Are telepathic powers just supernatural talents seen in movies? Some people claim that these abilities are real.

Last year, I read a study about mind to mind communication, a study which suggested that telepathic powers might be real. As I read and studied this phenomenon, I wondered why we don’t utilize this gift to navigate through life’s issues. But then I realized how hard it would be to enter that place that allows us to implement telepathic powers, and indeed, it sounds like quite a feat.

The scientific community and most people deny this ability since we haven’t seen enough proof. We also refuse to accept the taboo of entering the privacy of others’ minds. I mean, would you be all that excited about mental intrusions? I thought not.

Regardless, according to the spiritual point of view, the third eye is present within us all, and if you’ve had a feeling you might be capable of utilizing this gift, this information is for you.

What are the signs of telepathic powers, according to psychics?

People were asked which ability they would love to have if they could have superhuman powers. Telepathic abilities were among the five most desirable superpowers. There are so many reasons why some of us would love to “read minds”, as invasive and nerve-wracking as it may be.

Psychics claim that there are ways to tell if you could be nearing this potential. According to them, these 6 signs may be indicative of the need to embrace telepathy.

1. Dreams increase and become more vivid

I have vivid dreams quite a bit, and I also notice when they increase in frequency and detail. Until I studied the signs of rising telepathic abilities, I thought nothing of it. Apparently, a drastic increase in your frequency of dreams and the fact that they become more vivid might be a sign that your third eye is opening.

Pay attention to whether you can smell things, feel things, and actually become emotional in dreams. All these sensations will increase as you start to recall more details about your dreams, when awake. Keep a journal by the bed so that after you awaken, you can record the content of these dreams. Any aspects of these dreams could tell you about your hidden potential.

2. Nausea and illnesses

Psychics claim that the rising of pure energy, signifying telepathic power, will cause a chemical change in the body. What you feel as sickness could possibly be the reconstruction of the body’s spiritual and chemical compounds. In Sanskrit, this process is called “tapas” or purification. Basically, the body is preparing to utilize unfamiliar abilities.

Now, I’m not saying ignore physical symptoms of illness, nor am I suggesting you ignore mental illness side effects, that’s not the case. But if all this has been taken into consideration, then you should be open-minded and accept what could be your time of awakening.

3. Recurring headaches

Have you noticed an increase in headaches lately? What you could be experiencing is an influx of energy. You might be able to tell the difference between a “regular” a headache and an awakening, due to the fact that the awakening will be similar to a migraine – it will be extremely painful. When these headaches occur, try soaking your feet in warm water to help ground these intense energies.

You can also try using essential oils to take the edge off these headaches. After all, psychics argue that they will continue until you accept your awakening and utilize your telepathic energies.

4. You will change your circle of friends

When you start to experience the awakening of telepathic powers, you will be more energized and upbeat, according to psychics. You will start to refrain from negativity and thus, your friends will either be happy for you or they will fall away. Those who are used to talking about negative things will lose interest in your company, these will fall away first.

You will then start to attract people who are much different from your routine company. Your energies and their own will start to synchronize. When these things start to happen, you can be sure that something big is on the horizon.

5. Priorities will change

Psychics say that when you start to develop telepathic powers, all the things that you placed at the utmost importance will lose their relevance. Those arguments that used to keep you up at night will start to have a different meaning. You will choose to put more importance on larger things, especially spiritual things.

As the universe starts to put new people in your path and new opportunities, you will see with new eyes, namely the third eye as it awakens in the pineal gland.

Have you experienced a shift in moods lately? Does it feel like you are going through a rough mental patch, worse than anything you have experienced before? If so, your mind could be preparing you for an elevation, so to speak. As you become confused about previous things, you will start to gain clarity about others. This, in turn, will cause those priority changes, I spoke about.

6. Increase in empathy

You could be experiencing your first indications of telepathy when you notice an increase in empathy. Being empathic allows you to feel what others feel, and sometimes this is difficult for people.

If you find yourself getting a little too upset about an isolated situation, you could be absorbing emotions from others. Victims or survivors could be sending out energies that are pricking your sensitivities.

Awakening telepathic powers or something else?

As you may have noticed, the above symptoms are quite general. Psychics claim that they are nothing but the signs of the awakening telepathic powers or other psychic abilities, but in reality, they could be anything from existential crisis to spiritual awakening.

