Great experiences do not happen to those who mentally trap themselves through their personal beliefs or the beliefs of others.

Each path through life is different, so there are many ways to achieve your goals and dreams. When we put stipulations and boundaries upon ourselves, we lead dull lives with little meaning. There are many toxic personal beliefs that can make daily life a struggle, so this list is not all-inclusive.

1. I Have to Do What Is Expected of Me

This is completely unfair to yourself! When you live by another person’s rules and desires, you are living a lie. They have their own life to live and are free to do so how they chose, but no one has the right to determine how you should live yours.

This is one of the personal beliefs that ruins many peoples’ lives, so make sure you find your own path that leaves you happy.

2. I Can’t Cut My Family Members out of My Life

Blood is not thicker than water when it comes to your wellbeing. If a relationship is negative, having the title of “family” does not grant the right for that person to be in your life. The bond that you have with your friends can become more important to you than those with DNA relations, and family becomes a relative term.

Surround yourself with people whose personal beliefs align with yours, and you will find that family can be found in other places.

3. Jealousy Is Healthy

Whatever shade of green you are seeing, it’s not a positive emotion. Jealousy only hurts those involved and stems from mistrust. It’s an inevitable feeling, but one that should not be wallowed in and expressed.

If your partner engages in activities that stir up your defenses and refuses to respect that it makes you uncomfortable, then you should probably exit the relationship before it gets worse.

4. I Don’t Need Criticism

Having feedback on your actions and behavior is not always a negative thing. You are unable to learn and grow as a person if you are never aware of problems you may have.

Don’t let criticism bring you down as a whole, but examine the advice that was given with an open mind to see if it has any merit. If more than one person has complained or commented on the same issue, then it may be something you want to seriously start pondering about.

Pretend it’s someone else expressing the behavior, and ask yourself how you feel as the observer in the scenario.

5. I’m on My Own

We are never truly alone, even though we frequently feel this way. Everyone is solo in the fact that they are a unique individual, but as long as there are people left in the world, there is someone who is willing to help.

If you’re not great at making social connections in person, try using the internet. A library will provide a means to set up a social media account, and from there you can join any number of groups that share your personal beliefs. Do a quick search on a hobby or topic you enjoy, and you will find like-minded people who have formed pages that you can join.

6. I Don’t Have Any Control

Once you are no longer living with your parents, everything you do is within your control. You can choose to make bad decisions or good ones from that point on, and the blame is entirely yours.

You may have boundaries that you should follow, but you still have the choice to ignore those and take the risk of having consequences. Your personal beliefs may sway you to choose poorly, but it’s still you in the driver’s seat.

7. Normal Is Necessary

The desire to feel like you fit in is a strong one, but it would be a boring life if everyone was alike. The world is full of unique individuals that create different cultures and values throughout the globe.

There is no true standard for “normal” behavior, just ones that are socially acceptable. At the end of the day, you should do what makes you happy regardless of what others think. There are people out there somewhere that feel the same way you do and would accept you for who you want to be.

8. I’m Too Young/Old

You should never let your age hold you back from achieving your desires in life. Your body may protest and your family may be made up of naysayers, but it is still your decision at the end of the day to just go for it.

It may take time to get there, whether it is becoming old enough or fit enough, but your work will pay off in the end.

Stop Holding Yourself Back with Toxic Personal Beliefs

Hopefully, you gained something from this article on how to improve your life and follow your dreams. Some of these lessons are learned through trial and error, but they are all valuable pieces of advice. You are definitely capable enough to take back the reigns to direct your life how you want it to go.



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  1. Linda J Comparillo

    I didn’t see a ‘like’ button here or one that I could share this article on Facebook with one of my groups. Such a shame. This was an excellent article.

    1. Anna LeMind

      Hi Linda, there are share buttons now, so you can share the article. By the way, it is also possible to share it by copying the URL of the article and posting it directly on your Facebook group.

  2. Ryu

    The problem with #7 is that no ever mentions is that one needs to understand the difference between being “unique” and being useful.

    It’s like having a fork with twisted tine, it may be different and unusual but it is certainly not a useful item.

    If you refuse to act like a civilized member of society then you are not being unique but rather a burden and being a hindrance and nuisance.

    This also ties in with #1 in that maintaining a certain level of normalcy is needed in order to get along in our society. Again, if you refuse to act as if you are a basically functional member of society then you are a hindrance and not a benefit to anyone.

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