There are universal laws of life that must be followed. They preserve our harmonious relationship with the universe and make our wishes manifest faster.

From a spiritual point of view, there are basic laws of life that govern everything.

Maybe some of these laws were reinforced by the belief in God or Gods, and likewise, but they can also be independent of all mystical boundaries, being likewise established by science or logic. The fact remains, these universal laws of life can guide you to success, inner peace, and self-awareness, and help you build your sense of self.

Without further ado, here are the laws:

1. You get what you give

If you want to have good relationships with other people, treat them in a good way. Love people, do good, give gifts. Learn to be more generous and you will find that the universe becomes more generous toward you. It’s about karma and to what degree you will receive your returns, and it’s also about peace within yourself.

 2. The outer world is a mirror of your inner world

If you don’t like what is happening to you in the outside world, look deep within yourself and find the cause. By changing yourself, you change your environment, thus continuing a cycle of the positive interaction between yourself and the surrounding world and other people.

For example, if you do not love your body, it becomes flabby and sick. In addition, you unconsciously project your hatred and a lack of self-confidence onto other people and as a result, they begin to treat you the same way you treat yourself.

3. Like attracts like

Good attracts good, fears become a reality, and evil thoughts return like a boomerang. You choose what you want to attract. To mold your life into what you wish, cultivate positive thoughts so more positive aspects are drawn in like a magnet. You would be surprised by how effectively this works.

4. Love makes wonders

Love is what you should get started with in order to create “miracles” in life. It is the most powerful healing force, and if anything can do the seemingly impossible, it’s this force of the universe. Love, which is as tangible as anger or sadness, for yourself and for others, is your first goal in a positive transformation.

5. Your thoughts have real power

It all starts in your head. Your thoughts are the key to everything. This is how it works: thoughts turn into words, words turn into actions and before you know it, everything has changed. You create disease and health, wealth, and poverty, it’s all in your hands. Basically, it all comes from the power of manifestation.

6. Responsibility

The law of responsibility is very important, as all the other laws. Its essence is to get rid of the victim mentality and start to attribute the blame firmly to the place it needs to be. Some people tend to blame others for all their problems and failures, but this kind of approach is not going to lead you anywhere.

At the same time, it’s important not to give in to unhealthy self-blaming as well. The goal of this law is not to cause regret or guilt in yourself but to be able to take full responsibility for your actions. Release the guilt and take your life into your own hands. You can succeed in anything, if only you believe in it!

These are the universal laws of life, born to give us a roadmap throughout life. But don’t get overwhelmed if you fall short of some of these basic “life rules”, it takes time to perfect them, if even possible. Look on the bright side, be aware of them, and be happy!

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  1. Ronald Caplan

    Are these laws the reason why Gandhi and MLK Jr. were assassinated?

  2. Tiph Hunter

    I am so “In Love” with this work that you have done here- but should i be forced to say that, yes- they had to die for the “cause of” love? No, i’ll just say that they Died for Love!

  3. Donald

    Oprah sent me here! Wisdom, I love it and its exciting when things really start to manifest that you called forth.

  4. Daniels stekz nyiyongu

    Comment…I felt amazed because of this laws..they are truelly influential if we apply them..

  5. Honge Justus

    Thanks alot for the advice


    To be honest ,We have been misled over generations about this world and our inborn empowerment .Religion and Academic Institutions . Are designed to cause us to focus on external sources to realizing We posses Internal unlimited resources to conquer, Ego projections By Being the Driver instead the Passenger taken for a ride in directions ,of obstacles pain and suffering false joy .fleeting pleasures. Making it appears we have few choices ,when the Truth is we are unlimited and boundless ,We have been all but Dead to our reality ,the few who maintain our awareness of Divinity are labeled a Crazy , Mentally ill sick and the like .Drugged induced psychoses. Geniuses are abused and uneducated stifled and sent to early graves due to this EGO codependency Normalized Collectively . Resulting is stress related Disuse Suicides’ While the Greedy so called experts fill their Bank Accounts’ feeding the Sadistic Narcistic Grasshopper. We are all equally empowered .But the sacred Connecting thread gets frayed for the majority upon entry to this World. Traumas is the welcome for most. Duality is confusing. yet normalized .

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