astral projection

What is astral projection? A creature of imagination, a game of the brain or an alternative approach to reality?

This question concerns not only those who practice astral projection (intentionally or unintentionally) but all those trying to understand what happens to the consciousness and mind. Probably the most suitable organization to answer this question is the International Academy of Consciousness.

David Lindsay, of IAC

Here is a part of the interview with David Lindsay, director of the New York Department (which is considered one of the most organized and promising areas of the organization). Lindsay responded to a series of questions related to the mysterious phenomenon of astral projection

What is astral projection?

Astral projection is a so-called out-of-body experience, i.e. a situation in which our non-physical body (in other words, conscience or soul) gets separated from our material body.

Many psychologists believe that it is some kind of hallucination, experienced by people who’ve experienced a trauma in childhood and believe they are being separated from their physical body. This is because it was painful for them to be under domestic violence and similar conditions, and there’s a strong desire to separate themselves from the situation.

However, based on the results of experiments with people who had out-of-body experiences, this phenomenon happens in our non-physical body and seems to be the body which we use after our biological death.

In a nutshell, it is a separation of the individual consciousness from the physical body by using the non-physical body.

What are the types of out-of-body experiences?

There are many different types of out-of-body experiences. The most common by far, are those that give a sense of travel and relaxation, for example, when you can fly over a landscape.

Sometimes we can have an out-of-body experience as the result of training and it can us help us find information that will be useful in a very practical way in our lives.

What can astral projection give us?

One of the most important benefits of astral projection is a thriving way of perceiving our lives. We do not see it simply as a material world, or just a physical body anymore. We understand that we are more than just a physical body. It is an important advantage, considering the materialistic way of life we have today.

 It also helps us to look with a different perspective at our personal problems. When we realize that we are more than just a physical body and this life is temporary, then we begin to have more balance and optimism.

There are other advantages, such as the fact that we become more self-aware. Through the out-of-body experience, we begin to see ourselves in a broader context and acquire images from different cultures. Sometimes we can even discover our previous lives.

“Astral projection proves the existence of the soul”

When we begin to consciously have out-of-body experiences, we see clearly that we have a soul, a spirit. We do believe that we have this existence that survives after physical death, and we will have another life in the future, after leaving this life. We can see it clearly as a result of these experiences.

The link between DID and astral projection

There isn’t a tight connection between astral projection and DID (dissociative identity disorder), but there is a relationship in which one might play off the other in certain circumstances. During childhood trauma, the mental separation which occurs can push an individual into and past the meditation state. Unfortunately, the events that propel the childhood mind in this direction, not to mention adult minds as well, is so harsh that the separation is more abrupt.

And when speaking in terms of the soul, this can be quite an experience for our unfettered consciousness.

It seems our soul is real and can be loosed from our bodies in other ways that biological death. OBEs, astral projection, whatever you want to call them, may just be the tool we can use to learn more about our souls. Maybe, instead of discounting DID as something purely negative, therapists can study this state and learn more about our hidden powers and abilities as human beings.

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