These best ENTJ careers are designed for leaders. That’s right. This character also called the “commander” is born to be outstanding and strong.

The ENTJ personality is a fairly rare type, especially among women. That’s because this personality is a natural-born leader, and so many of us are followers. They are considered individuals who are leaders to other leaders.

This interesting personality type encompasses several notable characteristics that make up its name.

  • (E) Extraversion
  • (I) Intuition
  • (T) Thinking
  • (J) Judgment

Strengths and Weaknesses of the ENTJ

There are many unique traits of the ENTJ, including strong focus, unbelievable intuition, and the ability to make sound judgments that lead to success in many areas.

When it comes to leadership roles, they are some of the best at taking this responsibility, as I stated before. The ENTJ thrives under pressure and gains even more confidence when around other people like themselves. They are many good things about these individuals. However, they also have weaknesses.

The ENTJ type can sometimes seem arrogant because they expect the same level of dedication to projects from others as they allocate. They use more logic than emotion, being stubborn when it comes to empathy toward others.

This type has high standards and can become impatient easily, which can sometimes make them seem harsh. But it’s only their natural state of being, and many people misunderstand this.

ENTJ careers that are perfect for the ‘commander’

With all these characteristics in mind, I bet you’re wondering what jobs would be best suited for this type of person. Most ENTJ careers, you will find, will revolve around people in one way or the other. Here are several good examples.

1. Entrepreneur/Business owner

Starting a business is one of the best options for ENTJ careers. The reason this vocation works so well is that it is like a project that must and will get done. After all, a business cannot run itself, especially a sole proprietorship.

Where some personalities really struggle with getting their own business off the ground, this personality type doesn’t stop until they’ve achieved all they set out to do. If they want to start a business, you better believe they will, and they will be highly successful at it too.

3. Sales and marketing

I, personally, don’t fall into this category because I hate sales. But this strong personality sees sales and marketing as an opportunity to get out and associate with people. And they love being around people and groups. There is one thing about them, however, that you should know.

The ENTJ will not sell something they don’t believe in or something they know is a scam. They can sniff out a bad business situation because of their intuitive abilities. They are also great at heading sales teams because of their natural leadership abilities. In reputable businesses, this works well.

4. Engineer

An engineer is a highly intelligent person. They create things never thought of before, at least not before it was dreamed possible. Yes, they create things we never knew we needed.

Isn’t that fascinating? This career is perfect when looking for ENTJ jobs. That’s because an engineer must have impressive thinking and intuition skills to create foundations for their projects.

From drawing up blueprints, to leading team members into creating innovative designs, the engineer career taps into every trait of the ENTJ. Using their extroverted bravery and almost expert Judgement, from beginning to end, this individual is a perfect fit to be an engineer.

5. Healthcare

There are certain positions in healthcare that suit this personality type, but there are also positions that aren’t quite a good fit. The difference here divides this personality’s impatience, and high standards from their leadership, judgment, and intuition.

On one hand, they are good with jobs such as Optometry, Dental, Pharmaceutical, or surgical careers. On the other hand, nursing jobs and similar positions aren’t such a good fit because they require loads of empathy and patience. Healthcare is a good choice, but it depends on the sector that sparks an interest.

6. Management roles

There are many different types of management positions, including business, and project management. There are also management consultancy options that fit this personality as well.

If an individual with ENTJ traits ever studied business management, they would find that a job as a manager would be a good fit for them. Management means making most of the decisions for a group of people, and ensuring the job gets done on time.

7. Public Speaking

While many people find it difficult to get up in front of a room full of people and give a speech, the ENTJ personality thinks it’s a cinch. Giving speeches requires having a sense of power and confidence. These traits are evident in this individual.

Leadership skills, good judgment calls, and an organized thought process create an outstanding presentation. Then you add the extroversion, which all ENTJs have naturally, and you get a thoroughly enjoyable speech. This is a great career choice for extroverted personality types such as this one.

8. Lawyer

One of the best ENTJ careers can be attained through law school. If you know anything about lawyers, you know they can be ruthless when winning cases. They are well organized, for the most part, amazing thinkers, and aren’t afraid to get information from all sorts of people.

When they are ready for trial, they are also confident, just as speakers, and present their case with their head held high. Doesn’t that remind you of that leadership role? An ENTJ lawyer is surely someone you wouldn’t want to go up against.

9. Construction leaders

Another job option for this personality type would be in the construction field. This also goes for production areas as well. There’s not much to explain about why this job would be a good fit, other than the leadership qualities are perfect for the natural fearless attributes of the ENTJ.

In this profession, large or small groups need supervision in order to get these large projects completed.

10. Teacher

Since ENTJs can easily influence other people, teaching is a perfect career choice. There are so many children and teens in need of good teachers, those who will help them focus and learn to succeed by pressing onward.

This personality can teach any grade, although they are best suited for older students like higher-level grade schools and universities. This better fits their thought process and their patience level.

One last thought

There are many careers that suit the ENTJ personality, but there are also a few jobs that might not work well for this individual. If you have this type of character, it’s best to stay away from careers in psychology/social work, factory work, assistant or secretarial jobs, home health work, and taking care of small children.

This is due to the constant changes and emotional toll these jobs take on the mind. They also leave little room for leadership advancement or take quite a long time to advance through the ranks in these systems. Patience is important in these areas, so the ENTJ, with strong standards might not be the best fit.

Not to worry, if you fit into this category, you will find ENTJ careers that are right for you. You have a strong personality, trustworthy leadership abilities, and people skills that many others do not have. The good thing is that you can use these to your advantage and locate one of the best careers for your character.

If this is for you, I will you all the best.

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