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Scientists Gave Spiders LSD and Other Drugs and Here Is What Happened

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While spiders terrify me, I still find interest in observing a web or two. The intricate lines of arachnid artwork prove to be one of the nature’s most striking creations, and seeing as I am an artist, I appreciate such beauty. How the spider web works Ever wonder how a spider web works? Well, I used [...]

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The Genome of Domestic Cat Fully Decoded

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After seven years of research efforts, American scientists managed to decode the entire genome of the domestic cat. There had been other attempts to decode the genome of the domestic cat in the past, but this study is the first to have successful results. In 2007, researchers at the University of Missouri began decoding the [...]

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Pet Psychology: Is Getting to Know Your Neighbors Easier with Pets?

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It has already been documented that having pets is related to positive benefits in a person’s physical and mental health. Pets are used as service dogs, not only for the blind, but for those that have anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and in prison rehabilitation programs. However, recent research shows that owning a pet also helps [...]

People with Extraordinary Animal Abilities: the Hidden Potential of the Human Body

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Expanding the power of their body and mind, people can get the abilities inherent in animals. The world for them becomes bright and saturated, as they can see and feel things that are not perceptible to humans. 100 years ago there were people who with the help of tattoos and surgery changed their appearance in [...]

Your Cat Can See Things That Are Invisible to You

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Cats are considered by many as symbols of mysticism because of their elegant and flexible body, as well as their gaze that can “magnetize” anyone… Indeed, as recent scientific data show, there is another reason why cats have a title of ‘mysterious’ creatures. It’s all because cats see things we cannot see with our eyes! [...]

Do Animals Have Consciousness?

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The problem of consciousness still remains confusing and is divided not so much among academic schools, but according to their philosophical approaches. What is it all about when we talk about consciousness? Is it a necessary part of complex cognitive processes of understanding the world? Are there different types, forms and levels of development of [...]

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Animal Telepathy: Do Animals Have Telepathic Abilities?

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Is animal telepathy real? For many years, dog trainers and pet owners have been speaking of various cases of inexplicable insight in animals, looking like they might have telepathic abilities. Unfortunately, this topic has not been studied enough and tends to be considered pseudoscientific, while researchers and parapsychologists are more focused on humans. According to [...]

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5 Weirdest Scientific Experiments in History

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Where would we be without the effort of scientific experiments? Even the weird and scary ones produce fascinating results. In order to blow your mind, scientists conducted the most out-of-this-world scientific experiments. Well, let's just say, it was for the good of science, but as a side effect, these tests did seem a little strange, [...]