The reality of the metaphysical phenomena such as telepathy remains unconfirmed, so this topic highly depends on what you personally believe in. If you believe that there is something more than just the material world, you could be convinced that you are telepathic. Who knows? Unless if we find solid evidence of psychic phenomena, we will never know for sure.

In any case, it’s good to keep your mind open to possibilities but also make sure that you don’t fall a victim to blind beliefs that blur your judgment.

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This Post Has 45 Comments

  1. Peter

    Am crazy about telepathy, why science just can’t prove it?

    1. Eric Hall

      Hey peter

  2. Sherrie


    Science already knows much about telepathy, but I believe it frightens them. There is so much that will change when it becomes common knowledge about the facts of telepathy. Is the world ready to expand its mind? Do we really want to know what others are thinking? All the time…?

    1. John

      It doesn’t frighten them. They just wish to contain and control everything. They have the money and power to control. It seems just reading bits across the website that people brushing their teeth with regular toothpaste could be enough to suppress many people from ‘knowing things’. The ability to possess this ‘talent’ is more likely to be within the DNA strand though. I have come to believe that ‘science’ has become the new terminology for the direct opposite to religion. Fascinating, because we know the dark side to be intelligent and as time ticks by, even myself as an agnostic / atheist, can step back and realise something is afoot. I have a very open mind and too much ‘new’ information is potentially proving how wrong I might be. A lot is occurring in our world right now, I suggest people be vigilante. This topic is not fun, nor should it be used as a business venture or mislead people. Not many people are aware of what they might possess and many wouldn’t know how to use or control it if they did.

      1. Randall takayama jr

        Your wrong I figured it out and know how to use it I guess I can say 1 St in Hawaii if no one else except the people who believe me or knows wat it is but I am making people suffer cause I do hear everything from e everyone I know and mind ccontrolling people I don’t know

        1. Unwanted gift


          interesting comment if I give u my email addy can u help me control it….it needs a filter am I safe around tech? are you ok around lots of tech?

  3. Amin

    Hi , some times i think about some things and they realy happend ( very strange things with very low percent of happening ) and they are realy weird ! But i dont know when this happens and how to control it .

    1. Lisa

      I feel that I have this ability? Sometimes when I sleep I dream something. This dream I have it happens after a few weeks days or even the next day for that matter! When I tell people this they either think I’m weird or they just laugh about it. I can’t control it but I like it and I think it is pretty cool!

      1. Bella

        same, its really odd actually!
        Glad im not alone

  4. sunil gupta

    I know it’s not third eye or Kundlini since these two beings don’t exist in our body; it’s only the strenuous and steady meditation could bring a person this ability. we have to control our mind and senses. sacrifice our all comforts. And then after long penance we can enter the spiritual world. But a true yogi don’t show off his power only use it for welfare of humanity.

  5. Elle Nobody


    People are responding to my thoughts without me speaking them. I want to know more about my ability. Please help?

    1. Anna

      I know right!

  6. Joee

    Telepathy is like jumping off a cliff. You fall really fast before the parachute kicks in, then it’s a long descent down to the bottom, and I have no idea where the bottom is.

  7. tonny Blair

    truly all the symptoms listed are the ones that I experience often what can I doo pliz

  8. Betty Phillips

    I’m a bit confused right now. Lately my first ex-husband has been on my mind really strong to the point of where I can feel him right next to me, with his arms around me. Always in the past. Whenever he’s been on my mind. I would either hear from him directly or indirectly. And sometimes I feel really nervous, jittery, and anxious. Usually everytime when I feel that. He either comes down here to visit. Or I end up going to Indianapolis and end up seeing him.

  9. Nancy Bullard

    I find that numbers are my kind of thing when I play Bingo I can pretty much can say before they say the number I have already guessed it. So what does number mean?

  10. Lucy

    Hi, I’m telepathic and I’m young. I became telepathic at 17. I experience hearing voices, seeing images of the people I’m telepathic with, and I know I can do things to other people like give them muscle spasms and make their muscles move from a great distance, send people smells and sounds. I am all alone and desperately looking for other telepathic people. I am looking for places where people meet to talk about telepathy. Does anyone know of any forums?? Please email me at [email protected] if you know of any. I would be very grateful.

