• powerful brain hacks

4 Powerful Brain Hacks You Need to Know for a Better Life

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While it may sound bizarre, there are many ways we can trick our brains into being more productive, creative, or overall more useful. No need for pills, fancy fruits, or even a trip to the doctor. No. We can hack our brains at home, every single day of the week. Why? Who does not want [...]

  • anxious personality

New Study Reveals That Anxious Personality Can Be Inherited from Your Parents

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Anxiety: does it come from our mothers and fathers, or is it something created by our experiences and environment? Studies show that depression and anxiety are both inherited and have roots in the way we live. Depression and anxiety are common disorders, the average age of onset being 11. About 18% of U.S. adults have [...]

  • Change Your Opinion about Yourself

How to Change Your Opinion about Yourself to Change Your Life

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No matter how bread buttered on both sides we are, there is always something we are unsatisfied with. Sometimes we have everything what a normal person might want and need – a family, work, friends, and hobbies but there is a feeling as if everything could be much better than it is, as if something [...]

  • Communication Through Words

How Communication Through Words and Actions Can Help Us Grow as a Race

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One of the cornerstones of our lives is communication. The ability to talk with one another, convey ideas, bond, and tell stories has always been one of the keys to the success of the human race. The ability to document history has helped us learn from past mistakes, and the ability to record knowledge and [...]

  • coaching for self-love

The One Type of Love You Shouldn’t Live Without: Life Coaching for Self-Love

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What is self-love? This is certainly a question many life coaches will have considered. No, it's not about your ego. Nor about being selfish. Self-love is the acceptance and understanding of yourself and of your emotions. Once you find this kind of love for yourself it will have a major impact on the way that [...]

  • another earth

Astronomers Discover Another Earth 1,400 Light Years Away

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When NASA first spoke about the announcement, we knew it was major news, so we listened closely to what they had to say. On July 23, 2015, startling revelation tantalized the ears of many hopefuls around the world. The question of whether we would find “another Earth” has plagued us for a long time. Now, [...]

  • Introverts See the World More Accurately

Study: Introverts See the World More Accurately Than Extroverts

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Introverts and extroverts both perceive and engage in the world in very different ways. A new study [1] by Daniel C. Feiler and Adam M. Kleinbaum has found that introverts see the world more accurately and understand it much better than extroverts do. The researchers took the well-known friendship paradox, meaning statistically your friends probably [...]

  • walking in nature

Walking in Nature Reduces Negativity, Anxiety and Stress, Study Confirms

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With more and more people deciding that busy, bustling cities are an ideal place to live, the idea of going on long country walks surrounded by Mother Nature is long forgotten. However, a new study has found that walking in nature can reduce negativity and clear your head. The study was carried out with 38 people, [...]