bring joyIn this holiday season we feel more need to bring joy and happiness to the people around us. Here are 7 simple ways to do it:

    1. Call someone you rarely talk to – your parents, grandparents, or old friends. Ask how they are doing and tell them how you miss them. It is so simple to do but always brings joy and shows people that you remember and care about them.
    2. Offer help to those who hesitate to ask for it. Some people do not like bothering others and asking for help. However, sometimes our own resources may not be enough for all the tasks we have to do. If you see that someone is completely exhausted of doing something which you can help with, then do it.

  1. For the whole day try to smile at all service employees: supermarket cashiers, managers and waiters, assistants and guards. It is not difficult and will cheer up those you smile at.
  2. Do something pleasant for those around you even without being their close friend. For example, get the most tired of colleagues a cup of freshly brewed coffee or help your neighbor.
  3. Go to visit your mother, without warning and with flowers. No need to wait for Mother’s Day – it happens only once a year, and you probably can find half an hour to drink a cup of tea with her. Your unexpected visit will make your mom really happy.
  4. Buy three greeting cards not attached to any holiday and give them to your friends or relatives. As a rule, such greeting cards say how much you love and appreciate this person and what a wonderful person he/she is.
  5. Make up for your friend or beloved one a playlist of romantic or encouraging songs. 15 tracks are enough to be put on the playlist and it will take only about an hour or even less to create it. But the person you think about will find it very nice and touching.


Anna LeMind, B.A.

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