Has anyone ever told you that you are a Type A personality?

If they did, did you know exactly what that meant? We all have some idea of what it means to be an A Type, but what does it really entail? Are typical Type A’s all hard-hitting go-getters who tramp over other people’s feelings?

The term Type A personality was created back in the 1950’s when respected cardiologist Meyer Friedman discovered an interesting correlation between personality types and higher occurrences of heart disease. Friedman noted that patients who were highly stressed, more driven and impatient were more likely to suffer a cardiac incident.

Today it is widely accepted that Type A and B personalities are generally a set of behaviours and traits that can be used to group people.

John Schaubroeck, professor of psychology and management at Michigan State University, explains to the Huffington Post:

Type A is a shorthand way of referring to a predisposition that people have. It’s not like there are ‘Type A’s’ and then there are ‘Type B’s,’ but there is a continuum that as you’re more on the Type A side of the spectrum, you’re more driven, and tend to be impatient and competitive and get irritated easily by impediments to your progress on things.

There are many tests on the Internet that can tell you if you are a Type A or Type B personality. We think, however, that if you are reading this and think you are a Type A personality, you probably haven’t got the patience to take them.

So just for you, here are ten signs that you are a Type A personality:

You are more of a morning person than a night owl

Type A’s are typically up with the larks and cannot have a lie in, even at weekends. They feel they are missing out on too much. They have an overwhelming need to get up and get things done.

You are never late, and get irritated at those who are

Being constantly late is the one thing that will cause a Type A personality to explode. They themselves are never late and having to wait for someone else literally eats them up inside.

You hate wasting time

Another reason why you hate people being late, it is wasting your time. So whether you are stuck in a queue at the bank, in a traffic jam, or on call waiting, you can feel your blood pressure rising.

You hate lazy people

Now if you are a laidback, carefree Type B, lazy people won’t even register on your radar, but Type A’s see them as a personal affront. If they are working as hard as they can, why shouldn’t everyone else?

You are a perfectionist

Not just in work, in every aspect of your life. You have the most pristine car, house, partner, clothes. Everything has a place and is in its place. If it is not, you become stressed and tense.

You do not suffer fools

And we are back to time-wasting again. Stupid people take up too much of your precious time. You simply don’t have enough to waste on them. It’s not that you see yourself as more intelligent, you just don’t understand how people can be so stupid.

You are easily stressed

Because things in your life are so much more important that Type B’s, you really care about them, so when things don’t go to plan, it stresses you out more than it would a normal person.

You interrupt people all the time

It is hard for you to listen to someone when you know you have an important point to make. You feel that it is your duty to stop someone blabbering on about nothing when you can contribute prescient information.

You find relaxing difficult

Relaxing is an unknown quantity to Type A’s. Their minds are always racing ahead with their next project or goal, therefore taking time off to relax can seem unnatural and wasteful.

You do make thing happen

You would think that all the above qualities are negative, but Type A’s are very good at realising their goals and making their dreams come true. They occupy many leadership roles because of this trait. As Schaubroeck advises:

[Type A’s] are certainly more occupied with achieving outcomes,

says Schaubroeck.

And given that they’re so occupied with achieving their goals, it makes sense that they would be more likely to do so.

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  1. Michael Shawn

    I heard type A personalities also are at a higher risk for some health problems like heart disease

  2. Mark Antrim

    I can see that I am a clearly types person I am on my 3rd marriage and she is always late and a very messy person you know where this is going I have no reason to be in this marriage cause it is driven me insane what the he’ll do I do

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