rules of happinessBased on the latest psychological research, a team of British scientists and public figures founded the charity movement Action for happiness, which currently has more than 23 thousand members around the world.

One of the founders of the movement is the British economist Richard Layard, who thinks that, despite the amazing technical and material progress in the last 50 years, people did not become happier. According to him, we need new approach to the understanding of happiness in order to create a positive change in the social welfare and “instill” a fundamentally new way of life. One of the mottos of the movement is “care more about the welfare of others, rather than about things you can get from others”.

The organizers have created a set of 10 Rules of Happiness based on the latest research in this area. The distinguishing feature of these rules is that they do not consider important such criterion as financial gain and are built mainly around concepts such as socialization, relationships with other people, involvement in community groups, optimism and emotional stability.

Here are these 10 rules in short:

1. Be part of something bigger

2. Do more for others

3. Interact with people

4. Take care of your physical health

5. Pay more attention to the world around

6. Constantly learn something new

7. Put inspiring goals

8. Find new, flexible ways to respond to the circumstances

9. Practice positive approach

10. Accept yourself for who you are

The basis of these rules was the discovery of scientists that a person is first of all a social being, and just cannot be happy if he has problems with communication, goal setting and self-development. Therefore, scientists propose to communicate more, join different communities, meet with old friends, share new experiences and knowledge, and most importantly – give a smile to a lot of people every day.


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