The quirky title of this post must have grabbed your attention or drawn a few laughs. If you do have dreams about teeth falling out, you may do so yourself.

However, those who are familiar with dream interpretation will know that such a dream has a serious meaning.

Like other nightmares, it shows the fears and worries that lie hidden in your mind.

The role of the subconscious in dreams

You are probably aware that the subconscious mind impacts you. It stores your hidden beliefs, thoughts, and emotions.

Consequently, it plays a greater role than your conscious mind. It’s the autopilot that guides your sleep-wake cycle and is responsible for your dreams. While you are asleep, your conscious mind goes to bed too. It continues to work and communicate with you. It does so through your dreams.

The subconscious thinks in symbols. Therefore, you receive your thoughts in this form while you sleep. That’s why you visualize queer images of teeth falling out.

Dreams, in turn, affect the subconscious. They arrange the information you receive throughout the day. You have feelings about them because they guide your emotions.

The Meaning of Dreams about Teeth Falling Out and 6 More Common Nightmares

Dreams that trigger intense emotions are stressful, but knowing what they mean is helpful. They point to the underlying feelings you may need to address.

1. Teeth Falling Out

Your mind may receive images of yourself enjoying a buffet when, lo and behold, your teeth start to fall out.

A dream like this means that something has left you feeling powerless. Perhaps you’re caught in a situation you can’t control. Also, it may cause you to fear losing something near and dear to you.

When there’s nothing much that you can do about a situation, just being aware of your feelings can help you remove some of your tension.

2. Losing A Car

You dream of parking your car where you usually would, but it’s not there when you return to get it. You look around you and realize that everything is in a different order. The streets and even your next-door neighbor have changed.

Your lost car represents your inner drive. You may feel unmotivated and worried that you may not accomplish your goals. If you had such a dream, you might want to consider if your job, relationship or other areas of your life are giving you undue stress.

3. School and Exams

You may have dreams about yourself in a school hall, stressed up because you forgot to study for the test you’re about to take. You may also imagine your classmates refusing to help you.

Such dreams point to work-related worries. You may feel that you’re not competent enough for your job. Perhaps you feel stressed because your bosses have overloaded you with work. Therefore, you may need to develop plans to manage your workload.

4. Nudity

You’re enjoying yourself at a party when you suddenly realize that you’re completely nude. The fact that everyone around you is either ogling at or laughing at you isn’t helping.

Do you have secrets? You may fear that others may discover them. If you had a misunderstanding with someone, you might fear that the person is misjudging you. So saying, you should find a way to get the burden you’re carrying off your shoulders.

5. Rain, Floods, and Waves

You’re on Waikiki beach in Hawaii, surrounded by crystal-clear waters and white sand. A tidal wave suddenly forms, and you have to outrun it. You may also dream about yourself hiding from cyclones or massive floods.

If you have dreams about storms, hurricanes, and floods, you may fear that your responsibilities will overwhelm you. The time may have come to delegate your work.

6. Hot Pursuit

Before you get the wrong idea, this dream is not about a romantic pursuit. You may dream of an imaginary figure chasing you. Getting away is impossible. You wake up with a start as your pursuer draws near.

You may have met with traumatic situations in your life. A dream about someone or something chasing you may point to a fear of physical assault. Such dreams are common among people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

It can also point to indecisiveness. You may have to make a decision that you’ve put off for a long time.

7. Running Late

You’re in the subway, fidgeting and glancing at your watch because you’re afraid the slow train will make you late for work. You may also dream about waking up to realize that you didn’t hear your alarm ring.

You may feel afraid of missing deadlines at the office. Alternatively, you may have missed out on an opportunity. Perhaps it’s time to make a decision about your future.

If you have stress-related dreams, don’t despair because there are ways to cope with your feelings. The next time you dream about your teeth falling out, tell yourself to let go of situations you can’t control.



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