into either category very well. Personality test results are always inconclusive for me. I appear to be all over the place. Well, it turns out that I am both an introvert and extrovert, or neither, depending on the context of how you look at things. I’m not confused, I’m just an ambivert. The term “ambivert” may be new to you, but it may also define and shed some light on your own personality type.

To simplify it, an ambivert is a person who has both introversion and extroversion qualities and may bounce between the two. Sounds a tad bi-polar, right? It can seem that way sometimes, but honestly, it’s more of a need for balance.

The ambivert loves social settings and being around others, but we also need our solitude. Too much time on either the introvert or extrovert side will make us moody and unhappy. Balance is the key for us ambiverts!

Understanding the Ambivert

An ambivert is rather balanced for the most part, or at least we try to be. We seek social settings, like meeting new people, and enjoy the company of others. We aren’t overly loud and aggressive like the extrovert can be, but we enjoy being outgoing and do so on our own terms. We also enjoy our solitude but aren’t quite as extreme with it as the introvert. We need both settings rather equally to be fully happy.

As I mentioned above, we don’t function too well in either direction for extensive amounts of time. We can neither be the life of the party all the time nor constantly spend time on our own. When this happens, we may find ourselves feeling bored or exhausted. Again, we need balance.

With that being said, the ambivert can sometimes be confusing to others. Having both traits, we can sway too far in either direction rather easily. Our behaviors are likely to change with the situation, and we can easily become “unbalanced.” We enjoy doing something… until we don’t. These behavior “fluctuations” are a result of our need to stay balanced between the different levels of stimulation.

Because we are in the middle of the introvert-extrovert spectrum, we are flexible creatures.

We have our personal preferences, of course, but we adjust pretty well in most situations (as long as we don’t stay there too long and get bored or unbalanced). Ambiverts can work well alone or in groups. We can take charge or step down when the situation calls for it. We also have game plans in order for most things or potential problems that may arise. On the downside, this level of flexibility can cause us to be indecisive.

An ambivert also has a pretty good understanding of people overall and different surroundings/settings. We are highly intuitive and can sense the emotions of others while likely being able to relate to them in many ways. We aren’t afraid to talk, but we also like to observe and listen. Ambiverts are likely to know when to help or stay back.

The truth is, personality goes way beyond a simple label.

Having some understanding of the different traits can help you to know yourself and others better and perhaps make you more successful in your daily life. So, if you can relate to the above, you just may be an ambivert too.

Do you think you might be an ambivert? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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  1. ernie

    i prefer the term ‘omnivert’

    1. Amie Moses

      Of course, that works too! 🙂

    2. yeah...

      Introvert this, extrovert that. Ambivert this, omnivert that.

      I’ll just stick to pervert, thank you.

      1. Special

        I like that. 👍

  2. Igor Veloso

    I think everyone has a natural leaning to either introvert or extrovert side, but depending on each cultural influence/friends/education, etc…those passive things we in the end don’t have control of; that will make us understand the other side better and eventually become balanced.

    For example, I get drained after a long time with people while at the same time I feel stimulated for more during conversation, specially if I’m having all the attention, yet, I’m always interested in feedback and listening the other side. But when I think about the things I’m drawn to and my process of thinking, that makes me conclude that I may be naturaly intro.

    Example2: I do like my lone time a lot, books, stimulate the brain and prefer smaller crouds, but I definitely never mind to take charge from time to time and/or exert “control”.

    I actually did the test and I scored ambivert but I still endorse the fact that it’s because I noticed some of my introverted flaws in some situations and decided to nule them, or at least as naturaly possible like balancing energy in large crouds.

    Interesting read there, miss.

    1. Amie Moses

      Thanks for sharing your take on it!

  3. Lyon G. Zonamyari

    I was ambivert most of my life. It was confusing for me and the people around me. Like many others, I turned to alcohol and drugs in search of temporary relief. Four years ago I came across and ancient system that revealed why I had this condition. From birth, your names influence your personality, character, virtues, vices and health. What’s more, your names can determine if you are introvert, extrovert or both. This ancient system, now decoded and explained in a two hundred page instructional book, allows you to see for yourself who you are and why you behave the way you do. This system is very useful if your life is not going the way you had hoped and planned. It shows you where the problem lies and how to correct it. For some, self-awareness is enough to make the necessary corrections. I changed my names. Parents unknowingly name their children with a life of bliss, fame and fortune or sickness doom and gloom.

