It seems that music for anxiety may be the ultimate healing option. We may no longer need multiple prescriptions to keep us whole.

I believe the key to defeating anxiety’s attacks lies within the safety of your inner sanctum.

Beyond the prayers and through the curtain of the subconscious lies the most sacred space. Here, you find the only place where anxiety cannot reach you. You cannot get there by way of medication or with alcohol, you have to use music for anxiety, the right sounds. With this, you can reach a peaceful place.

By examining the effects of sound upon the psyche, I have found a loophole in the diabolical plans of mental illness. Many mornings, I wake defeated, dreading the events of the day and wishing I could sleep it all into oblivion.

Sometimes I hated going out, being confronted by people and even dealing with the tasks of everyday life. Mental illness was working its filthy magic on my mind, convincing me there was not hope.

There was hope, it poured through my headphones into my eager ears. Music was my refuge.

And so I started to research the effects of music on the mind of the mentally ill, anxiety as a focus. Music for anxiety ranged from soft classical to the soothing sounds of nature.

I listened to song after song with birdsong, waterfalls and crinkling dried leaves. I listened to dolphins and frogs and so many other animals chittering and chattering, and this is what I found.

Sounds that transport you to another dimension

There are a few examples of the best music for anxiety. These sounds can transform the way you see reality, and lull the mind into a state of bliss.

Even physical aspects can be altered, revealing a healthier and more stable outlook. Heart rates are reduced, breathing deepens and even cortisol levels drop drastically.

Why can’t we bottle this stuff like pills? But first, let’s listen and see for ourselves what certain music can do.

Nature’s Sounds

It’s not exactly music, per say, but it takes the listener into the forest, to the foot of the mountain and out by the ocean where the water laps at toes and trees converse in their own ancient language.

These sounds are more than nature, I believe they are programmed by the Gods as a lullaby for children of earth. A natural sedative that not only calms but medicates over time.

Nature soundtracks such as Relax and Meditate which provides babbling waterfalls, birdsong melodies and sounds of the morning, are designed to combat anxiety and also balance the chakra.

Since an imbalance in the body’s energy levels can affect both the mental and physical functioning of the body, utilizing nature’s sounds can completely realign the entire human entity.

Ambient music

For meditation, ambient music has proven to be one of the most effective tools. As far as music for anxiety goes, I’ve tested this and found conclusive results.

As I sit by my window listening to a Manchester-based band, called the Marconi Union, I wonder what I was so upset about a few hours prior. I feel weightless and tingly, and the light spilling filtering through the treetops fills me with warmth.

I am no longer here, I am somewhere on a much higher plane of existence, with an alien civilization. They surround me, caressing my face and speaking into my ear. Each word is a silken thread of knowledge that I am almost able to grasp. It’s just that ethereal, I promise you.

Are your pets anxious?

So, we understand so much about anxiety in humans, correct? Well, what about animals, we know they get depressed and suffer from anxiety, but does music really help them stay calm as it does with us? Dogs, for instance, hear music differently than we do, so their music for anxiety would be quite different.

Canines hear at a higher frequency, and they probably don’t get all that aroused by hip/hop, metal or country music. Dogs seem to prefer simpler music, with fewer instruments.

Some soft classical music has actually been proven to calm dogs and even reduce barking. One specially canine-designed musical choice is Dog’s Ear.

Are you ready to delve into a bit of music therapy?

Whether it’s you, a family member or a pet, music seems to work wonders in this area. And, if you’re a musician, there are even more benefits for your mental illness!

Here, we see even more lovely aspects of sound, again amazing us by the variety of benefits that music offers, and yet another connection between earth’s creatures and everything else in existence.

I think, by studying the effects of music on things like anxiety, we learn once again that we are indeed… one.

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  1. Wolfgang

    If you look at the youtube comments on Marconi Union’s “Weightless”, there are very very much comments who disagree. For me I feel it makes a difference, if you hear this music as background or intensively as an object of concentration.

    1. Sherrie

      I have listened to this particular song by Marconi Union several times. I found it relaxing. it seemed to transport me to a more peaceful place. I felt a mixture of the stars and water which is something hard to explain. It is almost like I am floating in water that is filled with twinkling stars, burning suns and colors. And yes, I am quite sober. lol So, maybe it doesn’t work for them, but it’s nice for me. Calms me.

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