10 Most Common Nightmares And Their Meaning

Our emotions are the source of most dreams, whether nightmares or not. Both pleasant dreams and terrible nightmares are a normal everyday reality for everyone, while some of them are familiar to most of us. Here are 10 most common nightmares and their meaning.

1. Serious illness

 illness nightmare

Agony of the unknown, difficulty accepting a reality.

2. Assault or injury

injury nightmare

Fear of others and the alleged violence (verbal or physical) we expect from somebody.

3. Car accident

car accident nightmare

Difficulty in control of one’s life or living a life out of control.

4. Drowning

drowning nightmare

Experiencing a stressful situation or being under too much pressure.

5. Falling down

 falling down nightmare

Fear of heights, difficulty to keep control over one’s life or even fear of death.

6. Teeth falling out

teeth nightmare

Being unable to face a situation, actions out of control and lack of energy.

7. Disorientation, being lost on unfamiliar roads

lost nightmare

Experiencing a life out of control or being unable to decide in which direction one should go. Also lack of concentration on specific directions.

8. Failure at an exam

exam failure nightmare

Feeling nervous and unprepared about something in the future or a task/an action that was not done as it should have been.

9. Being naked in a public place

naked nightmare

Feeling vulnerable or exposed to something or someone, being anxious about the secrets that should not be revealed.

10. Being chased

chased nightmare

Trying to avoid an unpleasant situation, sense of removal from reality.


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