  4. Lyon G. Zonamyari

    I was an extreme ambivert most of my life. It was confusing for me and the people around me. Like many others, I turned to alcohol and drugs for temporary relief. Four years ago I came across and ancient system that revealed why I had this condition. From birth, your names influence your personality, character, virtues, vices and health. What’s more, your names can determine if you are introvert, extrovert or both. This ancient system, now decoded and explained in a two hundred page instructional book, allows you to see for yourself who you are and why you behave the way you do. This system is very useful if your life is not going the way you had hoped and planned. It shows you where the problem lies and how to correct it. For some, self-awareness is enough to make the necessary adjustments. I changed my names. Change your name – Change your life. Parents unknowingly name their children with a life of bliss, fame and fortune or sickness doom and gloom. What does your name say about you? Name Reality by Lyon Zonamyari.

    1. Amie Moses

      Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. Stephanie

    Just an FYI. I took the “test” you provided the link for 3 times with different answers. The first time I answered honestly. The second and third time I answered completely differently to the extreme. Oddly enough each result was “Ambivert”. That test is clearly designed to promote what is being sold on the website. I am not sure if you are affiliated with or profiting from the link. Either way its making you look smarmy.

    1. Amie Moses

      Thanks for pointing that out, Stephanie! I have no affiliation with that test or website so I can’t speak for it’s validity. I found the test in passing and added it as a “fun” tool for the article. I guess I should have put “for entertainment purposes only.”

    2. Brandi

      I was confused by the test, too. I’m definitely an Introvert. I took it 3 times:
      1st time, I answered honestly and got “Ambivert.”
      2nd time, I answered “mostly agree” to every “introverted” question and “mostly disagree” to every “extroverted” question and got “Ambivert.”
      3rd time, I answered “strongly agree” to every “introverted” question” and “strongly disagree” to every “extroverted question and finally got “Introvert.”

      Apparently you have to be an extremist to not be an Ambivert?

    3. Brandi

      Okay, just for kicks, I took it again. This time I answered “Mostly Agree” to every introverted question except two where I put “Strongly Agree.” I answered “Mostly Disagree to every extroverted question except two where I put “Strongly Disagree.” I STILL got Ambivert. It definitely seems like it’s really wanting people to get that answer.

  6. Mike

    Sounds like you have just described a Libra…

    1. Amie Moses

      Well, I am a Libra! Makes sense, right? 😉

    2. Igor Veloso

      I’m Libra too btw. Interesting =p

      1. Amie Moses

        Too cool, Igor!

  7. Lewis

    It’s the same with everyone, not every one person will enjoy doing the same thing at every stage of their lives.

    I must admit I’m a loner and prefer my own company but if I’m with the right people then I prefer to be sociable and spend time with others.

    1. Amie Moses

      I can agree with that! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Sabine Claudia Dreßler

    Interesting thread. I’d like to add, that in my opinion, most of the ambiverts are more or less empaths; psychic in some ways. As I am an Empath, I know I have to ground myself every now and then, to clean myself from the incoming emotions of others. So taking time for yourself to ground, best if you do in nature/forests, is to prevent yourself from exhausting and burn-out as well. I made a group on facebook called “the inner source”, where likeminded people meet and interact (and help each others to cope with psychic skills in day-to-day-life). It’s a wonderful feeling to be connected, and I guess, every psychic person is already partly “out of the box”.

    1. Amie Moses

      That I can agree with, it’s very true! Thanks for sharing!

    2. Phychics Don't Exist

      No, you are not psychic nor is anyone else here. Don’t get these already unstable “ambiverts” convinced of something even more crazy.

      1. Amie Moses

        Wow, sounds like you need a hug. 🙂 “Unstable” is a harsh word and I’m am not one to shoot down anyone’s beliefs, psychic or otherwise. To each their own.

  9. Roy

    Finally, Someone is talking sense!

    1. Amie Moses

      I’m glad that you enjoyed it! 🙂

  10. Daniel Bakk

    In the past I read articles about intro- and extrovert personalities and I was confused because having traits from both side. I feeled, that I’m neither intro nor extro and then asked myself: 1st “Wtf?” 2nd “WTF?” 3rd “What am I then?” This article was interesting to read, it gave me possible answers to some of my questions. It’s good to see that I’m not alone with this. Thanks, Amie!

    1. Amie Moses

      Thank you and thanks for sharing!

