According to experts, dreams about being lost represent feelings of vulnerability, anxiety, inadequacy, and a feeling being ‘out of place’.

Dreams about being lost are quite common. So are dreams about dying, falling, and being chased.

Of course, dream interpretation is subjective at best. However, most experts agree that anxiety and worry are the underlining causes of dreams about being lost. Moreover, they usually have something to do with our present-day situations.

There are many psychological interpretations of lost dreams:

  • You feel insecure in new surroundings or unfamiliar situations.
  • A new situation has arisen and you don’t know what to do.
  • You are stifled in your current situation and you want to escape.
  • You can’t find a solution to your problem, or you need clarity or answers.
  • There is an important decision to make, but you can’t face up to it.
  • You are unprepared for something that is coming, such as a new job or baby.
  • You have always depended on other people and you fear to lose them.
  • You are in a rut and have lost your sense of purpose.

Five Types of Dreams about Being Lost and Their Psychological Interpretations

1. You have lost your way

If you dream you are lost, it is possible that you feel ‘lost’ or out of your depth in a present-day situation. Think about any current situations, they could be at work or at home, with the children etc. Are any of these causing you anxiety or worry? Do you feel overwhelmed with your responsibilities?

For example, you have just started a new job and you are worried you are not good enough. Have you just moved to a new town or city and you feel disorientated and as if you won’t fit in?

Being lost in dreams reminds us to pay attention to the important things in our lives. So have you been ignoring something significant? Or have you been wasting your time and energy on little things that are irrelevant? Stop and analyse the bigger picture to refocus your attention on where you want to go.

2. You can’t find your way home

This is a similar dream of losing your way. You are lost in this dream and you panic because you can’t find your way home. Even more frightening is that the environment you are in is unfamiliar and scary to you. You are too frightened to ask for directions.

All you want to do is be back in your home, but you have no idea where you are or how you got there. This dream is about facing up to making a difficult decision in your life.

You might have two choices; one is a familiar route, the other is a little scary. In your mind, you know you should choose the scary route. Nonetheless, it will be a challenge, but you must make yourself to go for it.

Your subconscious mind is telling you to make a decision. Explore the situation, the facts surrounding the decision and make an informed choice. Have you been offered a promotion away from home and family? Are you thinking about a whole different career change? It is time to weigh up your options, but do make that choice.

3. You have lost someone

Dreams about being lost are also about lost loved ones.

In your dreams, you might be out playing with your children and you look away for a moment and when you look back, your child has vanished. Perhaps it’s not as traumatic as that. Maybe you have lost track of a friend whilst the pair of you are out shopping. It is the severity of how the disappearance of the lost person makes you feel that’s important.

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