Here are 10 movies worthy seeing if you are interested in the mysteries of the human psyche. Be sure that any of them will impress you and will long stay in your mind.

10. THE MACHINIST (2004, staring Christian Bale):

the machinist

A factory worker cannot sleep anymore. It’s not just usual insomnia, he hasn’t slept for a year. Weird things happen to him, and his coworkers blame him for being insane, but is he or they just want to conspire against him?

The lesson we learn from this movie is powerful: Guilt always leads to big psychological issues. And the answer to the question “How do you wake up from a nightmare if you are not asleep?” is there in the movie.

9. DETACHMENT (2011, staring Adrien Brody):

This movie is about a male teacher who becomes interested in the life of two of his students and also one prostitute. He is so interested in their drama, that he actually becomes detached by his own life.

8. GIRL, INTERRUPTED (1999, staring Winona Ryder, Angelina Jolie):


This is a story about a girl who is in a Psychiatry Hospital due to her borderline personality disorder. She makes friends with the other girls from that hospital. Nevertheless, she realizes that if she wants to be free, she has to confront herself.

7. BLACK SWAN (2010, staring Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis)


This psychological movie reveals how the strive for perfection can cause real issues. Especially if this strive comes from the parents’ expectations. A ballet dancer slowly loses her mind because of her huge desire to succeed.

6. SHUTTER ISLAND (2010, staring Leonardo di Caprio)

shutter island

Once again in this movie, Leonardo di Caprio proves his amazing acting talent. Is it all real and the doctor from a psychiatry hospital tries to make U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels, who is there to investigate a few crimes, lose his mind? Or he already has?

5. IDENTITY (2003, STARING John Cusack):


In a motel where there are a few people stranded, crimes happen one by one… Interesting movie about a psychopath’s mind!

4. THE EXPERIMENT (2010, STARING Adrien Brody, Cam Gigandet)

the experiment

A totally must-see if you really are into psychological movies! A psychological study in a prison spirals out of control. A story about how power can change people.

3. FIGHT CLUB (1999, STARING Brad Pitt, Edward Norton)

fight club

A masterpiece! An insomniac and a rebel meet and they start a shocking kind of therapy by joining fight clubs. This movie is so amazing through its message about how controlled we really are by the things we own.

2. REQUIEM FOR A DREAM (2000, STARING Ellen Burstyn, Jared Leto)

requiem for a dream

Definitely my favorite movie! It is not just a story about drug abuse, but a story that so vividly presents every possible problem that can occur because of the drugs addiction. The perfection of this movie is completed by a very good chosen soundtrack.

1. A BEAUTIFUL MIND (2001, STARING Russell Crowe)

a beautiful mind

The title says everything: a brilliant mathematician has a beautiful mind. If we see things from another perspective, a complicated mind can be beautiful.

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