  11. Jasmin

    I have these moments where I’ll tell myself in my head that a person will hurt. There have been many occasions as to how I think they will that actually happens, and not long before I’ve thought it. There was one time I had an argument over the possession of an object that was dear to my deceased father, which my cousin had. I was angry and I thought angrily to myself of how I wanted him to hurt badly. A few days later he got in a car crash. Mind you he didn’t die. That was one of the times I don’t recall thinking of how in detail. There was another time someone in my household and I were having issues. They angered me deeply, and I thought of their lower back hurting badly because it was a problem for them. Though it hadn’t bothered them for some time. Later that night they could barely move and were in tears from the pain. There have been good times I’ve wished something for someone and its happened, but most that succeed are when I’m cruelly angry, and heartless. I’m curious if you’d be able to help me better understand this so that, if it is an ability I possess, I can focus it on good instead of bad.

    1. Jasmin

      There have also been times when I’ve wished someone pain and they received it, but I did too.

  12. Amber McKirdy

    I believe i am developing mind reading powers an extra sense. I have all of these signs. I sometimes know and can sometimes hear what others think about me, without them speaking. I can sense if something us coming towards (for example a ball) and can avoid it without looking. I am 12, so I’m around the age where powers start developing. I’m so excited!

    1. Randall takayama jr

      Really same here I can hear everything and if u was here in Hawaii ui would say you could be an empathy but I would still control u all I know how to use it as well manage it for 9 yrs and climbing but k.i.t wats sad real family doesn’t believe either

  13. Sanjay Lande

    Telepathy is new for the world but it exist in universe & in ancient period it was practiced in India, In recent times Shri. Ramkrishna Paramhans Spiritual Guru of Swami Vivekanand. was practiced it in his life. He make a Samadhi ( The pose of meditation to concentration of mind) during this samadhi pose he use to transfer his thought to anybody who is thousands of kilometers away from him. The power mostly exists in person who had pure heart.It is not a thing one can learn easily , it is divine gift.

  14. Randall

    Wanna know more well I am that telepathic guy in Hawaii for 9 yrs and growing I can hear, smell communicate and control people I know and people I don’t know I made them shit, peed, screa, horny, even hair pulling etc I made the concerts at the stadium mess up from Bruno Mars to Snoop football ggames etc I am communicaing with all of u like if I was there but it’s not me who talking and snitching as I am just listening I have couple people who kept me up and going the rest had to pro e or made suffer as kids followed me as if I was there god people eat, sleep watch movies, play game the same as me I didn’t tell anyone to follow me at anyway all I wanted to know if we can communicate today but nope even had real ego against me as I hear them every day with some of the most irritating people who I call my puppets well

  15. Abha Mishra

    Is it true then how can we gain it please tell me!!!!!

    1. telepathic n 808

      Well now talking about me I am that one and only telepathic in Hawaii as all my friends and family starting to believe how did get it well it wasnt hard but it wasn’t easy it was a choose of going crazy or learning how to control your mind instead of your mouth I make people cry I make people horny I make people shit I make people say whatever I like I have kids following me getting wat I like and doing the same thing as me I am telepathic Japanese Chinese born in Hawaii there another one in Russia never met yet but would love to just to see who stronger with mind control I wanna see him make me scream and shit myself like how i do to everyone else

  16. Jess

    I had crazy telepathic abilities last year. It changed me into a new person. However I started dating a guy that doesn’t believe in any of it, and ihad to try and block it out. But I really need someone to talk to about this stuff

  17. lee

    Hi, I m curious about telepathy and I am starting to believe about these….are intuitions part of telepathy too? I experience since childhood about saying things without my intentions and it happens. It just started since before my mom died. There new people became part of my family and I am not sure but I can sense they know everything I am thinking and I am planning. Is there any ways that I can shield my self from being read by telepathy people. I am not sure if I am now in the stage where I am receiving symptoms of opening my third eye and telepathy but I still don’t know how to open it and read minds but I can now sense and feel something from people. That is why I was asking about intuitions and telepathy. I want to know about these more.

  18. Chuck Wilson

    I have received communications from others many times in my life. It is just enough that I know telepathy exist. I have transmitted also. I tend not to practice for fear of what may happen. It is a very wonderful thing to just ignore and put on the back burner. I would like to link up with some good people with whom I could learn more about mental telepathy.

  19. sharron

    hi i did it the other night and didnt realise until i spoke to my friend who was in my dream the next morning and she explained it to me.she also said that people dont normally remember but i could v clearly.

