Here is a short list of techniques that will help you learn to control your dreams. However, don’t expect immediate results because even if you train hard (say, a few times a week), most probably, you will see some success in lucid dreams a few weeks or even months later. After all, even the most experienced oneironauts (those who can control their dreams) rarely have more than 15 lucid dreams in a month.

If you are one of the few lucky ones who can remember their dreams in detail, consider that the first step to lucid dreaming is done. But what to do if you have almost no memories of your dreams? Well, then you will have to do some preparation before you can start to learn to lucid dream.

Every time upon waking up, write down in a special notebook what you have seen in a dream. In the beginning, it will be random moments and objects, but even the smallest details are important. With time, you will remember whole episodes, and then – whole dreams.

How to control your dreams with three techniques

Learn to be aware that you are sleeping

If you can’t understand that everything that happens around you is a dream, you can’t learn to alter and control your dreams. It turns out that it is not easy to do this with almost ‘inactive’ consciousness.

When your notebook is filled with the descriptions of dozens of dreams, analyze them on a separate page and make a list of the indicators of dreaming – objects, actions, and situations that are repeated more often than others. You need to add new things to this list and re-read it regularly.

These signs of dreaming, if you remember them well, will play the role of triggers, reporting that at this moment, you are in the fictional world of your own subconsciousness. Moreover, completely different dreams of a person often begin in the same way. When you encounters these triggers in your dream, you can very quickly realize that you are already sleeping.

Develop critical thinking

It will help you realize that you are in a dream world. It is necessary to practice critical perception of the world even when you are awake so that the control of your state works automatically. You can read more in this article about improving your critical thinking skills and why they are important in your waking life.

For example, if you are dreaming about reading what is written in the newspaper, turn around, and then get back to the text again. Since our memory during sleep runs in a ‘restricted’ mode, letters and numbers almost always change as soon as you remove them from your view. Otherwise, you might not be able to read the newspaper at all, no matter how hard you try. Numbers, letters, and these kinds of details are usually very vague in dreams.

Try self-suggestion

During the day and, most importantly, before you go to sleep, tell yourself that this night, you are going to have a lucid dream and be aware that you are in a dream state. And imagine that you are already sleeping, using a few triggers from your dream journal. Decide that tonight, you want to perform a specific action in your dream, for example, to fly. Visualize what you would like to see in a dream, trying to have a clear and vivid image in your head.

If you want to learn how to control your dreams, be ready to show some patience and persistence. The results won’t come instantly, but the more your practice, the easier it will be for you to succeed in lucid dreaming.

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  1. Ursula McIntosh

    You can control your dreams because you are in full control of your mind. How much brain functioning is measured by are IQ level….We have a fine state of being when we can pick up more than the energy we are surrounded by. Which is truly normalcy. So for example say someone has been thinking about you. You might dream of them an possibly what altercations are at hand. Like perhaps physical illness, or personality growth. Say you have a child an when they reach adulthood they might leave an move out on there own. There is a divine connection with DNA , so the parents might feel there pain,, or dream of perhaps a painful experience that they encountered. Dreaming an picking up energy as we go to school, work or even out in the community speaks to you through God. Like the ” KING OF DREAMS” JOSEPH, he had jealous siblings that didn’t want him to do goodwill because they felt they could not measure up to his performance. So they created his suffering based on feelings they should of not never had. An when he worked through his obstacle of slanderous ignorance, they needed his assistance an not knowing they would have perished if he would of not been of goodwill. So ask yourself how you feel about yourself an other’s. Because everyone matters an is important to do the right thing despite what are personal opinions are based on, even if it’s a disliking of the child’s parents or the persons actions. Sometimes jealousy is so big that one’s will wish death in many different ways an many different level’s. Don’t fall prey to such because based on truth God will enlighten you despite if your good or evil person. That’s why a dream journal is good to have. Dreams really are a way of properly communicating in silence. That’s why someone might look an say silence is golden. But understand this if someone is physically touching you, they give you exchange of energy an there true intent as well. That’s why you have to get facts an always remain in reality. Like your adrenaline, in health education it teaches how the body temperature rises as you exercise the body. An how you tone an burn calories as you walk or run. It all coincides an runs con current based on truth alone not anyone’s revenge or jealousy tactics but we pick up all that energy an it is interrupted based on reality not anyone’s pretend. 💯 So remember we all have personal power an no one can extract are boss power. Or attain are authority as if they own you as property. So can we control what are dreams are about, it’s a message

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