  11. Martin Izat

    I found your article vaguely interesting,however I would like to take you to task over the use of the term Bipolar as an adjective,REALLY NOT OK.This type of lazy language diminishes the horror that is Bipolar in the same way that using the term OCD would when describing being a bit anal about something.Those of you who have never experienced the horror of being awake for up to 360 hours,the tiredness the dysphoric states never mind the endless depression & urge to die that is Thanatopsis can have no idea how insulting it is to read this as a description of a state of mind.Pick different more accurate language,be more precise.I have dealt with 3 psychologists whilst I have been learning to manage this challenging disorder,& found them to be of limited utility,one was interesting to talk to,but that was more to do with his degree in existentialist philosophy,we compared notes on cognitive programming modalities.He concluded he had nothing useful to add to my existing knowledge base,the next one told me he found my knowledge intimidating.My mother studied Psychology at one of the best courses in the UK,she concluded that there was little of any use to me within that discipline.Up your game,don’t use lazy trite language.It is offensive.Good luck with your career,I suggest you have a look at the transpersonal psychology movement,you may find it interesting,esp Stan Grofs work.It’s not really my cup of tea,I prefer to get down to nuts & bolts solutions.But I have been told that I am a well balanced personality type with a severe biochemical imbalance,& so far using the knowledge gleaned from reading about Psychedelic science,cognitive programming modalities & many other diverse topics I have managed to find solutions to many of the problems this disorder throws up,without the need of councilors or psychologists,being able to read & think on my own.Luv 1Wheel

    1. Amie Moses

      I’m sorry that you found my use of the word “bipolar” offensive. However, my sole purpose was using the word “bipolar” as an adjective meaning, “having or relating to two polar extremes” which in this case is the introvert and extrovert “extremes.” I was not in anyway making light off a major mental illness and would never dream of doing so. I’m sorry that you have suffered and that your “experience” with mental health professionals wasn’t a productive one. I’m glad you have found your own way to treat your condition yourself. I am a strong advocate of self-help. Be well!

  12. Derek

    I am also interested in the human mind and what “conditions” us and our perceptions. Intro, extro, ambi…I think all these can define pretty much everyone…all three basically covers the whole gambit of human emotion so youre bound to fall into one of these categories. The problem is though that we are not so easily defined. We are so much more than these simple labels. Some people love crowds only when they benefit from them. Greed. Some people love being alone simply cause theyre too shy to join the crowd. Fear. Some peoples energy is drained from others cause theyre too self involved to realize that there is more than one set of eyes perceiving things. Narcissism. Some people are energized by people simply cause these people make them feel wanted. Insecurity. I love reading stuff like this, id classify myself as an ambivert if I was simplifying who I was to these three categories. I only say this because there are people who will read this and once they believe that they found out the reason why they shy away from crowds, or are.overzealous at work, theyll convince.themselves that they do these things.cause they extro, intro, or ambi. Theyll then never attempt to bend.the.envelope cause.they already believe they know whats written inside. So im just rambling so that people may realize that there is a ton of other things that influence who you are and make up your nature. Dig deeper. Find out who you truly are because only then can you see the world for its beauty and enjoy it for what it is. Dont just bend.the.envelope. fucking break it!

    1. Amie Moses

      Thanks for sharing, Derek! You are right, it does go way beyond the introvert, extrovert, and ambivert label. Self discovery is a process that takes a lot of digging and time.

  13. Otto Bhan

    AMEN AIMEE, AMEN. 30 years after my first Myers Briggs Survey testing its still true… I Am-bivert and happy for it, though it does sometimes confuse others.
    Thanks for the topic and sanity check.

    1. Amie Moses

      Thank you! Glad to hear it and thanks for sharing!

  14. Shubham

    Finally a different view. Helped me lot to find where I stand.

    1. Amie Moses

      Glad to hear it!

  15. Constantin Radulescu

    Kept wondering why i dont fit to any of the cases, intro or extro. I like to dance with, I like to party I like to speak loud, sometimes all I want is to be just myself with my thought and do my work/explore my ideas, and talk to no1.

    Thx for the article, now I have an answer!

  16. Lisa

    I definitely fall into the ambivert category. I also can be described as hypersensitive. Until recently, I contributed by personality traits to being an only child and being mostly around adults. However, my daughter (middle child) has similar tendencies as well as my 6 yr old granddaughter who has a twin sister (totally different personality). Oh and by the way, I was recently diagnosed as Bipolar. Funny huh? Thanks for the information.

  17. Otto Bhan

    Aimee, dear light in the darkness… where are you? You are needed here, as well as a dozen other spots. Such is your value and share of truth. Come home, enlighten Anna’s blog-o-sphere users with your brilliance. Missing your lights in darkest heights.

