It’s devastating when things fall apart. At the same time, other things are coming together in amazing ways, and this can be good.

There are times in life when problems are compounded. You might be able to deal with an issue here or there, and maybe you can deal with a few at the same time – that’s tolerable. However, when problems start piling on top of each other, you will notice how things fall apart. This is truly a horrific time in our lives, wouldn’t you agree?

Falling apart isn’t all bad

The truth is, something is happening behind the scenes when we notice things fall apart. Maybe our car breaks down, we lose our job and a major appliance breaks. Yes, these are things which can make you feel like you’re going crazy. But, these things could be happening for a reason.

Basically, in order to get to a goal, sometimes you have to trudge through the mud first. I know you’ve heard this saying: “There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.” Well, there is. Sometimes the only way for life to develop in the right direction is when things fall apart. After all, it’s easier to build on a clean slate then on a foundation littered with baggage from past relationships or junk from your childhood.

How can we cope during the storm?

Now, the real question is, how can we survive when things fall apart? Well, there are several ways to do that, and different directions for an answer. While some people cope in one way, others find solace in a totally different solution. Guess that’s why there are many ways to cope. Take a look!

1. Take care of yourself

First off, you absolutely must take care of yourself. When things fall apart, the last thing that needs to happen is self-destruction. Remember, many of these problems will be your responsibility to resolve and you cannot do that if your mind is weak.

During hard times, stop, slow down, and take care of you. This means getting rest even if things need to be done. Waiting one day will usually not make or break a bad situation.

2. Say no

When the world seems like it’s crashing all around you, remember to stand up for yourself. Sometimes you could have problems in multiple areas of life and yet, someone will still ask you to do another favor. Just tell them no!

You are already going through things and probably stressed out, so saying no is the best answer to additional duties. Do not be afraid either. It doesn’t matter if your family or friends pressure you, if you don’t have the energy, just say no.

3. Make a plan

Planning is so beneficial, even when life falls apart. Never stop planning, even if your bridges are burning right in front of you. Keep going, and just like a GPS, recalculate your directions.

If something fails with your original plan, use your plan B, and I encourage you to always have a plan B waiting for action. After you take good care of yourself, start making plans. If they fail, keep going.

4. Be thankful

If you believe in a higher power, then thank that higher power. Thank him or her for giving you the breath to breathe and hands to work. Even though things fall apart, this strength you pray for will help you stay devoted to improving your life.

Always, no matter how life looks, be thankful for everything in your life. After all, there is always someone somewhere wishing for the things you do have. If you aren’t spiritual, then thank yourself.

5. Just breathe

Sometimes all you can do is sit down and breathe. Life is hectic and bad things are happening constantly. This is why it’s important to just sit and do nothing but inhale and exhale, letting the air pass out and then in again.

That’s part of why meditation is so beneficial in reducing stress. Don’t try to solve every problem at one time, just stop and breathe first.

6. It’s okay to get angry

You can also cope by just shouting, growling, or crying. You can even throw a tantrum if it helps you deal with your life falling apart. Sometimes all your body needs is to release the tension built up by trying to stay strong for too long.

If you allow yourself to express your feelings openly, you may be able to make better plans as well.

7. Support is good

Getting support from friends or family members is always a positive thing. Others can help you carry the weight of your multiple problems, thus giving you a bit of peace and comfort. When others help you, you can make more stable plans and follow through quicker as well.

Let it fall apart then come together

My life has been a series of catastrophes sprinkled with positive affirmations. I honestly don’t know how I made it through some of those times, but I did. I realized at some point that when things fall apart, it’s only temporary. It does still upset me when it happens, but I find that I can stay much calmer than I did in my early years.

So, I leave you to hope this day. I hope that you stay strong and carry on during the hard times. When good times come again, and they will, you will be able to celebrate in knowing that you followed through with courage. By the way, I hope you have a great day!



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