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LSD Effects on the Brain: the Hidden Potential of Psychedelic Drugs

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Certain scientific studies claim that the well-known psychedelic drug, LSD effects can prove to be beneficial. In the treatment of alcoholism and with the improvement of terminal cancer patients, LSD effects have broken historic taboos. David Nichols, professor of medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology, conducted the above-mentioned study on the LSD effects in patients with terminal [...]

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Fast food is proven to cause depression

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Delicious dishes that are part of the menu of fast food outlets do not only "burden" our silhouette with extra pounds, but according to a Spanish study, affect our mental health. As researchers from the University of Las Palmas, Canary Islands explained in a publication in the Journal of Public Health Nutrition, people who often eat [...]

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New iPhone app can influence your dreams!

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British psychologist carries out a mass participation experiment in order to verify whether an application for smartphones with the name Dream:On can positively influence human dreams. The application is developed by a scientific team led by Richard Wiseman, professor at the University of Hertfordshire. It is considered to monitor and record sleep patterns, eventually producing a [...]

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3 Secrets to Practicing Positive Thinking

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Positive thinking helps to achieve success in all endeavors. Here are 3 secrets to putting it into practice: 1. The power of desire In your mind imagine what you would like to achieve or what character features to acquire. Think for a moment that all this is possible. Awaken in yourself a strong desire to [...]

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The 6 Universal Laws of Life That Govern Everything

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There are universal laws of life that must be followed. They preserve our harmonious relationship with the universe and make our wishes manifest faster. From a spiritual point of view, there are basic laws of life that govern everything. Maybe some of these laws were reinforced by the belief in God or Gods, and likewise, but [...]

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Astral Projection: Myth or Reality? An Expert Opinion

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What is astral projection? A creature of the imagination, a game of the brain, or an alternative approach to reality? This question concerns not only those who practice astral projection (intentionally or unintentionally) but all those trying to understand what happens to the consciousness and mind. Probably the most suitable organization to answer this question [...]