Create Your Own Reality by Grasping These Three Important Concepts

Life is full of challenges, expectations, fears, interests, and a plethora of emotions which drive us to move forward.  Wait, is it really these things which drive us, or is it us who drive these things?  I, personally, have always maintained that life is a matter of perspective; our mindset … READ MORE

How to Use Psychology in Your Everyday Life

erase negative memories

Psychology is often a field that everyone has heard of, some people may know the general ideas and theories behind the subject and others may know it is “to do with the mind” and not much more. Whatever your knowledge of this science may be, you probably use psychology in … READ MORE

5 Ways to Use Being an Introvert to Your Advantage

Being an introvert often has negative connotations and with society telling us that extroverts are the ones who are successful and get the most out of life, it can be hard to overcome the stigma attached to being an introvert. Whatever your introvert traits, you can make the most of … READ MORE

How You Can Utilize Lucid Dreaming to Reach Your Fullest Potential

In our society today dreams tend be overlooked. Dreams deserve more attention than they currently get because they can reveal to us a great deal about ourselves. Simply paying attention to dreams and analyzing them via a ‘dream journal’ is a good start. Yet the most rewarding dreams are lucid … READ MORE

5 Self-Improvement Books That Will Transform Your Life

There are a million books available out there that we can use as guide to help you build on and improve your personality. These books may be self-help books, autobiographies, business books, or even fiction or illustrated novels. We read our way through several of them to bring you five … READ MORE