What does above average intelligence actually entail?

We all know one person who is so smart, the term ‘genius’ just seems to fit them perfectly. But what are the actual traits of a genius and how do you know if you are one? Well, according to scientists, it’s actually quite simple.

People of above average intelligence have been found to have the following traits in common, although they’re a bit stranger than simply having a high IQ:

1. High sex drive

LoveHoney, a UK sex shop has released information that more of their student customers come from ‘top’ universities in the country rather than those that are lesser-known as good universities.

Cambridge and Oxford came first by spending £14,600 on sex toys, whereas students of Surrey and Loughborough spent less than £4,900.

The conclusion to this study is one that is questionable, but understandable. Since intellectual people are more likely to spend time pursuing personal and intellectual growth, they spend less time pursuing personal relationships so satisfy their libido using personal pleasure products instead.

2. Unsociable

Whilst being unsociable can be a sign of many things, it’s also a sign of being a genius. They generally feel different to their peers, as though they don’t fit in because their interests differ, so they tend to withdraw and persevere their own interests alone.

Along the lines of being unsociable, people who have above average intelligence tend to think about what they’re saying before they speak, and may not speak that often but when they do it is something of worth.

3. Addictions

Studies [1] have shown that children who present signs of being highly intelligent are more likely to become addicted to illegal substances when they get older. Drugs such as marijuana, ecstasy, amphetamines and heroin are some of the drugs favoured by the highly intelligent.

4. Night Owl

Highly intelligent individuals tend to stay up late into the night, ensuring they finish that book or complete that project to the best of their ability.

Being awake whilst everyone else is starting to drift off to sleep is a common trait a lot of geniuses have in common. Nikola Tesla never slept for more than 2 hours a night and there have been countless stories of other geniuses who just didn’t like sleep!

5. Left-Handed

Being left-handed can be a sign of above average intelligence and since the left-side of the brain controls the right side of the body and vice versa, left-handed people can use both sides equally well.

This means they’re able to process incoming information quicker and better than their right-handed counterparts. Whilst being more intelligent, research [2] also shows that left-handed people forget things more easily, which links to the rapid neuron formation in the hippocampus.

Whilst these signs also apply to many other people, who may not be considered to be geniuses, research shows that the people who are considered highly intelligent tend to fulfil each of these traits, plus much more.

Do you fit into any of these categories? Do you recognise any of these traits in someone you know? Let us know in the comments below!


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  2. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4982547/

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  1. Donald Reed

    I’m not left handed. But all the rest I think I do very well. At the same time all the time. Wish the world would let me speak out. But with this I’m labeled. Druggy ,crazy and stuck up. To me they are the ones that have the problem. Not seeing the truth that’s around them. The power that one can control. Thought for a minute and got what I thought. Don’t over think to many bad thought can come.

  2. Sean De Bruin

    All 5 traits here … doesn’t make me no genius though…

  3. Rajkamal Kanna

    Yeah I’m also left handed, & other 4 signs also I have but I’m not genius in study but I’m full of practical genius.

  4. Thea Dunlap

    I am sure of 3 traits out of 5. Not a left handed thought. This article is quite informative too. thanks for sharing.

  5. Thuli

    surprisingly all the signs apply exactly to me….but why am not academically excellent since am a genius??

  6. Melanie

    I was surprisingly told I had above average intelligence from tests. I do have a 4 year degree, but I had to work my ass off to get it. There were many students in college smarter than me. 😮

  7. Josh

    I’m right handed . But Like my dad who was left handed I am constantly misplacing things like my car keys . He was an amazing artist . . I don’t think I’m a genius, but I do have all of the other traits that are listed.

  8. Mike F.

    I’ve taken two IQ tests in my life and the lowest score I’ve ever recorded was a 139 and the highest was a 143. I’m ambidextrous and have terrible ADHD. I’m usually up all hours of the night and have trouble thinking because I have a very active mind. I’m ambidextrous as well. I’ve never been addicted to drugs or alcohol though and quite frankly, I’ve never been overly fond of them. I’d sooner remember my days rather than waste them away.

    I’ve been told that my IQ puts me at a near genius level but I’d prefer to just say I’m better at understanding things than some others. It’s not really a person’s IQ or EQ that defines them, it’s who they are as people and how they treat others.

  9. Anders

    1,2,4 and 5 fits in to me.

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