• Vasili Arkhipov

Vasili Arkhipov: the Man Who Prevented Nuclear War and Saved the World

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Have you ever heard of Vasili Arkhipov? Most probably, you haven't. Yet, this man stopped a nuclear war in 1962 and changed the course of history. Keeping your cool, or rather, keeping a stable mind, is best during wartime. It’s even the best option at times of peace. Let’s face it, a level head is best [...]

  • how to use more of your brain

16 Powerful Ways to Use More of Your Brain

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If knowledge is power, then so is the brain. Brainpower is not something that should decline over the years. You should exercise your brain daily to improve your cognitive abilities and gain knowledge about different things, ideas and experiences. Here are 16 ways to use more of your brain and boost its power. 1. Do [...]

  • how to stop overthinking

How to Stop Overthinking and Live a More Carefree Life

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If you wonder how to stop overthinking, you may want to consider the following solutions, which may sound obvious but are actually effective. Everybody overthinks. It’s human nature. Whether you consider yourself a positive or negative person, an introvert or an extrovert, a worrier or a calm soul, chances are you overthink from time to [...]

  • Egyptian Hieroglyphs in Australia

The Mystery of Egyptian Hieroglyphs in Australia Deubnked

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Egypt isn't the only place with hieroglyphs, and not all hieroglyphs have Egyptian origins. In the 1970s, there was a controversial discovery of hieroglyphs in Australia, later known as the 'Gosford Hieroglyphs'. For some time, this discovery created a fuss among researchers, being a controversial issue and a subject of numerous debates among historians and [...]

  • how to connect with the universal mind

How to Connect with the Universal Mind and Raise Your Consciousness

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The Universal Mind is an intelligent energy force into which we can all tap if we develop the consciousness to do so. How to connect with it? The entire world of matter, everything we know with our 5 senses, including our brains and that table we sit at for a meal, is really just energy. [...]

  • is it possible to keep the brain alive outside the body

Is It Possible to Keep the Brain Alive Outside the Body?

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I want to live forever, or I think I do. Hmmm, that’s something to ponder. Preferably, I would like to live in an updated version of my body. If not, a new body would be fine. Before I can be updated, maybe my consciousness, who I am, has to be transported to a holding tank [...]

  • nikola teslas innovations

These Nikola Tesla’s Innovations Show How Ahead of His Time He Actually Was

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Last January was the 73rd year of the death of the great scientist Nikola Tesla. Many of Tesla's innovations have changed the world. On January 7th, 1943, this Serbian-American scientist lost his life. He was regarded as the founder of the present electrical and power technologies, grid lines, and AC electricity, and it is now [...]

  • how to become a happy person

5 Personal Traits You Need to Have to Become a Happy Person

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How many people can say that they’re happy? In America, it seems there’s only one in three that claims to be happy. And America is ranked #20 out of 23 countries that have the happiest people. Why is it that happiness seems hard to find? Maybe it’s because people look in the wrong places. They [...]