British reporters ranked events and discoveries that are most likely to occur within the next 100 years according to the Internet audience.

Is it possible to predict the differences in human life in the coming years, as opposed to life now? Despite the fact that the purpose of the survey was to obtain forecasts for the next few years, the audience went further and made their predictions for the next 100 years.

At the request of the British journalists, Oxford scientist Ian Pearson estimated the probability of each predicted event on a scale of how likely the event would happen.

1. Weather control (present time and onward)

Probability: 9/10 We already have some control of our weather, creating rain for needed areas and mediating tornados. Many scientists are now more and more involved in what’s called geoengineering, which gives us the ability to control the Earth’s climate when needed.

This will not be an inexpensive thing to do but can prove useful in the next 100 years when conditions could grow dire.

2. Elimination of Nuclear Fusion (2045-2050)

Probability: 10/10 By the year 2050, or at least by the next century, we will witness a mass growth of shale gas or solar energy stations. Our way of life will be drastically changed by this. Wind energy, although used commonly to generate energy, will probably be less common by this time.

3. New kind of human species (2050-2075)

Probability: 9/10 Many Internet users write that it will happen in about 2050 when it will be possible to directly connect the brain to a computer and “recharge” it. These forecasts are not so fantastic, as mind-controlled devices are already invented.

Moreover, the majority of Internet users believe that genetic engineers and programmers will create bio-robots that will be able to live if not forever, then for much longer than today’s humans.

4. Space Elevator (Before the end of the century)

Probability: 8/10 Space travel will become much easier and inexpensive by the end of the century, due to space elevators. Now, inexpensive doesn’t mean “cheap”, as some people may never get to experience a ride up into space. But it does mean cheaper than space exploration now.

This advancement will lead to further space exploration, which means we will see more travel and colonization for the future. There will be less unmanned craft and more “real” people in space. How exciting!

5. Mind Communications (2100)

Probability: 10/10 By the end of the century, according to the readers of the BBC, it will be possible to send a message to a friend only by thought and it will be as easy as sending an SMS from your mobile phone. It’s called synthetic telepathy and it may mean sending electronic signals rather than words.

There will be many more changes in the next 100 years to come as well!

It’s truly exciting to watch the world change. In the future, we will witness things that we never thought were possible, and enjoy a more innovative way of life. Technology will reign, and if you thought modern times were advanced, then wait until you see what’s coming next!

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