The third eye chakra or Sixth Chakra, located at the center of the head, is said to carry the energy of pure vision and Perception.

You have a third eye – maybe not in a physical sense, but this is the term used to refer to the sixth chakra. You might not be able to see it, but it exists, according to esoteric Hinduistic traditions. Today, we will talk about the third eye from this point of view.

The third eye chakra is believed to open the multi-dimensional door in our senses and thus, allows us to escape the limitations of our materialistic world.

Most people do not have access to the Sixth Chakra, since they fall into the traps of their own ego, striving for material gains and focusing only on the physical aspect of their lives. But deep within, their souls are desperate for spiritual fulfillment. They use only their physical eyes, ignoring the spiritual senses, and as a result, find themselves trapped in a little box blocking the intuitive perception of the true world.

The third eye chakra, however, not only provides spiritual guidance but also allows physical senses to be heightened.

Did you know that third eyes were once common in many species? One species of lizard, the endangered tuatara still has a third eye that functions normally. Some rare species of frogs have third eyes as well, which react to changes in light.

If you don’t use your third eye, what does that mean?

It means that we easily take lies for truth and cannot find the real causes of our problems, being trapped by our own irrational fears that separate us from others and from the world. Sounds horrifying, doesn’t it? The thing is, we have grown used to our closed minds.

The third eye chakra is believed to hide a lot of abilities. Once activated, it gives us access to a deeper knowledge of spiritual truths and expands our consciousness and the ability to transcend the human ego. It allows us to realize the highest levels of our existence and get rid of the illusion of social standards and limiting ways of thinking.

Even if our third eye is not fully open, we begin to have access to spiritual truths and intuitive perceptions of the world. Once it is fully open and aligned, we get the ability to communicate with spirit guides and overcome the limitations of time and space.

Our mind hides many powers that are not accessible to most people but can be activated by anyone willing to develop their higher consciousness.

Opening the third eye

To get access to your spiritual vision, you should face your fears and be willing to escape the illusions of the material world. Facing our fears and opening the third eye will make spiritual energy reach our seventh chakra, called the Crown Chakra, which will open a path to even more incredible abilities. You can read this article to learn how to open your third eye.

This will take faith and meditation along with retaining a healthy lifestyle. After all, healthy systems operate at the top functioning capabilities, even rejuvenating the third eye chakra as a normal part of the human body.

With practice and persistence, the veil will be removed and your third eye chakra will be opened.

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  1. brittany

    What are some things we can do to open up our third eye? Meditation im guessing is probably a good way but any other suggestions?

    1. Yash

      Besides Meditation you should take help from ‘BINAURAL BEATS’.

  2. Subhajit Dey

    I started the third eye meditation,thirteen days ago.The way I do is by closing my eyes and concentrating at the third eye area. I do it for 30 mnutes everyday. I don’t know whether it is even partially open or not.I don’t get any strong intutive feelings as of now,(I know I will someday).However, whenever I sleep and wake up the next morning I remember all the things that I have seen in my dream with the feeling.I love this.This has started happenning from the day I started the third eye meditation.When I dream while sleeping I feel the dream that time as if I’m awake and those things are happening to me at that moment.Believe me,the feeling is so real.I seriously love it.I want to know more about this which is happening to me.Please say something.I would love to hear your comments on this.

  3. falon eslinger

    I would love more information and and guidance! Thank you!!!

  4. majdi

    I open m’y thirdeye i sée manu things imazing cretsher atheir demantion when i sleep i sée dream maybe or i tell i van travel by m’y mind to atheir place i know peapl i mode a freinds i think i’m crazy but not maye you will say i’m crazy but i will contenu until i get thé power i dream of i looking fort sale one like me help me ans togather web car help peaple ans change this world

  5. Enlightened

    If you want immediate results without the use of any meditation , seeks out DMT. BEWARE: that stuff is not a joke, and you’d better be ready for what you will learn!!!!! – It will have a heavy impact on your life until the day you die. Do some serious research before you walk down this path, most common folk literally cannot handle this sort of thing.

  6. Just A Human

    I want to share my one strange experience , which now I think happened as I have my 6th chakra opened.
    When I was 7 year old , I liked things connected with magic so one day I tried to find do I can do it too? I closed my eyes and rolled a dice and then stopped my breath and focused on all numbers in the dice and asked my mind which number is the dice showing? I got a strong feeling that it is the number 3 and then opened my eyes and saw that I was right , I did this tjing many times and the result was always same , the number I felt strong about was in the dice .

  7. Jeff

    Everything I meditate my body just feels so calm so every time I’m mad sad etc I meditate to feel better and it made dreams so calm and peacefull

  8. Andile

    My 3rd eye opened when I dreamed of the number 9 wich stands for finality and all I can say is that I can reveal lotto and powerball combinations just by viewing the quick pick

  9. Justiceshey

    This is really working, I can say that again! THIRD EYE is an awesome vision in reality. With the use of third eye I can easily feel other people’s thought. You can also try it by believing in its existence.

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