7 Simple Truths That Will Make You Feel Happy Every Day

///7 Simple Truths That Will Make You Feel Happy Every Day

happy every day
It is unlikely that someone can easily distinguish his real destination from a wrong choice. It is possible only to focus on the state of internal joy and satisfaction in the moments we live here and now. Observing happy people, who bring peace and harmony wherever they go, brought to mind thoughts of several conventional “rules” that allow such people to stay happy even in ordinary days of their lives. This is a simple knowledge that can help you dramatically change your life.

1. The most important thing in the day is the people we meet

Any person that crosses our path is a teacher. The first task is to start and end the meeting with him in joy, only then it is possible to immediately or subsequently make sense of the moments spent together and gain

 invaluable experience and new knowledge about ourselves and the world.

2. Action

Lack of action breeds doubt, fear and degradation. If we want to achieve something, we should work hard. You will achieve nothing as long as you reflect on your destination without taking real steps to make your dream come true.

3. We determine our own destiny

These are not abstract words, but a way of life and thinking. In every moment of his life, a conscious person is thinking and expressing his attitude to the events he experiences. If what you are thinking does not lead you to development, does not bring you happiness, does not contribute to the improvement of the world, or simply makes you feel sad – get rid of these thoughts. Of course, someone will say “I can’t give up thinking of …” and will be right. But if you learn to control your emotions and thoughts, the result will be stunning. Regularly asked questions such as: “Why am I doing this? What will the consequences be?” not only increase the number and quality of your life’s victories, but also make your positive thoughts come true.

4. Everything we say, do and think is a message

Imagine that every thought is a task, a kind of work plan. If your head is a mess of disjointed images and ideas, will it be easy to sort this mess out and fulfill a task the way you need? It is simply not possible, because often we just do not know what we want. In this case, the goal setting helps. Another option is to reward yourself for any achievement or declaration of your intentions to your friends and acquaintances. Note that it is very important to clearly articulate your goals. Thus they will faster become a reality in the way you want them to.

5. Spend your time on what you like

Say “yes” to what you love doing. Complement your work with elements of hobby, it always brings success. Money has never been sufficient motivation for a long time. Even if you do not succeed in something, you will be happy of doing what you love.

6. Failure is an experience

Forget the words sin, failure, disappointment, mistake. They all are experiences. Be open to any opportunities in all situations, because sometimes they come from negative experiences. To get some inspiration, watch the wonderful movie Yes Man (2008).

7. Take reasonable risks

Do not try to be perfect. If there are doubts and fears, allow yourself to let them go and take a step towards new discoveries and people. Remember that risk is reasonable when the positive effects outweigh the costs.

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7 Simple Truths That Will Make You Feel Happy Every Day