  18. Katherine

    I’m definitely an ambivert too… But I would think myself lean more towards introversion in the scale. However when i took that test until 5 times, answer ‘mostly agree’ in an introverted questions, ‘mostly disagree’ in an extroverted questions, and few are neutral in the middle, and then i still got the same result ‘ambivert’. i think yes, i can enjoy both large crowds, interactions with ppl and solitude time but after a long day socializing i just need a lot of down time by myself. ha, idk. but that’s how i feel most times.

  19. Debbie

    Great article! It would be interesting to know if ambiversion ties in to ambidexterity or handedness. For example, as a top rep at a company many of us were left handed/ambidextrous (while I write left handed all other activities are right handed though including usage of scissors and crocheting) and most of us did not fit the description of the stereotypical salesman who is ‘pushy’ or ‘backslapping’ rather, we were ‘low key’ and held true to the maxim of using our ears in ratio to what came out of our mouths in working with loan clients as the description test results on the quick test from Dan Pink attests.
    You’re an ambivert. That means you’re neither strongly introverted nor strongly extraverted. Recent research by Adam Grant of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Management has found that ambiverts make the best salespeople. Ambiverts tend to be adept at the quality of attunement. They know when to push and when to hold back, when to speak up and when to shut up. So don’t fall for the myth of the extraverted sales star. Just keep being your ambiverted self.

    For more on attunement and ambiversion, see Chapter 4 of To Sell is Human.

  20. Michael

    I would think at some point I might be an ambivert for the sole reason that I can go from being quiet to being extremely talkative. But that has to do with the mode of conversation. I have a hard time with smalltalk. I might be quiet with many many people in big social occasions. But alone with friends I could have endless deep conversations. Also, sometimes I might do the mistake to flood someone with my own thoughts and passions, even if it’s obvious he is getting tired. In that way, I could be the “blah blah blah” person for an introvert, but only monopolizing the conversations, for very special interests not for smalltalk. Yet I was always thought as an introvert since school. I am more of a shy introvert.

    p.s. Also thanks to people for pointing out the test is kinda biased. I tried to retake it with more answers towards one side and only if you really really do it in the extreme it might not tell you you are an ambivert.

  21. Morgan

    Interesting article. The comments about the test being biased caused me to skip it – And I’ve scored right in the middle of intro-extro the 2 times I was formally tested in Myers-Briggs, 15 years apart. So I appear to be an ambivert.
    My company encourages and rewards me for work that I accomplish (volunteer leadership) by using my intuition and sensitivity with people. I’m praised for my empathy – but get drained from doing a lot of this work without a break.
    Not psychic, but I sometimes appear so. I understood at a young age that I had a gift, and a choice to use it for good, or for ‘evil ‘ – and good won out. Just today someone noted my communication style, and capacity to bridge all points of view.
    And astrology? Damn my scientific scepticism – I’m also a Libra.
    If the shoe fits…?

  22. SpartanWar118

    I think with what i’ve learned here, i’m either an introvert with a little bit of extrovert
    or an Ambivert biased towards introvertedness
    Because i find myself at night alot just brainstorming
    Even while playing games in the middle of the day a few thoughts are always whirling around
    But then i like to share what i learn with close-ish friends
    And i love this big game of personalities, although unlike an actual game, i can’t quick-save and drive people mad
    But that doesn’t bother me, i still like learning about it

  23. andiswa Mthetwa

    for as long as i can remember i thought of my self as an extrovert but something was not right i somehow had introvert features … i thank you for this article

  24. Meka

    Just sounds like a typical Aries! LOL 😍

  25. Mary

    I discovered due to a Myers-Briggs test that I was a 50/50. I have been called a rebel by friends as I enjoy business all day and at 5:00 one had better leave me alone totally. I have been that way all of my life and I enjoy it. So happy to have a term for what I am. I am a Cancer sign. Mary Tyndall

  26. Daro

    This fits me too a tee. Most people would consider me a somewhat aggressive personality , not berligerent but someone whom is forceful in his assertions. I’ve been a Professional Sales person all my adult life & enjoyed it for the most part . However I really enjoy my quiet time, reading , thinking, meditating and really really don’t like to be disturbed in the interim . Balance is key , particularly since I’m a Libra, but I’m not the quiet psssive type. But the description here really fits me to a tee. Looking forward to learning more about it !
    Thank You.

  27. Julie Allen

    Thank you, I’ve always felt I was somewhere in the middle and now I know the name, this is great. I absolutely go nuts if I’m too far in either direction for too long

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