There are signs of stress you may not have thought of before. Stress doesn’t just come from some horrible traumatic event.

Unfortunately, there are many things which can cause stress, some imagined and some real. There are common stressors and even situations that call for the fight or flight action, which is considered fairly normal. Signs of stress will be present in many situations, but there are uncommon stressors that might not be understood at first.

When stress is present

Stress affects the entire body and the mind. It has a wide range of symptoms, so it’s pretty hard to hide. Also, the harder you try to hide it, the more damage it does to your body as well.

For those who are unsure about the indicators, you should know the signs of stress in order to help others. You can even try to help others avoid things that trigger stress. Here are signs of stress to look out for.

Emotional signs

Stress starts in the emotions, or at least this is where it starts to do damage, that is. Here is where you may first start to notice signs that something is wrong.

1. Moodiness

The first thing that’s noticed in someone who is under a large amount of stress is moodiness. Whether it’s anger or just irritation, it will show in the expression and the words that they use. Stress causes us to lash out at others and feel emotions more deeply than usual.

2. Anxiety or depression

A serious sign of stress is problems with anxious or depressing feelings. This usually happens when there’s a loss of control in certain situations. Either your feelings grow unbearable or you sink into a pit of despair and do nothing. Both signs are unhealthy and noticeable.

Behavior signs

With most people, behavioral problems begin to surface after emotional turmoil has begun. You will notice certain character changes during this time.

3. Withdrawal

Those who suffer from too much stress will start to withdraw from others. They will try to isolate themselves in order to process the negative things that are going on. Control has been lost, but they still have their self-control, so they choose to be alone.

4. Sleeping problems

Sometimes it’s insomnia and sometimes signs of stress come in the form of sleeping too much. Stress pushes us into a corner building negative emotions and prompting panic.

Sometimes it’s easier to sleep and “shut down” for a while. If you notice a loved one sleeping all the time, stress could be the culprit.

Insomnia is a little different. In this case, some people lie awake in bed trying to solve the problem that’s causing their stress. Pay close attention to these two signs.

5. Changes in eating patterns

During times of stress, people will lose their appetite or they will eat too much. If your loved one is eating too much, they may be trying to solve a problem by filing a void. If they refuse to eat regularly, the stress may have started to physically take away the appetite.

6. Substance abuse

Stress makes some people turn to alcohol or drugs. These things are usually used to numb the pain of something bad that has happened. Unfortunately, these things make situations worse and affect others.

7. Habits

Stress also causes nail biting. This is an easy way to identify if someone is dealing with too much in life. Things such as nail biting or tapping fingers seem to divert attention away from the problem by staying busy with habits.

Mental signs

Just like behavior, stress can cause complete changes in the mindset. Before, you may have been able to trust, but as stress started to work on your thinking, you started to see things in a different way. Unfortunately, some of these trust issues are skewed and illogical.

8. Negativity

If you or someone you love has ever endured severe stress, you will notice that things in life always take on a negative aspect. Instead of seeing the good in people, you always see the bad. In almost every situation, you look for what could go wrong. Too much stress changes thinking this way.

9. Worry

One sign that someone is under a lot of stress is if they worry all the time. No matter how good things seem to be, they will find something to worry about. You name it, and they will find a way to stress about it.

10. Memory

Stress victims will eventually experience a certain loss of memory. Over time, it will be harder to recall things that happened and important dates. It’s the first real sign that long-term damage has been done.

Physical signs

The worst signs come as physical ailments. When it reached this point, your body has grown weary of all the internal stresses to its organs. These organs become damaged and chemicals change.

11. Intimacy

Your sex drive will take a hit when stress has reached a crescendo. No matter how you try to concentrate on intimate moments, stress will linger in the background, always questioning and reasoning in a negative manner. It will literally kill your libido.

12. Gastrointestinal issues

Gut problems will start to surface in the form of constipation, diarrhea, or even more severe issues like irritable bowel syndrome. I, personally deal with this one and am confident that stress over the years has had an impact.

When you get to this place, you must start to seriously make up your mind to get help if you haven’t done that already.

13. Immunity

Stress will start to lower your immunity. Common colds will be more frequent and harder to alleviate. You will be more susceptible to allergies and other things as well.

14. The heart

The worst possible sign of all is when stress has affected your heart. If your loved one is having chest pains or palpitations, don’t hesitate to get medical help immediately. Stress can cause heart attacks and strokes. Yes, stress can kill.

Uncommon stressors

Now that you understand some signs of stress, let’s take a look at a few uncommon causes. This will help you expand your radar when trying to help those who are suffering.

High expectations

Who’s watching you? Is it your children, your spouse? If they are, then maybe they have high expectations of your character.

This can be good, but too much pressure to be the best can also become a bad thing. Too high expectations can cause stress. Guess what, you can also place expectations on yourself that are too high.


Some people just cannot accept the change or unknown circumstances. Even the smallest adjustment can be extremely hard for them to handle.

When this happens, its because you’ve lost control. When you don’t know the answer this will cause you to concoct ideas that you think is right. It can be exhausting in the mind of someone dealing with this kind of stress.

Career dissatisfaction

You know if you love your job or not. Unfortunately, most people are stuck in a job that they hate, but they need it. If your mind is always somewhere else when you are working, you could be dissatisfied with your career. This will cause stress and other problems as well.

Unfulfilled dreams

Just like picking the wrong career choice or being stuck there, not fulfilling dreams and life goals can also be depressing. This can cause stress to develop over time. If you know what your purpose is, then going in the wrong direction will tear you apart inside.


So many of us pretend to be people that we are not. Putting on that mask may help you blend in, but it won’t help you feel good about yourself.

In fact, it will breed massive amounts of stress in your life that you will have to deal with later. The worst part is that most of the time people who do this experience a mental breakdown eventually.

Feeling misunderstood

Some people just feel misunderstood and this makes them stress about how to be better. There are some who are strong enough to not worry about it, and there are some who feel they have to find a way to convince those who misjudged them. Responsibilities of this nature can be daunting.

Stress comes and goes, but don’t let it take root

I’ve come to a critical point where I must try to eliminate most of the stress from my life. I am already experiencing the physical signs of stress right along with all the emotional and mental turmoil.

I do not wish for that to happen to any of you. Stress is a serious matter, and you simply must find a way to get back your self-control. Take care.

I wish you the best.



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