pain mind powerIt is true that drugs play a key role in the relief from pain, but in cases of chronic pain taking them may be accompanied by serious side effects.

Fortunately, numerous studies have shown that there are alternative methods to treat pain, which have to do with concentration and mind power.

1. Thinking about food

Research at the University of Wisconsin showed that when one thinks of his favorite food, the intensity of pain decreases. Chocolate was proved to be the favorite food fantasy.

2. Controlled breathing

Deep diaphragmatic breathing can be very helpful, since it stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which works like a sedative. The breathing technique Lamaze is based on this logic and is recommended to pregnant women to make the childbirth less painful.

3. Distraction of attention

The pain is actually a survival mechanism designed to draw our attention to the problem that causes it. But when the pain is chronic, it is essential to find a way to remove attention from the pain. This can be achieved with activities that gradually bring relaxation, such as reading a book or watching a movie.

4. Prayer

The repetition of a sound, a word, a phrase or a prayer, even for 30 seconds, was found to reduce the intensity of unpleasant sensations. Researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital suggest choosing a neutral or pleasant word or phrase, which was proved more effective than the sounds.

5. Visualization

Imagine your pain like a big red mass and you are trying to slowly reduce its size or convert it to pink and soft. You can also imagine that you are in a bathtub with lukewarm water and your hands are floating. Imagine what is happening in every part of your body.

6. Pressure Points

Gently press the areas that hurt, especially when it is a headache or a muscle pain. The pressure sends messages to the brain that neutralize pain or reduce muscle tension, so that it freezes the cause of pain. However, if the massage makes the pain even stronger, choose some other technique of pain relief.

7. Music

Research in arthritis patients showed that those who listened to music for an hour a week had decreased levels of pain and distress.

8. Creativity

The healing art is gaining more and more scientific weight as a means of combating pain. Research showed that one hour of therapeutic art reduces both somatic and psychological symptoms in patients with AIDS and cancer.

9. Laughing

Pilot survey of UCLA University showed that children and adults who watched funny videos, while their hands were in ice water, had greater resistance to disturbance.


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