  20. Azzurre

    Hi, i’ve been what i believe to be telepathic for as long as i can remember and i’m 16. I get physical signals about things that i shouldn’t know, for example on multiple occasions i have been in a mall, and then i will get a rush in my spine. Along with this, I get a gut feeling that I am close to someone in particular. 2 minutes later I will see that particular person. It freaks me out and I always dismiss it. I have experiences like this about twice a month but obviously less when I don’t leave my house. I got the spinal rush two days ago at a cafe, with the name of my significant other appearing in my mind. I dismissed it because I believed he was in a different town, but sure enough he walks into the cafe moments later. There was no possible way I could’ve known that was going to happen.

  21. James Patrick Dennie

    My Name is James Patrick Dennie I was Born in 1973 butt from 1975 to 2020 I’ve seen Place’s and Thing’s I Have Never Even Been Too Or Seen Before not Sure what I Am Called Yet Found This Today just Doing My Home Work on Me .

    1. Esme

      Hi, James Patrick Dennie. (I was born in 1993). Were those places beautiful and did you see those places in your dream or visualised while meditating? In any case, I believe that you’re a well-intentioned person and what you see cannot be a negative sign. Send you good vibes.

    2. Clint Jackson

      Hi I was reading this and I had a spiritual experience and wanted to know some more information.I have been diagnosed with a severe anxiety illness and wanted to know more information about telepathic situation

  22. Rod

    Something about Me Aka Rod the GreatONE!!”em 35 befor I got here I went threw hell an found Fearless when I return back to Something I always say Now (Greatness)I thank God and Earth the universe everything that as energy in it !!!555+222=?Lol Forget that angel number.My point here is finding tha power of Negative an Over drive it with Positive N love🤓.
    (Some well understand)

  23. Dave

    I decided to try astral projection and used sleep music to help. Problem is, I get seen (as a normal human not some see through thing) and have actually spoke to people and had two way conversations. They don’t know I have astral projected. I thought it wasn’t posdible to be visible let alone converse!

    1. Eustace

      Hello Dave, could you help me know how you were able to achieve the projection.

  24. LD Poulton

    How is the telepathic power really proven? Not visions. I mean conversations and other things. How would people actually prove this?

  25. Dana

    Thank you so much for the insight, it explains so much for me. My son tells me I am very intuitive and I have learned to listen to that voice in my head, it has saved me many times. I also know people the first time I meet them, I try to keep an open mind but I am usually right. I have extremely vivid dreams that are not obscure and I remember them. Nausea has also been a constant condition that I have had to deal with and didn’t know why. Thanks again.

  26. Tom

    Psychedelics. Is the answer it will enhance all these abilities from opening your third eye to astral projection, telepathy, compassion, more loving and joyous and every metal illness going. DMT – dimethyltryptamine is therapy for the mind.

  27. Tom

    Also aliens use telepathy and quick shape shift into human form that’s how they inslave the human emotions. To be negative its call adrenochrome.

  28. Cd Morgan

    Hi this post is for Randall from Hi my name is CD and im from Hi i just recivèd this gift just 2 days ago and i was wondering if you were able to help me.

  29. Cd Morgan

    In my gift i can communicate with multiple people at the same time but i think im scaring them which i dont want to do i can even talk with the deceased and have a sixth sense of people who i dont trust around.

  30. Cd Morgan

    Iam really scared about this cause after using this power i would get bad head aches like migraine i starting to think just dont want this gift anymore.

  31. kirk

    this is a gift that i have been having for many years ! yes as a child of 13 i first noticed the ability make things happen by using my mind making people say things that only me could have known . the ability to know what was going to happen before it happens ….. these where things that didnt happen once or twice in a lifetime it was consistent and i can still do things when i need to ! yes i had severe head aches as a child and was tested for everything . at 55 years old i still can have this anility and much more . I have always hid these things from friends and family because i didnt want them to think i was nuts but it is something your born with and never forget how to use these abilities

  32. M

    I’ve experienced this from a childhood. I found if I make my hands into a triangle shape over my four head and lay face in bed. Looking into the black obiss eyes closed. Colours form like pixels but thrown randomly like dust, then they begin to spin as my body relaxes sleep state to astral projection. Other times I get pictures while I’m awake during the day. Like a tv in my mind I can also see what is infrount of me at the same time. It happens when it happens. I don’t go round thinking about it b4 it happens. It’s so odd. And real. Have suffered in life because of it. People think I’m odd with out me telling them about this. I get emotional vampires that drain me. My ears burn all the time now, that’s weird. Wish I had someone to help me with this or at least not think I’m delusional. I’ve never told anyone. Apart from now.

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